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While I Have My Being

By Michelle Louise Pierre

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Please Send $12.00 plus $3.00 S/H Per Book (Will reduce s/h charges for 2 or more copies shipped to the same address) Make checks/money orders payable to:
Ms. Michelle L. Pierre
P.O. Box 56233 Hayward, CA 94545-6233

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In 1995, I felt inspired to sit down and stop "giving away to particular individuals'' my poetry - some of which, no doubt, has been lost to me, forever. This particular book. While I Have My Being, contains seventy-seven poems and was originally entitled. Fire Burning Within My Soul. The title was changed one Friday, in November of 1998, after reading Psalm 104, and having verse thirty-three seemingly jump right out at me. This book was written over the course of two years, beginning in October of 1998, when I wrote the first poem entitled, "Switch In The Spirit" to it conclusion, with the signature poem, "While I Have My Being", written on October 28, 2000. It is a compilation of poetic verses, offered up as praise and worship to the Lord, Jesus Christ, as led and inspired by the Holy Spirit.

I view the writing of these poems as a form of ministry and have been approached on many occasions by those, who have been touched, or challenged, in some way, by my muses. Over the years, I have either e-mailed, mailed or hand delivered poetry from these various books, to those in whom I could sense a personal need to hear from the Lord.

For now, I pray that the poems entrusted to you, in While I Have My Being, will bless your heart and soul in the reading and ingesting, as much as they have blessed me in the writing. To God be the glory!

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