Before the precious Lamb of God came down to dwell on earth,
Before the angel choruses proclaimed His royal birth,
Before the bright and shining star illumined where He lay,
Before the shepherds worshipped Jesus on His bed of hay,
Some wise men there were waiting as they watched the eastern sky,
For promised signs to signal that His birth was truly nigh.
He came to be a sacrifice for all the sins of men,
And when he rose up from the grave, He said, "I'll come again."
He promised He would take His children home to Heaven's shore,
Where there will be no sorrow -- only joy forevermore.

So still the wise men of today are looking to the sky,
And longing for the time when their redemption will draw nigh.
No man can know the day or hour when Jesus will return,
But for that blessed homeward journey, hearts still wait and yearn.
He wants us to be ready, with our lamps all trimmed and bright,
As daily we walk close to Him, by faith and not by sight.
Perhaps today will be the day when we shall see His face,
And bow in humble gratitude for all His love and grace.
The night is almost over, and the dawn is breaking fast,
So we must walk in faith until we're with our Lord at last.

Betty Jo Mings


A lump still forms within my throat, and tears within my eye,
When I lift up my head and see Old Glory flying high.
Of songs about America, I just can't get my fill,
And patriotic marching bands will always bring a thrill.

The fact that I'm American brings gratitude and pride,
And makes me think of all I owe to those brave men who died
So I might live in freedom from oppression's stern command,
And worship God the way I choose, and seek His guiding hand.

I'm thankful for the countless blessings God has showered down,
And for the beauty manifest in every state and town.
But still I know it grieves the Lord to watch from Heaven and see
The selfish, sinful lives we lead, and our depravity.

Dear God, please bless America, and send revival fires
To heal us of our waywardness, and all our vain desires.
Show us our sins, and bring us back in worship at Your feet
To find repentance, and forgiveness at Your Mercy Seat.

Betty Jo Mings


Sometimes God's presence seems so real...
Beyond my comprehension;
And evidence of daily help
Demands my full attention.

'Tis then I feel I understand
The way He loves and guides me,
Because I know He holds my hand,
And travels close beside me.

But other times in fear I cry,
"My God, I feel forsaken.
The storm is wild, and I'm so weak,
My faith is sorely shaken!"

But at those times, by will I choose,
No matter what my feeling,
To trust in God, believe His Word,
And go to Him for healing.

I find the less I understand
His ways, far past my knowing,
The more I learn to simply trust,
And so, my faith is growing.

Betty Jo Mings


My life's a fleeting moment in the endless march of time,
And days on earth so soon will all be past.
I want to be remembered for the love that I have shown,
And want my legacy of love to last.

I long to share my Jesus with the people that I meet,
And pray that I'll bring honor to His Name.
I'd rather be a faithful servant of my Lord and King,
Than be endowed with beauty, wealth or fame.

I'm building for eternity, and pray my deeds won't be
Wood, hay or stubble that will quickly burn.
But if on sure foundation I use gold and precious stones,
A lasting place in Heaven they will earn.

I hope that when at last I stand before the throne of God,
There will be many others there who'll say,
"I'm here because you shared the love of Christ with me on earth,
And clearly pointed out to me The Way."

Lord, help me to reflect Your love, and like a magnet, draw
Lost, hurting souls to want to know You too.
And when my life is over, may I hear You say, "Well done.
You did your best with what I gave to you."

Betty Jo Mings


He promised his son they would camp out all night,
Get up very early before it was light,
And go to the lake where the hungry fish bite.
But he put off the trip for the plan wasn't right.
After all -- he had plenty of time.

He promised his wife they would soon get away
For a week, or a night, or just part of a day,
To rekindle the love they had let go astray.
But his work for the present left no time for play.
After all -- he had plenty of time.

He promised his daughter he'd teach her to ski.
When he bought snow equipment, she shouted with glee.
But each year as she dreamed that the ski slopes she's see,
Her skis gathered dust -- on deaf ears fell her plea.
After all -- he had plenty of time.

He vowed to his parents he'd visit them more,
And offer his help with a much needed chore.
They lovingly looked for his face at the door,
And grieved when his absence went on as before.
After all -- he had plenty of time.

