My Soul Must Seek to Carry On

My soul must seek to carry on,
Though pressing sorrows fill the day.
(Ps 23:4)
The finish line is yet beyond
(Acts 20:24, 2 Tim 4:7)
The trouble standing in the way.
His Word has not the slightest changed;
(Ps 119:89, Mat 5:18)
Fresh mercies flower new each day.
(Lam 3:23)
My soul must seek to carry on,
And not before this trial give way.
(1 Pet 1:7, 1 Per 4:12)

My soul must seek to carry on;
(Prov 3:18)
The truth requires I hold her fast.
(2 Tim 1:13, Heb 3:6 &10:23)
'Tis not my strength that readies me,
(Rev 2:25, Ps 73:26, 18:2, 27:1)
But His provision, first to last.
(John 4:10 &14, Phil 4:13)
A mighty mandate rules in life
(2 Cor 3:5)
For those whose love and call are sure:
"He works together all for good";
(Rom 8:28)
My soul has reason to endure.

My soul has cause to carry on;
The precious brethren cheer my way.
(Phil 2:19)
And in the grace of fellowship,
(Ps 16:3 )
I find my burdens borne away.
(Gal 6:2)
What grand design holds me in place,
(Rom 12:33-36)
As members fitly each supply!
(Eph 2:21, 4:16)
My soul has cause to carry on;
They carry me, as them do I.
(1 Cor. 1:14)

My soul is fit to carry on;
A wondrous wardrobe aids me there.
(Rev 7:9,13,14)
As arms and heart reach heavenward,
(Lam 3:41)
A cloak of praise replaces care.
(Isa 61:3, Ps. 30:11)
Strong armor clothes me head to toe;
(Eph 6:10-17)
I move equipped in heaven's might.
My soul is fit to carry on,
To war in prayer, and stand for right.

My soul delights to carry on;
His Blessed Spirit beckons me.
That still small voice conveys a force
(1 Kings 19:12)
Of confident security.
The Prince of Promise leads me on;
(2 Pet 1:4)
A life of fruitful labor, mine.
(Phil 1:22)
My soul delights to carry on,
Its joy renewed; the glory, Thine!
(Phil 4:4)

Dedicated to C.J. Mahaney
on the occasion of his birthday, Sept ‘98

Kevin Hartnett
Gaithersburg, Maryland

Mercy Triumphs over Judgment!

"Mercy triumphs over Judgment!"
Glory in this truth revealed!
Love Incarnate stood the torment;
Adam's punishment repealed!

"Mercy triumphs over Judgment!"
Hope for mankind, once secured;
He who knew no sinful nature,
Wrath for sinners full endured.

O the range of mankind's offense!
Gross his sins, and sentence sure;
Holiness required the verdict:
Death forever; justice pure.

Yet a Perfect Love responded,
Purposing an ancient plan,
Fully meeting wrath's requirement,
While compassion off'ring man.

There from on the Mercy Seat, the
Son of Righteousness arose;
Cursed 'came He whose Name is Holy;
On Him fell our rightful blows.

"Mercy triumphs over Judgment!"
Mankind's sentence now appealed;
From the holy God offended,
Righteousness has been revealed!

Glory to the Justifier!
Praise His great and gracious plan;
Bless the holy love of God
Who gave His Son to ransom Man!

James 2:13

Kevin Hartnett
Gaithersburg, Maryland

How Awesome Is That Day to Me

How awesome is that day to me-
O day of hallowed history!
Set time in God’s determined plan
To sacrifice the Son of Man.

What famous work that day was done
By Jesus Christ, His Perfect Son!
The Second Adam, sent to save,
Humbly obeying to the grave!

How savage is that day to me-
O day of pure brutality!
When Christ, the Son of God Most High,
Was fiercely whipped, and hung to die.

And O the horror of my sin,
Seen there in His appalling skin!
For God struck down, as meant for me,
The Sinless One, at Calvary.

