Quiet Hours

In the silence of the quiet hours,
in the presence of a new dawn,
I bow down upon my knees,
for bringing me life reborn.

Taking off all the shackles,
letting my spirit free.
I give all the thanks to Jesus,
for giving His love to me.

Marilyn Marinelli
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

As I Was On The Cross

I saw you as I was on the cross,
your sadness and your pain.
I knew you needed hope and that
your life was filled with shame.

I knew you would be weary,
and would lose all hope and fear.
But, my child, I tell you
salvation will adhere.

To every sorrow, pain and fear,
and every doubtful thought.
I died for you this day,
your salvation, I have bought.

Marilyn Marinelli
Ponte Vedra, Florida

The Pressures of Life

The pressures of life seem to be spent,
on life's passing events.
The past rears it's head on the things,
that should be gone and dead.

But, in our times of loneliness and despair,
we find ourselves as if we were there.
Cries and sobbing and reflecting on things,
that leave us remembering the sadness it brings.

Oh, to forget the past hurts and pains.
A love of light to ease the strain.
If only to be changed into a newness of time.
A new birth that God says is mine.

Then ever so grateful, I always will be.
Free at last to be really me.

Marilyn Marinelli
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

A New Creature

I know your hurts and bruises too,
the tongue that says you can never be new.
But, this I say to all this day,
that a new creature you'll be in every way.

Time will pass and you will be,
a new creature who stands in me.
Full of peace and love divine,
full of compassion forever mine.

A beam of love shall
shine out from your eyes.
A new walk you'll have,
with me by your side.

Marilyn Marinelli
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

I Saw You

Gentle drips of blood fell from my feet,
shed for you, my child, so that you would never know defeat.
The storm clouds gathered to proclaim this victory over sin,
so you would be strengthened from all your hurts within.

The thorns upon my head were placed there with great agony,
to bring you peace of mind to set your emotions free.
Free to serve and worship me, to set your spirit free,
from all the turmoil that was placed on me, on the cross of Calvary.

I saw you bending upon your knees,
with tears streaming from your eyes.
I wanted to cuddle you, as my Father from on high.
But, I had to die to set men free from Satan and his lie.

And as you gently turned with saddened eyes to walk away from me,
my Holy Spirit met you as I hung upon that tree.
To give you hope and peace of mind.. to set your spirit free,
to let you know I did it all for you, on the cross of Calvary.

Marilyn Marinelli
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Without Wings

I watched you flutter around like a bird without wings,
straining and strifing to grasp what life brings.
You wander around like a bird without wings,
not looking and learning of what my word brings.

This sadness of sorrow and life's lonely path,
has kept you bound to the ground as a bird with no wings.
But I have created you from the start,
to have wings to fly my salvation I impart.

Look around! Look around! to the wings that are yours.
Your time to fly was salvation bought.

This sadness of sorrow is dirt hardened fast,
to things of this life, things of the past.
Grime and dirt has covered these wings,
that were meant for you to fly above earthly things.

As I wash off the grime with each passing of time.
Know that your sorrow will ever be mine.

I took all your pain on Calvary's tree.
It was placed there as sin to set you free.
Free from your sorrows and sins open door.
A test of time will be no more.

For all of your tomorrows are gone from your day.
A new walk I will give you as you fly away.
Away from the hurts the sadness of years,
You will soar as an eagle and hold nothing near.

For I have promised you days of "Sonshine" and light.
I'm with you, my child, as you walk thru the night.
I'll wash all the grime of passing time.
You'll have new tomorrows forever be mind.

The laughter that's hidden will shine as light.
All will be better. I'll make things all right.
So don't be discouraged and don't dismay.
A new light I'll give you. A new gentle way.

The bird now will soar for she know who she is.
No more to be bound to the lies that were hid.
Soar! Soar! fly away into the light of a brighter day.
Never more to wander or go astray.

Marilyn Marinelli
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

You Can Be Born Again

Have you ever seen a stranger,
and wondered where they'd been?
What times they had,
what caused them to sin?

What are they hiding and carrying around?
Some act so silly or wear a frown.
How is it they don't let the Savior in?
To heal up their pain and remove all their sin.

