About the Author: Margaret Wilson Owsley

Margaret Wilson Owsley wrote her first poem at age 12. Later in life while her four precious children Jo Ann, Jan, Jean & Mark were small, God began giving her poetry. The first poem (during a dark time in her life) was "Lost For Awhile". That poem has ministered to hundreds of people in West Virginia and Florida. Margaret has received many poems and songs on the beaches of North Caroline and Florida.

She says, "The creator talks to me as I take many walks alone on the beaches." The mountains too have inspired her. "When a poem comes it is just a miraculous thing. I praise God for all He has given me." Margaret says she never feels more alive than when she is writing poetry & songs. Margaret is a member of "The Fellowship of Christian Poets" founded by John & Marilyn Marinelli. These two special people have done much to help her in writing her book. Much thanks to them. As you read this book may you be inspired and uplifted. To God be the Glory.