How precious is that day to me-
O day of purchased liberty!
In Him, a freeman, now I live;
My sins, through death, did God forgive.

No wrath at length looms o’er my head,
But loving kindness, there instead.
His righteousness, my guilt replaced;
And Love, this ransomed soul embraced!

O awesome, savage, precious day!
‘Tis God, the Savior, on display!
What peerless, holy, gracious mind
Would fashion such a Grand Design?

Kevin Hartnett
Gaithersburg, Maryland

If Ever a Complaint

If ever a complaint
Or thankless notion makes its way
Across my restless tongue,
Or finds a haven where to prey
Upon my better sense;
May then the grace of God be plain
Reminding me from whence
My soul’s right destiny was claimed.

Kevin Hartnett
Gaithersburg, Maryland

Harbor of My Heart’s Desire

Harbor of my heart’s desire,
Lord in Thee I seek my rest.
Thou my anxious thoughts retire;
Pressing cares, Thy grace divests.
Oh to hear Your voice so tender,
Clear and gentle as the dove.
Call me into quiet waters;
Still my anchor in Thy love.

Harbor of my heart’s desire,
All my longings meet in Thee.
Let the joys of earth conspire...
They no satisfactions be.
Earnest as the watchman searching,
Restless here my soul does roam.
Guide me by Your present blessing
Into my eternal home.

Kevin Hartnett
Gaithersburg, Maryland

Sovereign King and Caring Lord

He reigns in distant realms of space,
(Ps 103:19; Isa 40:25, 26)
Where whirling galaxies abound;
(Ps 104:2)
He governs every molecule
(Isa 45:12, 18)
That quivers whispered words to sound.

He calls in place the bravest waves
(Job 38:8-11)
Who hurl themselves to land from sea.
(Ps 104:9)
His seal impressed the continents;
Job 38:14)
He orders all majestically.
(Psalm 8:1, 9; Psalm 95:3-5)

He hears the kindling on the crag,
(Job 39:1)
Directing sunlight warm its way;
(Deut. 33:13-15)
He sends the spring and autumn showers
(Deut. 11:14; Ps 65: 9-13)
For which the flowered valleys pray.
(Joel 2:21-23; Matt. 6:28-30)

He satisfies each varied kind
(Ps 145:15,16)
Of all creation, great and small.
(Ps 104:10-18)
His word sustains the sum of them;
(Heb 1:3, Ps 100:5)
In faithfulness He rules them all.
(Ps 104:24, 1 Thes 5:24)

Oh give Him praise with full accord,
(Ps 96:7-9)
This Sovereign King, and Caring Lord;
(Ps 62:11)
Who caused in time the worlds that be,
(Gen. 1:1, Ps 33:6-9)
Yet calls man to eternity.

His grace shall ever be explored;
(Eph 2:4-7)
His glory fills both earth and sky.
(Ps 19:1, Hab 2:14)
To Him your worship rightly bring;
(Psalm 35:28)
Your tongue, His Name, to magnify.
(Psalm 34:1-3)

Kevin Hartnett
Gaithersburg, Maryland

And Then...

I saw them lift that awful tree,
And then His face came clear.
The beating by the Roman guards
Had plainly been severe.
His fabled, otherworldly eyes
Swelled thin from blows to them;
And then the soldiers cursed the Jews,
And spit on Him again.

He pulled and then He seized a breath,
And fell back from the pain.
A trickle from His punctured brow
Raced past His tongue in vain.
So many times I'd heard Him speak;
So much He taught seemed true...
And then- I'm not sure why- He said:
They know not what they do."

The soldiers sat, and then began
To gamble for His cloak.
That some who touched it had been healed
Was bandied as a joke.
"He lies," the leaders said, and then
Insulted Him in spite;
But I had seen it with my eyes
And knew that they weren't right.

