About the Authors
John & Marilyn Marinelli

John & Marilyn Marinelli are both ordained Christian Ministers. They love God and are “Born Again” Christians with a deep and abiding faith in Jesus Christ. They both formed and co-pastored two Christian Churches, co-authored a marital enrichment home seminar called, “Together Forever”, and are both founders of “The Fellowship of Christian Poets”, a world-wide Christian Poetry ministry on the Internet that hosts the largest library of Christian Poetry in the world. Their website, www.christianpoets.com, has been visited by more than 820,000 viewers since 1998.

John is an accomplished Christian Poet. He is a Playwright, Author, Songwriter, Bible Teacher and Marketing Consultant. He is also the Vice President of Have A Heart for Companion Animals, Inc. and Founder of the “Johnny Mello Show”. John has also authored several CD albums: “Morning Reign”, “The Story of Jesus” and “Fragile Flower Red”

Marilyn is the President and founder of Have A Heart for Companion Animals, Inc., a not for profit animal concern organization. She is also an Author, Playwright and Christian Poet. She is the Co-President and Talent Coordinator for the “Johnny Mello Show”.

John & Marilyn work hand-in-hand on every project and every ministry, everyday, believing that God is good and close at heart with divine revelation, special gifting and spiritual insight to accomplish His will in these latter days.