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Rhyme Time

By John Marinelli

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.“Rhyme Time” is available through the author, John Marinelli. Send your check or money order for $6.95 per book plus $1.50 s/h to PO Box 831413 Ocala, FL 34483. Allow 7-10 days for delivery.

For further information and questions , e-mail john@christianpoets.com

A Synopsis

Rhyme Time is a collection of story poems that were written by John Marinelli, the author, for his children when they were small. That’s been over 25 years ago. The original stories come right out of the imagination of the author, as well as, several true life experiences that prompted him to pen a rhyme.

The true life experiences were, “Chasing Rainbows”, when he and his young son actually drove through the end of a beautiful rainbow; “Three Vans All In A Row” which were traveling down the road in the other lane one night as the author watched them pass on by; and “The Little Chicken” a real child hood experience that the author recalls even unto this day.

The book is a 60 page 51/2 X 8 ½ perfect bound paperback book full of humorous, real to life and imaginary stories about little chickens, dogs, bulls, cars, rainbows, trees and numerous other characters.

“Rhyme Time” is a timeless source for children of all ages. It has been used in elementary school poetry classes, as daycare reading material, and bead time story readings.

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