He thought that one day when his life was more slow,
He'd find a good church where he wanted to go,
And learn from the Bible the things he should know,
While talent and goods on the poor he'd bestow.
After all -- he had plenty of time.

His death came before some folks thought it was due,
And it shocked all his family, and friends that he knew.
So they buried him high on a hill with a view,
To watch through the seasons as life starts anew.
After all -- he has plenty of time.

Betty Jo Mings


I look and see a helpless child, who's weak and insecure.
God sees a mighty saint of God, with faith that's strong and sure.

I see a mountain in my path, too high, too wide to span.
God sees the tunnel going through according to His plan.

I see the failures in my life, that all the world can see.
God sees my failures turned to gain, my loss to victory.

I see the wild and stormy seas, with waves that crash and roar,
God sees the lighthouse guiding me in safety to God's shore.

I see small puzzle pieces of life's picture that I face,
God sees the final masterpiece, with each small piece in place.

Although my earth-dimmed eyes can't see the plan God has for me,
I know He'll help me to be strong, and win the victory!

Betty Jo Mings


We want to quickly change our TV stations
From scenes that have become quite commonplace,
Because we're tired of seeing starving children,
And no more homeless people can we face.

We've seen so many fires, and floods, and murders.
The nightly news is filled with tragedy.
And somehow we would like to just forget it,
If it does not affect us personally.

Dear Lord, where have we lost our deep compassion?
How have our hearts, once tender, grown so cold?
Why do we feel fatigue when viewing conflict,
And all the countless heartaches that unfold?

We ask that You'll forgive our lack of caring,
And melt our hearts, and make them like Your own.
Help us to do our best to ease the suffering,
And not to rest until Your love we've shown.

We pray we'll not grow weary in well doing,
And won't lose heart until the war is won.
But give us strength and courage for the battle,
So some day we can hear You say, "Well done."

Betty Jo Mings


I pray I won't end up a grouchy old lady,
Recounting each ache and each pain
In intricate detail to all who will listen,
While hoping some pity to gain.

I pray I'll stay kind, and be helpful to others,
While striving to put their needs first;
And that I will share the sweet story of Jesus
With all who now hunger and thirst.

I pray that as years take their measure upon me,
And I grow more feeble each day,
I won't be a burden to family and loved ones,
But will bless those who happen my way.

I pray I'll not lose my keen sense of adventure,
The wonder each dawning will bring.
But that I'll find something in each day to treasure,
A joy that can make my heart sing.

I pray I'll stay focused on things pure and lovely,
Instead of the dark side of life.
And that I'll be filled with the fruit of the Spirit,
The answer to heartache and strife.

I pray that my world will be just a bit better
Because of the life that I live.
Then I'll be content when God calls me to Glory,
To know I gave all I could give.

Betty Jo Mings


I cannot comprehend the awesome majesty of God,
Who fashioned the vast universe, and flung the stars in space;
A God who loved and chose me long before the earth was framed,
And proved His love by saving me, and dying in my place.

His greatness is unsearchable, beyond this finite mind,
And nothing in my knowledge can begin to understand
How He with His omniscience guides each stumbling step I take,
And with divine omnipotence holds fast my trembling hand.

How could the great Creator have such patience with this child;
To hold me in His arms, and save each tear that I have shed?
How could He know and care about each little thing I do,
And know my thoughts, and even count each hair upon my head?

To fathom such unbridled love is far beyond my ken,
And to all mortal minds it will remain a mystery.
I can but bow my head in humble gratitude and thanks,
That I will live some day with Him through all eternity.

Betty Jo Mings


I want my life to be a true reflection of my Lord,
And pray that I will never bring dishonor to His Name.
For those who do not know my precious Lord are judging me,
To look for any inconsistencies in what I claim.

And they examine all I do, and every word I speak,
To see if knowing Christ has brought a change that they can see.
But if I fail to live the way they think a Christian should,
I pray they won't reject salvation's gift because of me.

Please help me, Lord, to never lose my hunger for Your Word,
And keep me always focused on the One Whose Name I bear;
So when at last I meet my Savior when earth's work is done,
I'll find my life has challenged others who will meet me there.

Betty Jo Mings