Heaven isn't just a place,
nor a state of mind.
Rather heaven is a person:
One who's pure and kind.

His heart's on fire with love for all
and He is God alone,
who wanted more to give us life
than save His very own.

Mark W. Terpin
Buffalo, NY


I covet not the finest gold
nor precious gemstones hoard
The tears he wept that night are my
exceeding great reward

Mark W. Terpin
Buffalo, NY


Hoist us in Thy net, O Lord
Out from the murky sea
Together roast us in Thy fire
and let us dine with Thee.

Mark W. Terpin
Buffalo, NY

His Music

The sound that people
least want to hear
is the sound that holds
the world together:
the cry of a baby

Mark W. Terpin
Buffalo, NY

A Present

If the songbirds praise you, Lord,
and if the flowers preach,
and if I am a fruit for you,
then let me be a peach!

Mark W. Terpin
Buffalo, NY


I sought Him from the tower,
all down the winding stair,
unto the lowest dungeon,
and Jesus found me there.

Mark W. Terpin
Buffalo, NY


O Lord, the seasons come and go,
the empires wax and wane.
But hope and faith and charity
are all that will remain.

My honors and accomplishments
shall pass, like drifting sands.
Oh let my only glory be
the nail prints in your hands.

Mark W. Terpin
Buffalo, NY


O Lord, let not my life be for nought
may I not be like the world
they laugh us to scorn
they seek to persuade men
but you know their hearts
they neither love you nor believe in you
and inside their thoughts are as vain as mine.

Father, only children can enter your kingdom
may we believe on your power
and be foolish for love
and may our wisdom be trust in you.

Mark W. Terpin
Buffalo, NY

The Voyage

I navigate the open sky:
the Son has made me free.
I have no treasure in this world,
and it has none in me.

Oh, come apart and leave your sin
and take the Captain's hand.
Though facing what seems opposite,
we find the promised land.

Mark W. Terpin
Buffalo, NY


No more to be another's slave,
no more to be my own;
but Jesus is my master now,
and I am His alone.

His presence is my daily bread.
His words are my commands.
O Lord, my only heart's desire,
I'm putty in your hands.

Mark W. Terpin
Buffalo, NY