Pulpit Poems

By John Marinelli

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About the Author

A Synopsis

Pulpit Poems is designed for pastors and Bible teachers. It is great reference material with over 50 categories that follow the Westminster confession of faith and more than 200 short but powerful Biblically based topical poems. Each category has at lest three poems.

The author has given permission to duplicate any poem for non-commercial use in church newsletters, bulletins, Sunday school lessons, and Bible studies, elderly, youth and prison ministries as well as other church outreaches.

Each poem is tied to a scripture reference, which is written out in the KJV and supported by the author’s thought provoking but brief commentary on the subject. You will be able to reference text on Heaven, Hell, The Perseverance of the Saints, Marriage, Social Issues, Holiness, Love, The Trinity, Spiritual Warfare, and many more topics.

This is a “Must Get” for every Bible teacher and a perfect gift for every pastor.

The Book retails for $12.95 plus $1.75 s/h. Send your Check or Money Order payable to John Marinelli PO Box 831413 Ocala, FL 34483.


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