Though you thought I was far, I have been very near.
When you cried in your sleep I have counted each tear.
When life took its toll and the path got steep
I lay on the rocks to steady your feet.

When your heart would burst with pain untold
When you reached for warmth but received only cold;
I was there knocking tenderly
Waiting for you to turn to Me.

I am gentle and meek my precious one
I will not condemn nor will I shun.
The bruised reed I will not crush
Though your garden was trampled, ‘twill again be lush.

New life I give and it’s for free
That’s why I bled on Calvary.
Come walk with Me, you have nothing to lose
But the pain from your past and the dust from your shoes.

Will you come with Me and take My hand?
Receive this new life and dance this new dance;
Put your faith in the faithful and take a good chance.
I have loved you with a love you have never known
Come, my beloved and approach My throne.
I promise you a brand new home.

Will you take My hand and start life anew?
Reach out in faith and I will reach for you.
Come dance My dance, My beloved one
Then your path will be lit
By the light of God’s Son.

Excerpt from Faithful ‘Till That Day by Sandra A. Popp © 2004

Stammering Lips

I had no country, I claimed no home
Raised in a palace with no right to a throne.
An outlaw of Egypt for my passion‘s crime
Fled the land of my birth for forty year’s time.

Yet on the sweet mountain the voice of my Lord
Spoke the words of deliverance from famine and sword.
Yet it was I that was charged with the call
Of decreeing God’s plan to watch judgment fall.

I stammered and shrank before this mighty decree
But God allowed Aaron to speak for me.
We marched into Egypt before the Great House
Giving hope to the hopeless and confounding the proud.

Pharaoh’s cloud descended and Jacob seemed undefended
The ones that I came to make free, were now turning on me.
Was it me, my sin, my uncircumcised mouth?
Did I say something wrong? My heart labors and pounds.

Time creates seasons and seasons bring fruit
Storms reveal rainbows that praise God’s truth.
With a mighty hand God didn’t relent
And brought the deliverance for which I was sent.

Had Pharaoh said yes and let us go,
God’s mighty power would not be made known.
Yet a hero was born in the form of “I am”
And our new sights were set on a promised land.

The greatest treasure we possessed that day
Was not the plunder we carried away.
We got to know a faithful Lord
Who set free his children by His might and His word.

We can now all declare with stammering lips
You are greater than all of the taskmaster’s whips.
As a nation we were born through labor and strife
Your mighty deliverance gave us new life.

Sandra A. Popp © Copyright 2004 @

It’s My Job to Die
(Lamentations in the Garden)

I knew it would be painful
I saw the stripes and felt the slaps
I saw cheering and heard mocking,
But refused to turn my back.
For the pain that was to pierce me and betrayal by my friends,
Would bring the world eternal hope for a merciful end.
In the darkness to Gethsemane each step was clear and sober
I had to face the fact that my earthly life would soon be over
In the quiet garden with my friends I ‘m tempted to lay down
To forget about the looming pain and my future earthly crown
But something greater drew me into a place of quiet prayer
My love for them and for my father must be strong enough to keep me there
“Just rest a while or maybe flee to the darkness of the night”
The enemy’s voice rang clearly as I prayed with all my might
Each time I thought of the future pain, of the mocking and the jeers
I made myself pray harder until my clothes were soaked with blood, sweat and tears
I stumbled to the lower garden to the comfort of my friends
I found them weak and useless to help me in the end.
Mental images of evil men puffed up with foolish pride
Kick me like a dog and then begin to chide,
“If you are really God “, they said, “You would save yourself.
You claim you came to save but it’s you that needs the help”.
“Just blink your eyes and they’ll be dust,” the enemy would chide.
But I prayed “Father, help me to remember, that it’s my job to die.”
It’s not to prove how powerful, it’s not to prove I’m great,
It’s not for popularity, or control of my own fate.
These things were sought by Lucifer, by Adam, and by Eve
I have come to right the wrong ; by example I will lead.
I see my silence will condemn me, they will say I have no case.
I’ll be powerless when I don’t speak, so they pull my beard and slap my face
They don’t see my strength is in restraint and in my one true goal.
Not proving that I’m God and King, but dying to save their souls.
I returned unto my father for strength in time of need,
For help to see things as I should, but then I started to plead.
I said,” Is there any other way than to tear my heart in two,
Than to see those who I love and die for mistake me for a fool?
Is there anyway to save them where I don’t have the pain
Of betrayal, mockery, and abuse or my body torn ad maimed.”
But the truth so clear rang in my ears that there is no there way
Someone innocent has to pay to take their sins away.
“Not just anyone” says my father”.... but my one and only Son
It’s proof of my great love for them so it’s you who has to come”.
Then the scourging and the pain faded right before my eyes
As I said, ”Your will be done God, it’s my job to die.”

