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They Call Him Immanuel,
God With Us

By Audrey Marie

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About the Author

Table of Contents

This book can be purchased direct from the publisher.

iUniverse, Inc.
2021 Pine Lake Road,
Suite 100
Linoln, NE 68512

ISBN # 0-595-29498-7 (pbk)
ISBN # 0-595-66010-X (cloth)

A Synopsis

A poem is like a butterfly flutter of the wing... a beautiful thing. Catch a glimpse.. Words alight. Then take flight. Land upon the heart."

Let this beautifully written poetry, interwoven with inspirational photography, upon your heart.

In They Call Him Immanuel, God With Us, poet Audrey Marie shares laughter and tears as she inspires belief in God-given dreams, reflects upon wishes, love, relationships, grieving, and the American spirit. This devotional work touches upon ordinary events, celebrations and the extraordinary events that surround us.

Poems are lovely words. Dreams are glorious desires. Butterflies are God's marveloous creation that through metamorphosis becomes something beautiful. Let this work ignite your heart's desire, help you with loss and grief, make you smile about love and family, increase your appreciation for those who sacrifice for us and the American spirit, and most of all inspire you to metamorphose and reflect more of the love and beauty of Christ—Immanuel, the God who is with us.



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