About the Author: Mark W. Terpin

I had first believed in Jesus as a teenager, but was not very committed to his cause, and drifted away from God during my college years. In 1988, Billy Graham held a crusade in Buffalo, and a friend persuaded me to go. I heard the simple gospel message, knew that was what I wanted, and went forward. After praying, I didn't feel any different, at which I was somewhat disappointed, since I thought I had to be "zapped" in order to be born again. Looking back over the years though, I can see that this was a turning point in my life in that I started trusting in His grace instead of trusting in my own ability, and in that I acknowledged Jesus Christ as Lord of my life.

Around 1989 the Lord gave me an idea for my first Christian poem ("Heaven") while singing a hymn at church. Since then, I have usually gotten ideas for poems while going through some difficult situation. Instead of wallowing in self-pity or resentment, I sometimes tell myself, "Well, maybe there will be a poem out of this!" And if I wait and don't give in to wrong attitudes, the Lord always seems to give me a creative idea or some other unexpected blessing.

For years I had thought that my career choice of computer programming was a mistake, but now I believe that it was part of God's plan for my life. I have been employed at the same company for almost 10 years now. and although it is not always easy, I enjoy my job and am blessed there. I have also been wonderfully blessed at my church home, Love Joy Gospel Church, where I serve on the worship team, playing the flute and singing backup vocals.