Instead of a Poem
August 2000

by Jackie Hand


It is my sincere desire that you have benefited from the articles I have been privileged to write about my first love; Songwriting. I have always been able to write words and create a tune for them, but I also know how frustrating it can be to try to do either one sometimes. So, perhaps that is why I felt compelled to try to help those of you who wanted to turn one of your poems into a song.

But, alas, If you did or did not, you failed to let me know of your success or failure. If I do not know your weak points, how am I to know which direction my articles should take? So, until such a time as you feel that you can truly benefit from something I can share with you, I will discontinue these articles.

If I failed to touch on something YOU needed me to write about, perhaps I can still help you by discussing it with you over the phone or by email.

I will be happy to share what I know with you even without the articles. A simple email to: will get you an answer promptly, so please do not hesitate to contact me if I can help you in any way.

May you be truly blessed as you continue to write inspirational poems in HIS honor.

Jackie Hand, President,

Jackie is President of The North Florida Christian Music Writers Association. You are welcome to join. If you are interested, call Jackie, at (904) 786-2372. (email

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