Excerpt from Passion Week by Sandra A. Popp©2001

Far Above Rubies
(The Proverbs 31 Woman)

She is the last to bed,
The first to rise-
Toils through the night,
For no man’s eyes.
She works hard and long
For her family’s gain--
Bringing good and not harm,
Seeks no honor or fame.
Her God is her strength;
The one she must please.
Her heart’s in His Word
And His Word is her key.
It’s the key to her joy,
Her strength, and her peace;
It wards off discouragement,
Insecurity and greed.
Her words soothe the heart
Her strength calms the soul--
Her hands work with diligence;
Her works are pure gold,
Her substance, God’s spirit.
She fears not old age,
Her beauty increases
As time turns each page.

A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Proverbs 31:10

Excerpt from Everyday Matters: Words of Life ©Sandra Popp 2003

Everyday Matters

Life is the substance of everyday matters
Daily events are the rungs on life’s ladder.
Embracing them lifts us to life’s newest plain.
We receive strength from our victories
And wisdom from pain.

Moments are life’s flavor, they can be our friends
We must dine on the fullness of each day we’re lent.
There is much we can gain when we set out to give
Thankfulness and generosity season how we live.

A balm of kindness, the woe of a loss
The pain of growing, our hope in God
Times of confusion, moments of distress
Mistakes and victories can all bring out our best.

At the end of the line when the sun sets its last
When we consider the days of our past.
Does the sum of our days give us richness and peace
Or many regrets that we cannot release?

Every day matters with its good and its bad
Will we live our lives in our call?
There are treasures from heaven in everyday matters
If we choose to embrace them all.

Excerpt from Everyday Matters: Words of Life ©Sandra Popp 2003


Pain has racked my body, tears have stung my face.
I push, I reach, I stand, I pray, but cannot win this race.
I feel so isolated, as if I’m the only one.
Those around have forgotten when sickness eclipsed their sun.

I struggle to believe You, but pain shouts in my face.
The ones I know and love can’t see my struggle and disgrace.
Where are you, God? Why does health flee?
Why does this illness cling to me?
My help You’ve been in times of past.
Is this a lot that I have cast?

Know, My child, I feel your pain.
As your tears fall, I cry again.
Each disappointment and spoiled plan
Leave a tear in My heart and a hole in My hand.

I’ve felt that pain, I took those stripes.
Upon my face I felt the strikes.
I know your load, I share your pain.
As our tears mingle My spirit strains

I am here, child, lay your head on My chest.
From the searing wounds, I give you rest.

I will fight your battles,
I will hold you up.
I will bear your burdens,
I have drunk that cup.

Delight in Me, let your soul drink deep.
Don’t let discouragement lull you to sleep.
Let your joy be in Me and the pain fade away.
Let the light of My love make darkness as day.

Surely he took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows.... Isaiah 53:4

Excerpt from Everyday Matters: Words of Life ©Sandra Popp 2003

Mighty Author

I’m an open book in the Master’s hand
Filled with songs of the Promise Land.
I’ll raise my voice in a brand new age
As His mighty hand turns my page.

