Peace on Stormy Seas

I sailed upon a tranquil sea
Where all was peace and calm;
I felt my life serene and blessed,
I knew not storm or qualm.

Then clouds of doubt began to form,
The wind did stir and blow;
My tranquil sea did heave and toss,
I felt my anguish grow.

I cried, "Dear Lord, are You out there?
You see my ship storm-tossed?
Why do You leave me here alone?
I fear I may be lost."

God smiled and spoke these simple words,
"Peace my child, just be still;
I'm the God of the raging sea,
The waves obey my will."

"Hook your anchor onto 'The Rock'
That holds your vessel sure.
No evil can alarm you child,
I'll keep your life secure."

"No harm will touch you if you trust
And place your faith in Me;
Your storm-tossed ship will once again
Sail on a tranquil sea."

"So do not fear the storms of life
That oft assail your soul;
I am the Master of the Sea,
I'm always in control."

"The storms will surely strengthen you
When on rough seas you sail,
For you will know the victory
That comes when you prevail."

Through the Flood

I stood before the river wide,
I could not see the other side,
The waters surged from raging flood,
The shore was deep in rain-drenched mud.

Why God desired to lead me here,
His answer soon was very clear,
"I want you on the other side;
Trust me, dear child, I'll be your guide."

"But, Lord, the water's very deep,
The raging flood o'er me will sweep."
God said, "Just watch what I will do;
I'll part the waters just for you."

"I've never been this way before,
And I can't see the other shore."
God said, "Dear child, can you trust Me?
Can you believe what you can't see?"

"The Promised Land's awaiting you,
But there's a flood you must pass through.
I'll make a way on soft, dry sod
And prove to you that I am God."

Just one small step in faith I took,
And in amazement I did look
To see God dry the path before,
And clear the way to distant shore.

As God proceeded up ahead,
My anguished spirit quieted;
I thought this miracle was grand,
Through parted waters I could stand.

But as I crossed just halfway through,
God said, "There's something you must do.
When you have reached the other side,
Place this huge rock where you'll abide."

"Let it forever remind you
Of what My pow'r through faith can do.
Though floods will come, you need not fear,
Your path ahead I will make clear."

Remember This Old Tree

A stately tree stood by the stream
Where sparkling waters flowed;
Her trunk was gnarled and badly scarred,
Her branches deeply bowed.

For many years she'd stayed the storms,
Withstood the windy blasts,
Her roots, sunk deep beneath the soil,
Tenaciously held fast.

At times she swayed so furiously
She thought her boughs would break;
The wind did heave her to and fro,
The ground did firmly shake.

Yet further down her roots did grow,
Her anchor firmly set,
She raised her branches to the sky
Her praises to beget.

For each new storm that came her way
Forced her to take strong hold;
And all the trials and stormy blasts
Caused her to grow fourfold.

When winds of tribulation blow,
Our faith takes root and grows;
And when shaken by life's trials,
God's strength He then bestows.

So when the trials of life befall,
Remember this old tree;
And thank God for each storm that comes
Which serves to strengthen thee.

Press On!

The mountain loomed before me,
Its cloud-covered peak obscure,
Although I dreamed of reaching top,
I felt so insecure.

How could I in my puny strength
Think I could reach the crown
When I had only walked the paths
That kept my feet earthbound.

Some days God led by bright sunlight,
While others through dark of night,
Reminding me that I must walk
By faith and not by sight.

Though faced by beasts of the forest
And thorny paths uphill,
God renewed my strength and courage,
My journey to fulfill.

At times I thought, "I'll just give up,
I'm tired and can't go on."
But then I heard God softly speak,
"Press on, my child, press on."

"Just one more turn around the bend
Will lead you to the top,
So don't quit now, keep pressing on.
Don't quit ~ no, don't you stop!"

"Press on, hold fast and persevere,
Don't think of giving in,
For soon you'll reach the mountaintop,
Your victory to win."

"Press on, don't quit, and you will see
What faith in God will do.
Imagine all the dreams fulfilled,
What I will do through you."