Two criminals were there as well,
Both being crucified.
They joined the others mocking that
The Christ would thus have died.
And then one seemed to soften
Like he feared to God his vice.
He prayed, and then from Jesus
There was promised Paradise.

And then the countryside grew dark,
The ground began to shake;
And even the Centurion,
Great dread did overtake.
We heard Him cry, It's finished!" as
The earth howled in defraud;
And then we knew for certain that
This was the Son of God.

I searched for His disciples hard,
And then we heard it said:
"An angel's told the women
He has risen from the dead!"
And so I sold all that I owned
And joined their company;
For He "would see them when He rose,"
And then, "in Galilee."

Kevin Hartnett
Gaithersburg, Maryland

O Higher Let My Praises Reach!

O higher let my praises reach;
Make loud His great acclaim!
Extol Him rightly King of Grace,
And Lord o'er every name.
Toward Him, my soul, let praise mature;
Let no thought stand aloof.
Excel thee as a worshipper
In spirit and in truth!

O higher let my praises reach!
Let not this flesh impede
A passion for the Gospel preached
Among those who believe.
Oh magnify the Lord my soul,
And lead the joyful throng!
His grace together sweet extol;
His works receive with song!

O higher let my praises reach,
What cause could greater be?
The fierce regard of holiness
Directs no wrath toward me!
A righteousness that's not my own,
My refuge makes secure.
He ever lives before the throne,
My access to assure.

O higher let my praises reach;
Think only of the cross!
With outstretched arms He beckons each,
Redeeming helpless lost.
What greater love could there be shown,
A shepherd for his sheep?
He bore God's crushing curse alone,
His wayward ones to keep.

O higher let my praises reach;
Shall not my voice extend
Into the throne room of the King,
Where choruses ascend,
Acclaiming Him the great "I Am",
While awesome creatures call,
"Most worthy, worthy is the Lamb,"
"Who fills the all in all"!

Yes higher let my worship spring!
Soar into courts above;
Where choirs forever rightly sing
Of Your (His) amazing love!

Kevin Hartnett
Gaithersburg, Maryland

He Who Places Faith in Jesus

He who places faith in Jesus
Gains a hope which cannot fail.
Weak and brokenhearted souls will
Through God’s faithfulness prevail.
Rise up to embrace His promise;
He works only what is right.
Joy returns unto the righteous;
Into darkness, He brings light.

Faithful love He keeps forever;
Mercies new appear each day.
By His Spirit, through His people,
Grace will carry grief away.
Lift your heart to study Jesus;
He has walked this way before.
Painful loss came to the Savior,
Yet He trusted God the more.

We, the sheep, have Him as Shepherd!
He will guide us day and night.
Worry lurks at ev’ry turn but
Perfect Love dismisses fright.
Place His loving yoke upon you;
Know His presence at your side.
He will help you through the trouble;
Ev’ry step, Himself provide.

Kevin Hartnett
Gaithersburg, Maryland

Jesus Christ, Our Great Redeemer!

Christ, the Humble, we adore You.
Son Eternal, sent to save…
Grasping not to heaven’s glory…
Prince of Life, placed in a grave!

Well might brilliant angels marvel…
Devils too, not comprehend:
Christ, Transcendent Praise of Heaven,
Sacrificed for sinful men!

Christ, the Faithful, we extol You,
Steward of the Father’s plan;
Second Adam, come as Savior,
Ardent Son and Sinless Man.

What temptations You contested;
Awful punishments withstood!
You accomplished Heaven’s purpose:
To the evil, bringing good.

Christ, the Victor, we exalt You;
Lord above all other names!
Satan’s rule on earth is broken;
Death compelled to drop its claims!

Everything the Law demanded
You completed perfectly;
By Your blood, received in heaven,
We are found forever free!

Jesus Christ, our great Redeemer,
Thank You for Your sacrifice!
You have wholly done the labor,
Bridging earth and paradise!

Kevin Hartnett
Gaithersburg, Maryland