About the Author:
Ruth Wallace

Looking back from many decades later, Ruth thinks even as a child, her mind was being prepared for the future as a writer of sacred poetry. A little book called “A Child’s Garden Of Verses,” byRobert Louis Stevenson had become a frequent source of delight in her child’s world of neglect and abuse. With its simple but charming verses, it gave her daydreams of a life where children laughed and played all day and there was always a loving family to come home to. She learned to love poetry because of that little book’s power to create an escape from inner pain and give hope that some day life could be like the poems described.

In due season, the Lord connected her with a small home church where mutual sharing was encouraged as a practical expression of the body of Christ. Here, observing the struggles, burdens and problems of others inspired her first poem. Born in a matrix of suffering, it was written as a comfort and encouragement to a critically ill woman in their group.

That poem opened a flow of poetry that over the years traveled hand to hand into most of the states and to several foreign countries as well. It also spread to shut-ins, nursing homes, hospitals, and prisons. Ruth received reports that they saved people from deep depression, nervous breakdowns, prevented suicides, brought guidance, deliverance, strength, peace, and comfort. Presently on her monthly mailing list are many people who have let her know the poems impacted their lives in a special way and many are sharing copies with their families, churches and friends.

She is very grateful to have found our website, Fellowship Of Christian Poets, that has provided further opportunity to give her collection of sacred poetry exposure. Ruth has begun to share on the Cross Way Publications website also. She considers these poetry websites to be a unique experience for her as this is the first time she has been associated with other poets and hopes to learn and be enriched by their poetic insight and creative expertise. Above all she prays the Lord will receive due honor and glory for His gracious gift and may all who read be blessed.

Written by Mac Wilkey, the Poet’s Profile writer for The Fellowship Of Christian Poets, an online poetry website that makes poetry available to pastors, teachers, lovers of Christian poetry and the general public.