The Cleft Of The Rock

Come little sheep,
back into the fold;
you are forever Mine
to have and to hold.
I have never forsaken you
in all that you’ve been through.
Don’t you know that it is I Who
has sustained and nourished you?

Though your wool is matted,
and dirty as can be,
I have been waiting to cleanse you
and set your soul free.
This road that you walked down
was so lonely and cruel;
but what the enemy meant for harm,
I will use as My tool.

I knew that you’d take
that wrong turn in your walk,
but look ahead little lamb,
do you see that big rock?
There is a cleft in that rock
made especially for you…
From the beginning of time
just to protect and shelter you.

I am that rock,
and your life is hidden in Me.
Don’t let the enemy
try to take that from thee.
You see, I spoke out your name
when I hung on that cross.
I saw you wondering around
confused and lost.

I pleaded your case
before My Father, and won.
It’s My blood that’s forgiven you
for the things that you have done.
Come, little lamb,
I have living water for you.
Come and rest in the cleft.
Let Me shelter you.

Merry Jo Hooker
Arden , NC

The Dance

Child, I have been dancing with you
from the very beginning of time.
I clapped at every performance
and smiled in delight as I watched you shine.
How it saddened my heart to see
you searching for a smile or a glance,
while I was patiently waiting backstage,
hoping that you'd ask Me to dance.

Has it ever really occurred to you
that your passion to perform may be divine?
Or that the applause and the glory that you've
always sought are completely and totally Mine?
Remember dear one,
when you take your bow to let Me be lifted high.
It is then, that we will dance in true harmony
as my Son is glorified.

Merry Jo Hooker
Arden , NC

The Disease

I remember as a little child
wanting to go out to play,
in search of a friend
to help brighten up my day.
I recall the feeling s of loneliness,
and wanting so much to fit in;
so I denied what I knew to be right,
and entered into sin.
I began to feel real ugly
and dirty from within.

Oh, how I wish I hadn’t started
to play this fatal game called sin.
In my ignorance, I wasn’t aware
that my condition was from birth.
A disease spreading everywhere
infecting the whole earth.
Only the blood of Jesus
could stop this fatal plague.
My friend, I ask, for your disease,
have you been washed and saved?

Merry Jo Hooker
Arden , NC

The Dream

I just had a dream
where your mouth was afraid to speak.
Your hand was afraid to knock
on that door because your knees felt ever so weak.
You don’t realize how very blessed you are
to have the power to get up and walk.
I need someone to push me around
and my mouth has yet to talk.

Lord if only I could speak,
I’d surely tell of your mercy and grace
and how nice you always smile at me
when I look into your face.
I’d tell them about the angels, Lord,
and how beautiful heaven will be.
There must be a way to let them know.
Dear friend, could you do that for me?

Would you sing as loud and long as you can ,
no matter how bad your voice, “seems”?
You see, it makes our Lord so happy
when I’m doing that in my dreams…
If only I could do it,
I’d step onto the stage and sing;
I’d give Him all of the glory,
all of the Praise and everything.

No, I wouldn’t be afraid
when my heart raced fast and wild.
That’s only our heavenly Father
preparing to speak to His child.
In my dreams, you know, I dance with Him
as He holds me close and whispers,”
I am preparing a place in Paradise
where you’ll sing with your brothers and sisters.

“Oh, If only my feet would just work,
I’d run just as fast as the wind.
I’d tell the world of God’s great love
and how to be free from their sin.
Please don’t be afraid to share
His great plan, so perfect and so divine.
When our body stops dictating what we should do,
the greater our Jesus will shine.

In my dream I saw that YOU
were to be His hands, His feet, and His voice.
Oh, friend, the things I would say
and do for Him if only I had that choice.

Merry Jo Hooker
Arden , NC

The Healing Of The Soul

So, I see you’re experiencing the healing of your soul…..
Rejoice beloved, when progress seems slow.
Those hurts and frustrations that once kept you bound
are rising to the surface, waiting to be found.
The pain and the shame have been beckoning from within,
standing naked before He who bore all of that sin.
You turn to the left, paralyzed with fear,
and find the host of hell laughing at you there.
You turn to the right determined to succeed,
and there you find Jesus promising to meet every need.
His eyes are upon you, you're stripped of your defense;
but you're struggling to hold on; it just doesn't make sense.
When all hope is lost, and you finally let go,
you'll hear Him whisper, “heed, child, go.”
“Go to the Father, sent by the Son;
the full price has been paid to make you a righteous one.
Righteous in His eyes, now ask what you will.
Your debts have been canceled upon Calvary’s hill.
“It is finished He cried a long time ago,
so that we may be free to trust Him, and finally let go.”

Merry Jo Hooker
Arden , NC


"I have never left you.”
Jesus cried in agony,
as He noticed my wretched sobbing
all alone under the tree.

"In fact I've been standing here beside you,
calling out your name;
but your soul has been too busy
concentrating on the pain.

That pain rightfully belongs to Me,
but your pride won't let it go.
Is the servant above the Master, child?
Isn't it time to grow?"

Merry Jo Hooker
Arden , NC

A Letter To My Bride

When I lift up your veil, beloved,
just exactly what will I see?
Will your eyes be full of anticipation and joy
or will you turn away shamefully?

Do you think when I take your hand
to put on your wedding ring
that you will even recognize Me
as your soul’s provider, Lover and King?

Beloved, when I embrace you
will it be the first time that you've ever received?
Or will My touch be so familiar to you,
a Companion since you first came to believe?

When I invite you into My chamber
that I have prepared from the beginning of time,
will you know it as the "holy of holies";
will you recognize it as your shelter divine?

When I open My mouth and speak to you,
will you be startled, or will you rejoice?
You see we should be very acquainted by now,
for My sheep, they know My voice.

When we sit down at the reception,
will you feel awkward and want to run?
Or will you recognize this as your dear family
and gladly embrace everyone.

Have you opened up your hope chest
to find what every bride desires?
The Groom's gift to you beloved
is "the mighty baptism of fire".

"I am weeping even now for those who have rejected
this divine engagement. To them I have been sadly
misrepresented, and the consequences
will be eternal danger. But to you my dear bride,
my faithful ones, how you fill me with joy and delight.
Enter in to my Fathers pleasure,
for you there will be no more night."
Rev: 22:5

Merry Jo Hooker
Arden , NC

Behind Closed Doors

Allow yourself to enter in
to the homes and the lives
of the children within.

Just pause for a moment from your busy routine.
If you listen closely you can hear them scream.
Come a little closer. Look deep in their eyes.
Can you identify with their silent cries?
I invite you now to open the door,
But prepare your heart for the trauma of their war.

Help them; love them before it's too late.
Suffer not the little children.
Sentence them not to this fate.

Merry Jo Hooker
Arden , NC