I will not fear nor will I strive
A Discerning Author pens my life.
My pages, filled with songs untold
That I will sing ‘till I grow old.

As this chapter starts to close
I set my heart on the path He chose.
On His next plan will I fix my eyes
The day will dawn and the Son will rise.

I’ve never read this book of mine
I’ll dance in time as He sings its rhyme.
I’ll walk through darkness seeking light
For a Mighty Author writes my life.

Farewell my friends, He sees your woe
The God of love won’t let you go.
He turns a page in your life too
Sing the brand new song He gives to you.

Our hearts and souls our God does guide
As we learn a brand new path and stride.
His wisdom freely He will give
As we let Him rule the way we live.

"Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God"
Heb. 12:2.

Sandra Popp © 2004

The Voice at Horeb

I call you to the mountain
You and you alone.
Remove your shoes, embrace my grace,
Draw closer to my throne.

Leave behind your troubles
It’s time to rest in me.
Leave behind the accolades
Abandon them for peace.

A fire burns upon the mountain
As a mighty God awaits
To bend His holy ear to earth
And hear your humble praise.

Upon the summit high,
The air is clear and thin.
Your pace must slow and the focus change
As earth’s hopes and sights grow dim.

Climb a little higher
‘Till you feel my warm embrace.
Let the Sonlight warm your soul
And shine upon your face.

I am God of the mountain and God below
Trust me with your highs and lows.
You are called to higher places
These require deeper graces.

Stay with me, leave the world behind,
Rest in my grace to gain peace of mind.
You aren’t being punished, you are starting to see
What’s too big for you is easy for Me.

This is just the beginning of my plan for your life;
Come to the mountain leave the past behind.
A brand new place awaits your arrival,
But the voice on the mountain is key to survival.

Sandra Popp©2004

The Christmas Gift

Once upon a time in a land far away
A Savior was born to lead the way.
A tiny package held the world’s greatest gift
Bringing sinful humanity a heavenly lift.

A baby so sweet with a heavenly glow,
Would conquer the darkness with His fateful blow.
Herod wanted to silence God’s little man,
But his evil intent propelled God’s mighty plan.

A child so vulnerable with enemies great.
Only God, not man could protect His fate.
Gifts of the Kings bittersweet prophesies
Of kingship, suffering and a funeral to be.

God’s purpose prevailed through Him, tiny and poor.
Nail-pierced hands would open heaven’s door.
Through the gift of this child the world would receive.
Our sins would be paid for by God’s purity.

So open your heart to the heavenly babe.
Receive God’s free gift and you will be saved.
It started in a manger so humble and mild.
God gave us salvation through His holy child.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Excerpt from Everyday Matters: Words of Life ©Sandra Popp 2003


Though I have walked a thousand miles,
Not one have I walked in your shoes.
So who am I to point my finger of judgment at you?
Millions of my daily sins, unseen by human eyes,
Have all been seen by God, yet He does not despise.

He gently leads and guides me and cleanses my sins too.
No faults are held against me, I can start each moment new.
So why do I sit and point and stare and raise my eyebrows high?
Why do I revel in your sin as if to write it in the sky?

Do I forget my million sins God buried in His sea?
Am I so perfect that I can’t forget that you’ve offended me?

What’s God Almighty say and feel as He sees my vain attempt,
To tally your wrong doings while stroking my contempt?
Is He happy and proud of me or angry and appalled
That I refuse to give a fraction of the mercy for which I’ve called?

Twisted up and mangled, my hands of faith are tied.
In not forgiving you, I have told myself a lie.
Can I expect to be forgiven when I ignore what God has done?
With unforgiveness I have blocked the blessing of His Son.

Forgive me, God and help me see with eyes of grace and love.
Help me give and to receive with the measure ruled by love.

...If you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins. Mark 11:25

Excerpt from Everyday Matters: Words of Life by Sandra A. Popp 2003