In God I Can Trust

There are trials in this life I don't understand,
There are times when my heart often fails;
But I know that my Father shall hear my heart cries,
There's no doubt that His love still prevails.

He will carry me through each fierce storm that will come,
He'll hide me in the palm of His hand,
And then when all the winds of strong doubt fiercely blow,
In His shelter protected I'll stand.

His faithful Word declares that in God I can trust
And no matter what e'er lies ahead,
No foe can break through or ever harm me; it's true!
And His path then I never shall dread.

So then when my own understandings deceive me,
And I can't see or find my way through,
When I acknowledge my sole trust and surrender,
Somehow God does what I cannot do.

So I will trust in the Lord with all of my heart,
Lean not on my own understanding,
I will acknowledge Him in each step that I take;
His plans are beyond comprehending.


"Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean
not unto your own understanding. In all your ways
acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path"
Proverbs 3:5-6

May I Have A Thankful Heart

It's so easy to be thankful
When our barns are brimming o'er,
When earth's harvest fills our tables,
Doting friends knock at our door.

It's so easy to be thankful
When our paths are bright and fair,
When we walk in perfect wholeness,
When we have enough to spare.

But how about the barren times
When thick darkness clouds our day--
Do we offer God thanksgiving
For the trials that come our way?

For our earthly tribulations
Are a blessing from God's hand,
And there are lessons to be learned
That adversities demand.

So may I have a thankful heart
That is full of grateful praise;
May I recognize that blessings
Come disguised in diff'rent ways.


"In everything give thanks: for this is the will of
God in Christ Jesus concerning you."
1 Thessalonians 5:18

Rest in the Desert

So often our pathway leads us
Into a dry and thirsty land,
A wilderness that's surrounded
By vast mountains of hot dry sand.

Our parched souls thirst for your presence,
We hunger for life-giving bread,
Ravished and void of soul's resting,
Our heart cries to be comforted.

There in our wasteland You meet us,
Cool streams in the desert appear,
We drink Your life-giving water,
Refreshed as Your presence draws near.

You spread Your banquet before us,
We feast from your bounty prepared,
Renewed in spirit You send us
Rejoicing for service prepared.

We can find rest in the desert
When Your footprints will lead us there;
Even in parched desert wastelands
Our heart needs to never despair.

We can find rest in the desert;
It's in arid places You show
No place is void of Your presence,
And it's in the desert we grow.

One Who Made A Difference

One Samar'tan made a diff'rence,
Just one single soul who cared,
Though rejected as an outcast,
With one suffering he shared.

He could've walked the other way
And ignored this one in need;
Instead he showed the man mercy
With no thought of selfish greed.

He stooped to clean and bind his wounds,
Applying some oil and wine,
Reflecting in his kindly act
A true touch of the Divine.

This one soul made a difference
And to prejudice was blind;
By his one gesture of kindness
He true brotherhood defined


Zacchaeus hid among leaf-covered branch
Of the infamous sycamore tree,
Away from the judgmental eyes of man
But from where he could clearly see.

Imagine now just how Zacchaeus felt
When Jesus had passed by his way
And then looked him squarely in hopeful eye
And beckoned him down on that day.

No rebuke or scorn was ever spoken,
Such love like this man was untold;
In haste Zacchaeus repented of sin,
"All taken I'll return fourfold!"

Just Christ's mercy and grace, not rejection,
Full pardon that day he received;
Zacchaeus had at last found acceptance
From Jesus on whom he believed.

Little Is Enough

"What do you have?"
"Just a little oil,"
The prophet's widow cried.
"Enough," he said,
"Go gather vessels
And bring them all inside."

"Not just a few,
Go ask your neighbors
To give you all you need.
Do not return
Without empty jars--
My God will intercede."

The widow went
Knocking door to door
As she was asked to do,
To the Prophet's word
For God to see her through.

She went inside
And she shut her door
And then began to pour.
The oil did flow
As she filled each jar
Until there were no more.

The stream of oil
Would no longer flow
When ev'ry jar was full.
The widow knew
That God had performed
For her a miracle.

She sold the oil
And paid all her debts,
With more enough to spare,
And learned that day
That little's enough
When multiplied by prayer.