God's Love Through Poetry 

I love to write my poetry
about the love of Christ...
to let His Spirit fill me
and inspire the words I write.

I love to know He's with me
when I form each thought to share...
and I pray the words will touch you
and instill how much He cares.

It's a blessing to be open
to what God would have me do...
that's why I write my poetry
just to bring God's love to you.

Jill Lemming
Vandalia, Ohio

Beyond the Midnight Hour 

As the world is softly sleeping
I spend time alone with Thee
and within these sacred moments
Your Spirit falls on me.
Without noises or distractions
to disturb my solitude
nothing could be better
than my quiet time with you.
The serenity I feel
just beyond the midnight hour
becomes my source of strength
the Fathers highest power.
I face the morning sunshine
with a sense of peace restored
because I spent these quiet moments
in the presence of my Lord.

Jill Lemming
Vandalia OH

Choose The High Road 

When faced with life's uncertainties,
we have a choice to make...
we can suffer with anxiety,
or choose which road to take.

Let's choose to take the high road
where God is waiting there...
to bind our hearts together
as one body, joined in prayer.

We can face what life delivers,
as long as we are strong...
and trust that God will lead us
to the place where we belong.

We can find the right perspective
and unite in one accord...
if we keep our hands together
and our eyes fixed on the Lord.

Jill Lemming
Vandalia, OH

The Empty Womb
(comfort for grieving moms) 

I carried you so lovingly 
within my gentle womb... 
and little did I realize 
your life would end too soon. 

I never got the chance to say, 
"I love you, little one"... 
before I held you in my arms, 
your life on earth was done. 

The grief is indescribable, 
to lose a child this way... 
all the many hopes and dreams 
were vanished on that day. 

I know I'll see the sun so bright 
upon my baby's face... 
when I finally get to heaven, 
my pain will be erased. 

We'll soar the skies together, 
as angels two by two... 
we'll have a sweet reunion; 
a mother's dream come true. 

Jill Lemming 
Vandalia, OH

Finding Hope Through Christ 

When times seem dark and lonely,
there's a place within my heart...
where lives in me a Savior,
whose love will never part.
Jesus came to save us,
from sin and death and shame...
He gave to us a reason,
to find hope amongst the pain.
We learn from our misfortunes,
we rise above them all...
because Christ is still within us,
& Hell catch us when we fall.
Though earthly things can harm us,
our hope lies on the cross...
where Jesus took His last warm breath,
for us, at His own cost.
So lift your eyes up gently,
and reach your arms out wide...
His light of love is there for you,
It was there, the day He died.

Jill Lemming
Vandalia OH

Freedom Rings

Starry skies, and moonlit nights,
such beauty in our land...
we're so thankful for these blessings,
that come from God's own hand.
The right to vote, to have a choice,
In a nation proud and strong-
and on this Independence day,
we sing our Freedom Song.
We salute our flag so proudly,
and thank God for the chance to say...
"there's no country we love better,
than the good ol' USA!"
Today we'll gather together,
with our family and our friends...
giving thanks to our Heavenly Father
for the blessings that He sends.
Thank you, Lord, for America,
a place where we can pray...
we give You all the glory,
on this Independence day.

Jill Lemming
Vandalia, Ohio

Just As You Are 

Destructive thoughts within our minds
can keep us in despair...
those doubts and insecurities
are not worth the pain they bear.

It's sad to carry baggage
that causes grief and shame...
and in time we come to realize
we have ourselves to blame.

We can choose our way of thinking
and ask God to give us peace...
as we pray for a healthy attitude,
our negative thoughts will cease.

These human hearts are fragile
and sometimes we can't see...
it takes some effort on our part
to find worth and security.

Don't let those demons haunt you
and keep you in the dark...
just know that God, who formed you,
loves you just the way you are.

Jill Lemming
Vandalia, Ohio

My Mother's Heart

My mother's heart is so tender
and her face has a gentle glow...
she's my friend and my inspiration,
she's the sweetest mom I know.

She gives herself so freely
to those who share her life...
she clearly loves her children
with the love that comes from Christ.

Her eyes are full of compassion
her voice is soft and mild...
she lives for helping others,
leaving "heartprints" all the while.

My mother's love is special
and grows sweeter with every year...
God blessed me with an angel;
she's my precious mother, dear.

Jill Lemming
Vandalia, Ohio

Spirit, Lead Me

Time and again, we listen, 
for that voice inside our head... 
the quiet tug of conviction 
that is by the Spirit led. 

We know it's meant to grow us 
into vessels to be used... 
to make us better servants, 
God calls on us to choose. 

It's time to help our neighbor, 
our sister or our friend... 
release the chains that bind us 
and reach out in love again. 

When we are obedient 
to God's word upon our heart... 
we flourish with prosperity 
His blessings to impart. 

Jill Lemming 
Vandalia, OH

Time With Thee

Your love inspires my writing
and gives my heart a song...
it brings to me the comfort
that I've needed all along.

The words flow soft and gentle
as prayers from me to You...
connecting with Your Spirit
in ways I never knew.

A sweet communication
that forms in solitude...
in the silence of the morning,
my heart cries out to You.

Worldly things seem distant
when my mind is fixed on Thee...
I can truly feel Your presence
in the deepest part of me.

Oh God, I can't imagine
what I would ever do...
or how I would go on living,
without ever knowing You.

Jill Lemming
Vandalia, OH