Richard Mattock About the Author:
Richard Mattock

My purpose for writing poetry is to be a source of encouragement to each reader and fulfill the Great Commission. When we give and receive encouragement it changes lives. My hope is that these poems will inspire each reader to positively influence the people they meet along lifeís pathway. Americans are good, kind, caring people and as we encourage one another we will enjoy happier lives and can positively impact the lives of an entire nation.

Over my lifetime Iíve observed people who were struggling with problems that were devastating. Have you recognized someone in need of encouragement? Perhaps a young child discouraged by their inability to grasp an academic principle. Or a parent struggling with the death of a spouse, child or other loved one or loss of a job. It might just be the checkout clerk at a local grocery store who has experienced wall-to-wall customers who have vented their impatience or anger through the checkout line.

Iíve seen the positive effect of a kind word, a listening ear, a small compliment can have on people. When we express our concern for others, motivation and inspiration flows into their lives and strengthens them. As you read these poems, it is my heartfelt hope that you, too, will be encouraged.

After more than thirty years, Xlibris has published my book entitled, ďBe Encouraged.Ē For anyone interested in ordering a copy, they may view excerpts at my website: or call (888) 795-4274 x. 7879.