God's Invitation

"Come unto me weary one."
I heard the Master say.
"If you are tired and weary
come, I'll carry you today.

Don't be troubled in heart,
or live a life of fear.
Trust me dearly beloved
and know that I am near,

Believe my word, have faith"
says the Father to us all.
"I am never far away from you
I'll catch you before you fall.

My word will surely come to pass
they are all written stone.
I will keep every promise
and never will I leave you alone.

Come, my arms are open
Come rest upon my breast.
Though heavy the load may be
just remember its only a test.

Lean hard on me dear one.
and release all your cares.
I'll help you bear your burdens
just cast them to me in prayer."

A Touch of His Grace

Because of life's complexities
and struggles from day today.
We need God's gentle mercy
and a daily touch of His grace.

For victory over temptation
and the worldly enticements we face.
We need God's constant deliverance
and a daily touch of His grace.

For our weaknesses, faults and failures
and when we cant seem to find our way.
We need God's hand to guide us
and a daily touch of His grace.

When we grow tired and weary
and life seems to be a waste.
We need God's strength and comfort
and a daily touch of His grace.

Regardless of our circumstances
should we ever lose our way.
We can always petition the Father
for a daily touch of His grace.

Finding The Answer

Today I smiled and all at once
things didn't look so bad.
Today I shared with someone else
A portion of the goods I had.
Today I sang a little song
and felt my heart grow light.
I walked a mile and watched the sky
with not a cloud in sight.

Today I worked with what I had
and didn't long for any more.
And what had seemed like only weeds
were flowers at my door.
Today I choose to share my love
and complained a little less.
And by the riches of God's grace
I forgot my weariness.

The Cross

The songs of the redeemed
is sweet music to my ear.
Songs that leads to the cross
where the Savior draws me near.

At the cross I am reminded
of the price my Lord paid.
The debt I owed became His
and He paid it in full one day.

Everyday I view the cross.
and offer to God my praise
For the love He manifested
by His marvelous act of grace.

How beautiful the cross is
where salvation flows free.
And reconciliation with God
was purchased for you and me.

I cannot fathom such love
that is felt at the cross.
It is adequate for us all
so that none need be lost.

As I travel on life's journey
I daily return to the cross.
Lest I forget the suffering
and the price redemption cost.


The sticky brier was hopeless
and was shunned by every one.
Until the day the gardener came
to search for the rose a home.

No one had noticed the brier
it had no beauty to behold.
To rugged to be of any use.
as this sad story is told.

The ugly brier spent much time
in complete isolation.
It had no hope of ever changing
because of its negative reputation.

But when the gardener came that day
and attached a rose to is stem.
It changed the brier completely
by giving worth to him.

The rose attracted everyone
which brought joy to the brier.
Now at last it was highly valued
and it held its head much higher.

What a picture of the unsaved
whose life is empty and vain.
But when Christ enters the heart
He causes a miraculous change.

A Prayer for You

May the very God of peace
cause your joy to increase.
May His gentle hand direct you
and His mighty power protect you.

May your life be filled with song
and your spirit be made strong.
May your path be covered with grace
as you walk each day by faith.

May God's mercy be new each day
and may His peace be your stay.
May God caress you in His love
and smile down on you from above.

May you cling to hope and have no fear
and know that God is always near.

A Gift

Today is a gift
given to me from above.
I did not earn it
God granted it in love.

Gone is yesterday
it is forever out of reach.
I cannot undo its deeds
or change my words or speech.

Tomorrow is far away
hidden in the plan of God.
I cannot control its outcome
or fathom the path it trods.

So I'll just live for today
and live it with all my might.
For when this day is over
it too will vanish out of sight.

In The Fathers Care

I sought the Lord for answers.
I cried out again and again.
The load was getting heavier,
And I just didn't understand.

"You are being tested my child,
And the sorrow, you must bear.
Don't give in to the struggles.
Just remember that I care.

I am always within your reach.
You'll never be left alone.
I am nearer than you think,
And I'll not forsake my own.

There's a reason for all things.
Someday you'll understand.
But I have things under control,
Just trust my perfect plan.

You'll not be overwhelmed,
Or crushed beneath the load.
My purpose for you is good,
So take courage and be bold.

Call unto Me dear child,
I'll always hear your groan.
Have faith and trust my word.
I'll never leave you alone.

A Touch of His Grace

Because of life's complexities,
And struggles from day to day,
We need God's gentle mercy,
And a daily touch of His grace.

For victory over temptation,
And the worldly enticements we face,
We need God's constant deliverance,
And a daily touch of His grace..

For our weaknesses, faults, and failures,
when we can't seem to find our way,
We need God's hand to guide us,
And a daily touch of His grace.

When we grow tired and weary,
And life seems to be just a waste,
We need God's strength and comfort,
And a daily touch of His grace.

Regardless of our circumstances,
Should we ever lose our way,
We can always petition the Father,
For a daily touch of His grace.