What keeps them from calling to the one that can help?
What keeps them holding on to fear within themself?
Won't they let the Savior in?
Don't they know He died for their sin?

The next time you see a stranger who hides
all of there sadness under much pride.
Tell them of Christ who can save them from sin.
Let them know they can be born again.

Marilyn Marinelli
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

My Prayer

Jesus, my love, how can I explain
the misery and doubt, that has plague my mortal plain.
The hurts the fears, the doubt, the tears,
since I walked away that day,
and reached out to do my own thing,
in my weak and shallow way.

The road I walked away from you,
was not a pretty sight.
I cried and cried and pleaded,
"Lord, help me see the light."

I promise I'll not wander,
and promise not to fight.
Lord help me to walk with you,
in your glorious shining light.

I know that I'm not perfect,
and know that I can't be,
the wonderful creation
that you want for me to be.

Unless, I reach for your hand,
and your gentle loving way.
Or, I may find myself a wandering
being forever led astray.

Marilyn Marinelli
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Where Are You My Lord My Savior My King ...

I sit beside you watching as you struggle through your night.
I watch you turn and toss, to the things that grip your sight.
For all alone I watch you, with a watchful eye,
Feeling the sadness that surrounds your ever turning tide.

The waves have lifted up upon your sadden soul ...
yet you seem to ignore the truth to make you whole.
You struggle in your darkness holding on to your despair.
I told you that I loved you, that I would watch and be there.

But, you have wonder in your darkness never allowing the light to shine.
So instead of gladness, you have been covered with this sadness all the time.
Don't watch me when you want me, watch me because I care.
Don't you know I'm the one that can get you out of this snare?

What happened to your once upon a time, with all its hopeful thoughts.
It was stolen from you with lies of different sorts.
So turn away, Turn away, from the gloom of your night.
Sit up my child .... of sadness this day you are reborn.
Don't sit alone and wonder about this lonely silent storm.

Reach out to higher ground where the light does shine.
For I told you, your once upon a time is where you belong.
Don't run and hide from light that is shed as a beam for you,
for your tomorrows will be bright and brand new.

Sit at night and rest your head upon your pillow sleep.
And remember, I am with you, my salvation you can keep.
Look up to heaven, to the brightness of the sky and remember I am near,
never more to wander in this darkness and fear.

You alone are worthy of my hand at times like this,
for you alone have reached out in search of care and bliss.
Reach out your arms to heaven and seal a fate that soars,
to the highest help from heaven your life to you restored.

Marilyn Marinelli
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

I Am

The sadness that lingers within your soul,
is musty and covered from hurts of old.
Time passes each day and fear and loneliness fills your mind.
Thought of sadness from unforgotten times.

Your dreariness of mind will be stopped of it's strain.
Can not you see I removed all the care?
Don't you know I'm with you when loneliness is there?

All you must do through this time of despair,
is to know my friend, "I AM" is there.
"I AM" your tomorrows "I Am" all your peace.
"I AM" all your joy, "I AM" sweat release.

All your tomorrows will cover this fear.
Your sadness and sorrow will never be near.
The stress and the strain that has kept you bound,
will be released and never be found.

Your tomorrows will fill a cup in time,
of memories lost of a forgotten time.
So do not fear or fret, my child, my salvation draws quite near.
For in this loss of time, my love will adhere.

I hear you in your dark despair.
There is never a time that "I AM" is not there.
For in your darkness, doubts and fears,
a new creature, I make you, throughout all your tears.

The times are past. A new light will shine,
through your weary sadness of heart and broken time.
I repair all the worry and fear and frets.
For "I AM" your Savior. There will be no regrets.

A time of renewing like fresh falling rain,
will cause you to grow and remove all the strain.
A new heart I'll give you. A new walk in time,
filled with my blessings you'll always be mine.

I'll give you new tomorrrows that will shine as a light.
Everything will be better. I'll make things all right.
No more will you wander on roads of despair,
for I have overcome this time of care.

So don't forget who is holding your hand,
"I Am" is with you as you walk thru this land.
"I Am" a all your tomorrows, "I Am" all your peace,
"I Am" all your strength, "I Am" your sweet release.

Marilyn Marinelli
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida