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On Solid Ground

By Jo Anne Meekins

About The Author

COST:  $20.00 
            (ISBN 978-1-4343-7273-4)

 Available at:
www.authorhouse.com 1-888-280-7715; www.joannemeekins.com;
Preferred on-line retailer or order title at local bookseller.
Autographed copies can be purchased directly from author Jo Anne Meekins
through PayPal to meekjo@aol.com for $20.00 + 4.00 S&H per book

(Book discounts available for additional copies shipped to the same address, i.e. 2/$35, 3/$50, 4/$60)


If you've ever been at a loss for just the right words to express yourself in a sensitive situation or on a special occasion, ON SOLID GROUND: Inspirational Poetry for All Occasions is the perfect book for you!

ON SOLID GROUND … is filled with tested and tried heartfelt expressions that cover a variety of occasions, including friendship, anniversaries, birthdays, retirement, promotion, bereavement, and church celebrations.

This inspirational poetry collection includes 64 poems that are categorized into seven (7) sections: Words Of 1) Encouragement 2) Challenge 3) Relationship 4) Tribute 5) Comfort 6) Testimony and 7) Ethnocentric Expressions. Each section opens with an introduction and all poems include a scripture reference from the King James Bible version.

The combination of poems and scriptures contained in ON SOLID GROUND… will caress your soul and serve as a refreshing spiritual treat for your personal reading pleasure. Likewise, the hearts of diverse readers and hearers from youthful youngsters to seasoned seniors will be encouraged, making this book a wonderful all occasions gift for your family, friends, and special loved ones.

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