My Mother
A laugh that comes from deep inside.
A smile that reaches up to her eyes.
A gentle voice, used for many things;
At times to teach; more often to pray and to sing.
A comfortable lap, for resting one's head.
Warm hugs of support for the rough day ahead.
A soft hand to soothe a feverish cheek .
A strong shoulder for leaning when one gets weak.
Love notes tucked into one's lunch sack.
Always time to stop and rub a sore back.
A wonderful curiosity for "Why things are".
Seeing God's beauty in things near and things far.
Loving her God, above all else.
Believing her children to be her source of wealth.

My Father
Soft, root-beer brown eyes,
paired with a shy, little boy's smile.
Usually so serious and quiet,
but around the family, he is a riot.
A moustache that tickles one's nose,
and strong arms, good for hugging one close.
Kissing me goodnight as he tucks me in.
Saying" Good job ," instead of "I wish you'd win".
Always enforcing the Golden Rule.
Allowing me to "help" as he used his tools.
Teaching me about my Heavenly Father's love.
Picking me up in his blue chevy luv.
Allowing me the chance to be who I want.
Knowing he'd be there, no matter what.

My Prayer
Teach me Lord, So I may do you bidding.
Test me Lord, try me as you
see fitting.
Guide me Lord, when I have
lost my way.
Humble me Lord, my selfish wants
at your feet, I lay.
Comfort me Lord, you know my
sorrows, as I pray.
Lift me up Lord, so I can see
your coming day.
Cleanse me Lord, make me
fit for a king.
Hear me Lord, as your
praises I sing.

Man is God's Greatest Creation
Man is God's greatest creation.
Why is this so hard to understand?
He did not simply think man in to being ,
God molded him with his own hands.
The Lord took the time to form man's flesh,
And make him one of a kind.
Who else could take the common dust,
And make a being so divine?
God thought man was worth the effort.
God believed man deserved to be blessed.
What other creature owns a soul ,
Instilled by God's own breath?
Man still bears his father's handprint,
Like a watermark upon his heart.
For this means God and man are forever one;
Something that can never be torn apart.
For this man should be falling on his knees
In eternal praise and love,
Until the wondrous day arrives,
When he joins his heavenly Father above.

In a Pair of Gardens
In the garden of Eden is where it all began;
Our Lord wanted company, so he created man.
But life in paradise did not last for very long,
as man himself decided that he could do no wrong.
From the life of bliss, fallen man was forever banned;
but also in that moment, our gracious Father had a plan.
He would sacrifice his beloved son for us,
as he asked in Him, to place all of our trust.
So our Saviour came to earth and lived like a man,
and also in a garden, is where he had his final stand.
For in the garden of Gethsemane,
is where our Christ surrendered to the evil enemy.
As his place of refuge and rest were forsaken,
he allowed himself to be overtaken.
He could have asked his father to come and intervene,
but our means of deliverance would have never been.
So enjoy your gardens, but do not forget,
in a pair of gardens, our salvation was forever set.

Only a Carpenter
Only a carpenter would know,
how rough lumber is before it is sanded smooth.
Only a carpenter would know,
how many hours it takes to plane uneven edges.
Only a carpenter would know,
how large a speck of wood can feel in one's eye.
Only a carpenter would know,
what a mouthful of raw sawdust tastes like.
Only a carpenter would know,
that even hearty wood can feel the effects of decay.
Only a carpenter would know,
how heavy a crossbeam is to carry by one's self.
Only a carpenter would know,
the strength it took to drive a nail into a tree.
Only a carpenter would know,
the sting of the hammer as it hit the nail flush.
Only a carpenter, I think not. What do you think?

Elizabeth and Mary
Elizabeth and Mary,
forever bound by love.
Each one chosen as a servant,
ordained in Heaven above.
Each one seeking counsel,
and wisdom for their soul.
Each one needing reassurance,
and confirmation in their role.
Who then did the leaning;
was it the young upon the old?
Or did the years of wisdom
seek a sturdy hand to hold?
Who else could understand
the burden each was set to bear,
then the trusted sister/friend,
in whom God's plan would also share.

The First Christmas Concert
A Christmas concert in a field, it's audience a lowly sort.
Shouldn't news so wondrous be announced in royal court?
Oh, to hear the angels sing, Highest Praise to God above!"
And to see the Heavens open up, pouring out pure joy and love.
I want to be a "lowly" shepherd held captive by the sight.
I'm sure if I was one of them, I'd been on my knees in fright.
You've been the first eyewitness to the greatest gift there's ever been.
How do you put into words, the glorious things that you've just seen?
Your purpose in life is crystal clear, To tell the world what you have heard.
God wrote his message on your heart, each song, each note, each word.
God gave up the son he loved so much, to save the world from sin.
He guaranteed our victory in the battle, we alone could never win.
It seems such a small price to pay, for all that you've been given;
Now go and tell mankind about your Gracious Father, who reigns in Heaven.

Simeon's Song
Can you hear the old man singing,
that he has seen the light;
As he looks at the one whose purpose is
to come and make things right.
What great faith and trust this servant shows,
in his Heavenly Father's plan,
as he looks at a tiny baby,
and sees the Saviour of fallen man.
I wonder what the old man sees
when he searches the baby's face;
He must be seeing hope, love, forgiveness,
peace and of course amazing grace.
Oh, to be so honored,
Oh, to be so blessed.
The wait of a lifetime is over,
now comes his eternal rest.

Love; The True Meaning of Christmas
God looked down on His creation from above,
And saw that his people had forgotten how to love.
For there had been a time when love was all that they knew.
But they had replaced true love as mankind grew.
Instead love was replaced with envy, hate, and rage;
When power and greed caused wars to be waged.
But the one who is Love was able to see,
Through the anger and strife what could once again be.
So the Lord poured out His love over all of the earth,
Not in grand fashion, but in a mere baby's birth.
The Holy of Holiest chose to become a lowly man,
And He dwelt among his people so he could show them His plan.
Purity, Truth and Love were personified,
In the form of God's Son, whom he glorified.
The taint of the world had been erased,
by the one in whom all faith should be placed.
Love gave up what he loved most, his only Begotten.
This is the true meaning of Christmas; It should not be forgotten.