Hold My Hand, Lord


I'm glad you're up there
couldn't face this day
without you.

Hold my hand Lord.
Hold my hand tight
and lead me
through this day.

Margaret Wilson Owsley
Jacksonville Beach, Florida


There'll be no unemployment in heaven.
No worry about the next meal.
There'll be no bills to harass us,
and thieves will not break in and steal.

In heaven, we'll have no need for money;
Everything up there will be free.
We'll enjoy God's unsearchable riches,
and have unending security.

I'm looking forward to heaven,
that land that is fairer than day.
Where all will be joy and gladness,
and sorrow and care will flee away.

Up there, no mean words will be spoken.
Each heart will be filled with pure love.
We'll never be hurt or rejected,
in the beautiful city above.

There will be no disappointment or heartache.
God will wipe all the tears from our eyes.
No one will ever be lonely,
and there'll be no anguished good-byes.

Up there, the love we have for each other,
by each heart will be shared equally.
And we'll have all the things that we've longed for,
and at last we will really be free.

Margaret Wilson Owsley
Jacksonville Beach, Florida

I'm So Glad

One day I found my life held little meaning.
I was lost and had no peace within.
Then I knew I really needed Jesus.
Then I asked if He'd forgive my sins.

I'm so glad the blessed Savior found me.
He told me I could be His child.
He put His tender, loving arms around me.
And now I know that life can be worthwhile.

One day I found I needed greater power.
So I sought it many times down on my knees.
Oh, I'm so glad for the lovely, shining hour
when the Holy Spirit washed and made me clean.

Oh, I'm glad I need not fear life's ending
When chilling death shall bid me come,
for I know that Jesus will go with me,
and He'll lead me gently, safely home.

Friend, if life for you has lost it's meaning,
and you have no hope or peace within,
turn around and give your life to Jesus.
He loves you and wants to be your friend.

Margaret Wilson Owsley
Jacksonville Beach, Florida

The Sum Of Life

Yawns the housewife in the midst of care.
"Just chores to be done til' the setting of sun -
am I getting anywhere?"

Groans the miner as he walks towards the hole,
in the hill where he works long weary hours,
in dark and grimy coal.

Sighs the farmer as he toils the field.
"Is this all there is hard work in the sun -
a harvest of food to yield?"

Frets the man who is unemployed.
"As I wait for a break - a living to make -
is my life necessarily void?"

Moans the person who is constantly ill.
"A long siege of pain, hoping strength to regain -
could it possibly be God's will?"

Asks the worker in industry.
"I labor each day for inadequate pay -
is this all life holds for me?"

To one whose existence seems drear?
It's the prize he wins at the end of the race,
that he runs for Jesus while here.

Margaret Wilson Owsley
Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Why Lonely

When we are lonely, are we lonely for people,
for pleasure, for things?

Since none of these really satisfy are they really
what we are lonely for?

Isn't it rather a loneliness for God?

Margaret Wilson Owsley
Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Only God

No artist can paint the glory of the sunrise.
No musician can copy the sweet song of the sea,
no man can tame the wild, rolling ocean.
Only God can do these things.

In the distance I can see the playful dolphins.
Seagulls flying through the sun's rays,
winged creatures perched atop of the breakers.
Let all that has breath give God praise.

O, God keep me alive to thy beauty.
O, God make me aware, make me aware.
Let thy joy permeate my being,
and please never let me fail to care.

O, praise the Lord for joy in the morning,
O, praise the Lord for the glory of the day.
O, praise the Lord for I know Jesus loves me
and will share my lonely, lonely way.

Margaret Wilson Owsley
Jacksonville Beach, Florida

In God's Kingdom

In God's kingdom there are no losers.
in God's kingdom there is no junk.
One need never feel like a failure,
for through His blood the victory's won.

In God's kingdom there are no big I's.
in God's kingdom no little you's.
For our Father is impartial
to male and female, bond and free
and Greek and Jews.

If you feel poor, sick or forsaken;
if you feel lost and all alone
Christ is a friend who really loves you;
just take His hand.
He'll lead you home.

Do not walk in unforgiveness,
put all hurt and grief behind.
Let God's healing love flow through you
and He'll give you a satisfied mind.

Margaret Wilson Owsley
Jacksonville Beach, Florida

I Stroll Into The Morning

I stroll into the morning
beside the rolling sea,
and near at hand, cloud cities
seem beckoning to me.
The sun has just arisen
making a path into the day.
The sea song is a chorus
in the background as I pray.

Oh, loving Jesus, I know you dwell with me,
and you'll be my pilot when my ship appears to me.
When I must cross over into eternity
I'll have no fear as long as you're with me.

I view the lovely sea world,
the sun, the surf, the sand;
the glory of creation
formed by His loving hand.
Oh, God, please walk beside me
come from the every where,
and tell me of your secrets
as alone I listen there.

Margaret Wilson Owsley
Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Grief's Power

How deeply does one's heart ache
when he sees a little child
touched by some affliction
that dims a happy smile.

O' the grief that wells within one
to hear the anguished cry
of little ones who suffer
as life passes coldly by.

The whole world spreads before them
yet, they cannot taste it's joy
with the relish and repletion
of a normal girl or boy.

One asks, "O' Lord why is it
that such a thing must be?
That children have to suffer
who come so fresh from thee?"

Perhaps the only comfort for
the grief that weighs like a stone
is its power to push one closer
ever closer to the throne.

Margaret Wilson Owsley
Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Be Kind To Him

Be kind to him that one who's sick
who for a while has lost his way.
Whose spirit lags though his mind is quick,
who needs much strength to face each day.

Be kind to him, he's not alone;
there are so many people now,
whose hearts are weary like a stone
who'd like to find themselves somehow.

Be kind to him whose emotional need
may be much deeper than your own;
cares of life make his heart bleed
perhaps he's weak while you are strong.

Be kind to him the pain he's borne
may be greater than you could know.
Give aid and comfort and never scorn
or tear him down and increase his woe.

Be kind to him for you may be
just like him in a little while;
you may begin to fail to see
the things in life for which to smile.

Be kind and try to understand
those who are ill and need your help,
for thus you live by Christ's command
to "Love thy neighbor as thyself".

Margaret Wilson Owsley
Jacksonville Beach, Florida