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Rekindling God’s Glorious Presence
By Neil Eric Blair

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To Order Autographed Copies:A special reduced price of $8.00 per copy is offered instead of the usual price of $18.00 (including S/H)-with a money back guarantee!

Make checks/money orders payable to:
Mr. Neil Blair
35-35 75th ST, Apt 321
Flushing, NY 11372-4457

In 1990, I began to be inspired, by a love for Jesus Christ, to write Christian poetry. My friend, who was already an accomplished Christian poet, told me that he had never read more eloquent and beautiful poetry than the poetry I had written and that most were filled with timeless wisdom.

This book is a revised and enhanced edition of my original book with the same title. The book contains 65 poems and 185 pages. They are all composed with same high quality and Spirit-filled elegance. The book is a motivational and self-help teaching tool for the real world.

The following is an excerpt from the poem,

“Stay the Course with God”:

The natural outpouring of the power of God
Brings blessings in untold ways,
For, as your heart dwells
In the divine light of His love,
You will receive His glorious presence
A little more each day.

His radiance will shine forth from within
Until you’ll be the light of the world-
A true disciple of Him
Whose love will never fail!



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