About the Author: John Sparks

John Sparks is an engineer by training and trade, and, too, a mathematics instructor. But, he has always been an artist at heart. Even so, if someone would have said in December 1995 that an anthology of 153 poems would be forthcoming in May 1998, his reaction would have been, "You're crazy!" The initial excursion into Mid-life Wisdom (John‚s first poem) has changed his life forever. Something good has now been born of God through the Holy Spirit. As all things on the Divine calendar, Christian poetry may have waited patiently for the right moment in the wings of his mind for over forty years.

John has worked for the USAF 25 years at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio. He has served in a variety of roles: mathematician, junior engineer, line engineer, engineering supervisor. Presently, he is a staff engineer specializing in organizational development and training. John also has taught mathematics on a part-time basis for 15 years at a local community college. Both jobs have provided many opportunities for Christian witness during the course of his dual career. John was born in Elwood, Indiana on 24 October 1947 and has lived in Xenia (Ohio) for most of his life. He and his wife Carolyn of 30 years presently live in an old Victorian (built 1880). They have two sons: Robert (age 25) who serves in the United States NAVY and Curtis (age 18) who is a Freshman at Cedarville College in Cedarville, Ohio.