About the Author: Marilyn Marinelli

I never read much poetry. As a young girl I found a beautiful love poem written in a poetry book and thought the poetic expression of love was truly romantic in nature. It wasn't until years later when I met my husband that, through his love of poetry, did I realize that poetry could be so enjoyable. Through the sharing of poems written for the children, the religious types of poems, and presenting me with three books of poems written especially for me, did my understanding and scope of appreciation expand.

Since that time I asked the Lord to help me write poetry. He answered me as I sought Him in prayer. My prayers started to take on poetic form and His answers to me were filled with poetic expressions. God has also surrounded me with others who enjoy and share their gift through our local chapter "The Fellowship of Christian Poets". I now see first hand how God's poetic expression through His people can bless, uplift, encourage and yes, love his people as well as those whose ears hear His words through poetry.

I find myself very blessed through my God, my husband and my friends through the gift of poetic expression. I hope you are blessed by the following poems.