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Forever Thoughts:
From The Heart Of God
By John & Marilyn Marinelli

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Marilyn & I offer these poems as a testimony to our faith in Jesus, the Christ who came from God to deliver mankind from sin, was crucified on a Roman cross for the sins of the whole world, was buried and rose from the dead on the third day. The poems follow a Biblical theme and present thought provoking ideas and concepts.

All of the poetry is Christian in nature. They were born out of a deep appreciation for God and an abiding fellowship with His Holy Spirit over the last 30 years.

Many of the poems have been published or otherwise used in Church bulletins, eNewsletters, websites, Sunday School Classes, Homeless Shelters, Christian Conference Centers and Para-church Organizations such as Jail Ministries, Christian Theme Parks and Home Bible Studies.

Some have even been published on 4 X 5 Signs, special CD musical presentations and paperback books. All of the poems in this collection plus many more can be found on the world-wide web at the Fellowship of Christian Poets, our website, www.christianpoets.com.


The Book retails for $7.95 plus $1.75 s/h. Send your Check or Money Order payable to John Marinelli PO Box 831413 Ocala, FL 34483.


since 2/28/06!
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