Cool Sites
August 2000

by R. Jaudon "Don" Berry

Last Article of this Column

Hello again, Dear Reader

Good to "see you." How have you been? Blessed of The Lord, I trust. 'Sorry I've been away for awhile. What with the press of my "Tent Making" occupation (the insurance business); CCCC (the Cyberspace Christian Counseling Center); and a vacation trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia, Dahlonega & vicinity---(did you know that America's first Gold Rush occurred there in the early 1800's--several years prior to the California Gold Rush ?)--- and what with my just plain Procrastination ( I'm gonna' write a Counselor Column on Berry's Corollary , "The 4 P's of Procrastination"---just as soon as I get Rountoit.)----I jus' didn't get the Cool Sites Column completed.

Well, have I got something different, and exciting, for you in this Cool Sites' Column!

  • AUDIENCE participation.

  • A CONTEST ! !

  • Everybody Wins ! ! !

  • How do you Win ?

. . . Read on . . .

Are you a frustrated, or a practicing Literary/Poetry Critic? Here's your chance ! ! ! !  Instead of me Reviewing Sites and Requests for Links You will write the Reviews this month

How, it works:

Listed below are some Sites who have requested a Link to The Fellowship of Christian Poets and/or a Review. Please visit these Sites, thereby:

  • Blessing them, ---and perhaps

  • Blessing yourself---and, IF you enter this "Contest"

  • Blessing us !

What's the Prize? The fun of visiting new Sites in and sensing the warm wind of The Holy Spirit as you enter in !

How To Enter the "Contest":


Please include the Name(s) and URL(s) of the Sites you are Reviewing

Be truthful, but use constructive criticism; ---try to sense the Heart of the: Site, Poetry, and Author. You may want to Comment on: the Site itself---ease of navigation, does it load fairly promptly, graphics-appearance-layout-music; the Poetry itself-quantity, quality; is the Site primarily-commercial, a Church site, a poetry site , etc. Don't forget the Links posted by the Site. Are they proper Christian Sites that you would recommend to your friends and/or those in need of Christian Counsel, Healing, Guidance, or Comfort?

NO, we won't identify you should we Post your review. Yes, do---even if NOT submitting your Review---let us know if you find any Dead Links and/or Sites that are not of a proper Christian and/or moral nature.

Have fun and Be Blessed!


Here are the Sites

A WORD TO The Wise" (you know who you are)

Guest book Poets: Many of you have mentioned that you write poetry---BUT---"you'll submit it 'later when you have more time'-----well, pray and see whether or not you should submit it now . Also, we know that many of you guest-book signers have asked us to "look at your Site and tell us what you think"---sorry, we're just not equipped to react to those "requests".

P.S. A request -- if you find any "dead" Sites or Links -- or anything objectionable at any Sites we list -- please let us know, in love. Thanks.

If you would like us to review your website, send us an e-mail request at

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