Good Shepherd

I am a lamb of Jesus Christ
That wondered from my home;
I should've stayed back with the flock
Now I must walk alone.

I hear the Master calling me
My lamb your faith is true;
Your walk will be much longer now
But I will walk with you.

Oh, little lamb with dirty wool
And eyes so full of tears;
Come now let me carry you
With me you need not fear.

Good Shepherd is my name dear lamb
It's me you had to seek;
I'm your strength when sin is near
With me you're never weak.

Come now little lamb of God
I'll cleanse you white as snow;
Though others judge your tattered wool
Your heart I truly know.

Go in peace now little lamb
But listen very still;
My voice you'll always recognize
And forever, always will.

You were blinded by the dark
But now your eyes can see;
Though lost, I came and picked you up
And held you close to me.

Now go and do the Fathers will
You're clean now little lamb;
Lock me in your heart and soul
"Good Shepherd" is who "I AM."

Lisa Lynn Schielein

A Flower Among the Weeds

In the garden of life there's much to see
The beauty grown from God's own seed;
I saw one single flower stand
In the midst of many different weeds.

Though out of place it boldly stood
To greet the morning sky;
This tiny flower among the weeds
Knew God was standing by.

This little flower had no fear
As it opened to the light;
For it was with the Father now
No weeds could block its sight.

With faith it reached up to the Lord
So excited and full of love;
Though weeds had tried to choke it off
God protected it from above.

God provided living water
To nourish this flower on the ground;
It's standing tall and strong today
Though, the weeds are still around.

The roots were strongly anchored
Its faith was real and true;
The weeds had been defeated
Where this tiny flower grew.

So when you're walking through the garden
Be sure to plant God's seeds;
And always be a flower
Not one of many weeds.

Lisa Lynn Schielein

Fix Your Eyes on Jesus

Fix your eyes on Jesus
Every minute of every day;
The negative that burdens you
Cast it all His way.

God's grace and awesome mercy
He unconditionally gives to you;
Please clear your mind and focus now
On the love Christ has for you.

Please, seek the face of Jesus Christ
When fear has weighed you down;
See His face before you now
When your knees fall to the ground.

Keep in mind that He's the one
We live for ever day;
Your truest faith-no questions asked
He'll light your darkest way.

Plant Jesus in your heart and mind
Think only of His face;
Focus on eternity
And living in His grace.

No it isn't easy
To put faith above it all;
So grab the hand of Jesus Christ
He will lift you when you fall.

He never leaves your side my friend
He feels your pain and fear;
He'll wrap His arms around you
Whisper, "fear not, my child I'm here."

The human flesh deceives up
States "I want, I need, I feel;"
Replace the "I" with Jesus
And your heart my Lord will steal.

When God created you dear friend
It's sure not hard to miss;
That when you were completed
God sealed you with a kiss.

So when you pray to God tonight
Your heart will start to sing;
When in fact you learn the truth
That you're the child of a King!

Lisa Lynn Schielein


When I see our nation's flag
I see more than red and blue;
I see my Jesus sent from God
Who died for me and you.

The stars I see are Bethlehem
The night Christ came to earth;
A tiny manger in a barn
Began my Savior's birth.

The Blue I see behind the stars
Are tears my Jesus cried;
For a lost and sinful nation
For this, our Savior died.

The stripes of red they represent
The blood my Jesus shed;
The scars he wore across His back
Yet, quietly He stood.

The stripes of white they represent
Christ risen from the grave;
Conquering Satan, death and sin
The world my Jesus saved.

The flag of stars, red, white, and blue
When lifted way up high;
Reminds me of the mountain top
Where Jesus stood and cried.

Now, when you see our nation's flag
See more than red and blue;
Remember, Jesus, Son of God
Was crucified for me and you.

Lisa Lynn Schielein

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit
I pray you come to me;
Please fill this Holy temple
Great one of Trinity.

Holy Spirit of my God
I pray you hear me call;
To you My Holy Majesty
I now surrender all.

Holy Spirit take me now
My heart, I pray you fill;
Use me as an instrument
For God's most awesome will.

Holy Spirit Heaven sent
My comforter today;
Temptation heavy at my feet
Please lead me back your way.

Holy Spirit stay with me
Please speak God's word today;
To ears that long to hear the truth
And seek the narrow way.

Holy Spirit gift of God
Please never leave me here;
Consume my soul forever
With you I have no fear.

Lisa Lynn Schielein

My House Built on the Rock

I'll build my house upon the Rock
My Rock is Jesus Christ;
The cornerstone of every man
Son of God most highest.

My Rock is very firm and still
He doesn't sink or sway;
He never changes with the time
He doesn't fall away.

My house will stay upon this Rock
I'll grow here every day;
Like on a mountain top so high
The world seems far away.

When I walk into the sand
It's here I start to sink;
My feet are so unstable
I then become real weak.

I then cry out for Jesus Christ
He leads me back to solid ground
Forgives me then for leaving Him
Says up here I'll never drown.

This is why I tell you friend
Of Jesus Christ my Rock;
He always keeps me in His sight
In my heart is where He's locked.

So when I feel I need a friend
The world is out of sight;
I turn my eyes on Jesus Christ
The everlasting light.

