About the Author: Merry Jo Hooker

I was born in New Castle, Pa. in 1961. My father was killed in 1962. I attended a Catholic school where somehow I perceived God to be a very punishing and "unreachable" God. I had a sweet Christian great grandma who constantly told me about "Jesus," and although I thought He was surely a figment of her imagination, my heart told me at 11 to kneel at that altar. I didn't have much of a change, but the Lord knew the sincerity of my heart upon conversion. I left home at 17 and found myself in South Florida, where, after many years of desperation, sin and loneliness, I reached out to Jesus again, who had been there all along. This time, He manifested Himself to me in a way that left no room for doubt. My new found friend began speaking to my heart in a still audible voice that just delivered me from whatever I was walking through. He would use the poems that He had given me time and time again to minister to others too. I am only a recipient of His amazing gift, and so grateful that He has blessed me with a tangible treasure that I can share with the world. Out of every experience, He lets me see it in His perspective, if I allow Him to. Jesus certainly wasn't a figment of Grandma Myrna's imagination, after all. I am grateful for her persistence on my behalf, and that God remains faithful, even when we don't know how to be. My favorite scripture is Romans 8:28 , and God has certainly turned what Satan meant for harm in my life into real gems that He uses for His own glory, and for that I will forever be grateful. My husband, Tim and I met at Calvary Chapel in Ft. Lauderdale and have been married for 12 years. We have 3 beautiful children Timmy 11, She'lah 9, and Sariah 4. We live in Western NC and are blessed to have been led to Trinity of Fairview, an awesome spirit filled kingdom chuch. I am also honored to be a nurse for some of the Lord's most "special" kids. I am currently working on a book of poems.

God bless! Merry Jo