About the Author: Miles Brandon Battle

Miles Brandon Battle writes to demonstrate to the people of the world that God’s Word, contained in the Bible, is the most important practical message and addresses every area of known and yet-to-be-known life. He works as an architectural intern, poet, and spoken-word artist.

He accepted Christ as his President and Hero at age 11, and was blessed with a thirst to know God and His Word ever since. Battle has performed his poetry at churches, clubs, bookstores, in London, England, on College Campuses, and on Washington, D.C. FM (Joe’s Place, WHUR 96.3) and satellite XM (The Power, channel 169) radio programming. His signature poem, Alphabetic Manifestation--My God from A to Z, is a universal testimonial, which he has performed at numerous venues and invitational events.

The Alphabetic Manifestation S.P. (short play) CD produced by Battle and Reginald Reid is due to be released in the Fall of 2004. His first collection of poetry, The Alternative Soul Food Poems (ISBN 1-57921-521-1), published by WinePress Publishing was released in December of 2002.

Miles is also the founder or The Blood-Bought Poets, a loose knit group of Christian Poets who seek to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and its application to daily life in poetic form. The group is not fixed in membership and is continuously growing as God inspires new talent. It is the power of Christ’s blood which has cleansed the sin, paid the sin debt, and clears the conscience of the Born-again poet.

Battle is most thankful to God for His grace, Word, church, and His artistic precedent, in which He allows mere men and women to participate in giving Him glory.