My house will say upon this Rock
Built solid, I will not fret;
For Jesus is my cornerstone
Yes, He's my safety net!

Lisa Lynn Schielein

Stormy Days

Life is like a rainstorm
Falling down on me;
The puddle seems to get so deep
And clouds are all I see.

I know I must find shelter
To keep me safe from harm;
I feel as if I'm drowning
And holding up one arm.

I want to seek God's kingdom first
This is my belief;
My Jesus will be coming soon
To give me some relief.

Then with the purest faith it's true
The rain clouds clear the sky;
And when I look down to the ground
My puddle now is dry.

Lisa Lynn Schielein

The Truth Will Set You Free

My faith is in God's mercy
To bind my flesh and sin;
My deeds as good as filthy rags
I run the race to win.

My Jesus talks to Father God
I know He pleads my case;
He then begins to cheer me on
With compassion and God's grace.

My crown is up in Heaven
It's there my treasures stored;
In the hands of Royal Majesty
Jesus Christ my Lord.

My first love is Jesus
With His greatness deep inside;
When sin is knocking at my door
It's in Christ I run and hide.

Though fear will come to greet you
Confess the truth and see;
When you make a wrong a right
The Lord will set you free.

A wounded soul in grief and pain
But the truth is plain to see;
Yes, He's my witness for today
The truth has set me free.

Dear friends they now reject me
The truth chose not to see;
I wear the blame of sin today
But Jesus stood by me.

As I forgive my brothers
For words that were not true;
I hope they find deep in their heart
That they forgive me, too.

I'll carry my cross throughout each day
And in my sufferings will rejoice;
Knowing through the storm He's here
Yes, I can hear His voice.

When Jesus says He loves me
His words are true and bound;
He's the one that I believe
His truth is what I've found.

Now, the race I will keep running
Truth I'll never hide or bend;
Because I have my Jesus Christ
My witness and my friend.

Lisa Lynn Schielein

Do You Know Jesus?

Jesus is the Son of God
Messiah to the world;
Prince of Peace, His Majesty
He's Gods own Living Word.

Good Shepherd of God's precious flock
The King of every king;
Intercessor of our lives
To Him the angels sing.

Alpha and Omega
He's the First and Last my friend;
He's the Quenching Water
The Beginning and the End.

He's the Radiance of God's glory
He's the Victory over sin;
He's the one that's knocking friend
And waiting to come in.

Jesus is a shield
His words are as a sword;
Yes, He is the Great "I AM"
He is the Lord of lords.

Jesus is God's Living Truth
He's the Everlasting Light;
Christ the Author of our life
All He does is right.

If you know Christ Jesus
Then you know the Father, too;
Keep in mind He's coming back
He's prepared a place for you.

His Kingdom is Eternity
Where night exists no more;
So when you hear Him knocking
Open up your door.

Lisa Lynn Schielein

Communing With the Father

Alone I sit outside today
My face up to the sky;
Surrounded by creation
All worries pass me by.

The stress of worldly problems
Seem as a far off dream;
For now I'm with the Father
As I lay beside the stream.

I see my Fathers reflection
In the water where I lay;
The brilliance of His Majesty
True love He does portray.

My Father always talks to me
Through the gentle blowing breeze;
I hear His softest whisper
As it passes through the trees.

My Father, He embraces me
With sunshine on my skin;
With the radiance of Heaven
It warms my soul within.

My Father fills my senses
With a fragrance pure and sweet;
The flowers from His garden
That He grew beneath my feet.

He surrounds me with a choir
Of birds that sing His praise;
I've never heard such harmony
With such tender, calming grace.

The butterflies are gathering
The deer peer through the trees;
The squirrels stop to look at me
With no attempt to flee.

I thought my Father's creation
Was what He wanted me to see;
But, in fact, He's showing them
That He created me.

You'll know the Father is with you
In all His glory and His grace;
Just listen for the breeze to blow
And the "Son" will touch your face.

Lisa Lynn Schielein

Keeper of the Sheep

God has called upon you
To be keeper of His sheep;
To keep His flock from roaming
On the ground where Satan creeps.

You see a sign of weakness
You fall down and you pray;
Oh, Lord, you lamb has wandered
Please help him find his way.

Though every sheep is now content
Except this burdened one;
You turn your heart to Heaven
And cry out to God's Son.

Oh, Jesus, please protect him
Though the wanders in the night;
Alone and in confusion
Please shine your guiding light.

The wolves off in the distance
Are howling with delight;
Your heart begins to ache in pain
This sheep is not in sight.

The search has now began
To find this little lamb;
You won't give up until you have
This sheep back in your hands.

Way off in the distance
You hear a cry of fear;
You know you're getting closer
That little lamb is near.

But woe the wolves have circled
This frail and weakened lamb;
You walk right through the danger
And lift him in your hands.

As you embrace this lost one
With tender love and care;
You know deep in your heart and soul
Twas saved from Satan's snare.

The flocks now filled with joy
As they begin to weep;
Oh, thank you God in Heaven
For your keeper of the sheep.

As God prepares a place for us
In Heaven with His Son;
He knew as keeper of His sheep
He trusted you, dear one.

Lisa Lynn Schielein