Fragile Flower Red

As a flower in earthen sod,
I bloom for thee, oh God.
To blossom with the turn of spring,
to be to You, a beautiful thing.

I lift my Fragile Flower Red
upward from my earthen bed,
To draw light from God Above,
strength and peace and joy and love.

As a flower, I bloom for Thee,
that passersby may stop and see.
Your fragrance and beauty I am,
Flowered in grace as a man.

As a flower in earthen sod,
I bloom for Thee, oh God.
Upward, I lift my head,
as a Fragile Flower Red.

John Marinelli
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Agreeing With God

I'll speak of things that are not,
believing in them as though they were.
Because my heavenly Father spoke them first,
in glorious promises that never ever blur.

I'll take Him at His word,
and listen to all He has to say.
I'll wrap each promise around my soul,
until what was spoken becomes my day.

I will agree with my Lord,
trusting that He knows best.
For only His awesome power,
can provide my soul with rest.

John Marinelli
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Choose Your Words

Choose your words with love and grace.
See a smile on every face.
Cross your words with evil eye,
and see the hearer break down and cry.

Wonderful words of life or evil words of heart…
They both pierce the soul, one sweet and the other tart.
So choose your words to make them say,
"Jesus loves you" or " Have a nice day"

John Marinelli
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Rest My Child

Rest my child, sayeth the Lord.
Take thy peace and be restored.
I have provided, thy mouth to feed.
From the beginning, I knew your need.

Do not worry, fret or even fear,
for, my child I am always near
To bless thy soul with love and grace,
to be with thee, face to face.

Come, my child, near to My throne.
Do not allow your faith to roam.
For those who will not believe
can never find rest in times of need.

My Word shall see you through.
My grace I freely give to you
That you should rest, thy soul to keep,
forever delivered from unbelief.

John Marinelli
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

It Came To Pass

Things often come to pass,
but seldom do they ever last.
They come into our busy day
For awhile, then pass away.

We hear their voices, loud and clear,
when they arrive and while they are here.
They speak both joy and misery,
Some to you and some to me.

We say, "It came to pass,"
Or say, "It happened so fast."
Down life's beaten path
comes both love and wrath.

So say goodbye to sad and blue,
To all that is now troubling you.
For things will come, only to pass,
but God's love will always last.

John Marinelli
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Our Time Of Prayer

Oh child of God,
Why do you despair?
My angels camp
is around you everywhere.

You may not see
My guiding hand.
Yet I am with you,
and I understand.

You are troubled
about so many things.
Your eyes see nothing
of what My will brings.

Be of good courage,
and walk in the light.
Stand up for the truth,
in the power of My might.

For I love you dearly,
and will always be there.
Go now, My child
until our next time of prayer.

John Marinelli
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

The Angels Cry Holy

The Angels cry "Holy,"
while sorrow fills the land.
For God's Judgment Day
is to come upon every man.

The Angels cry "Holy,"
while mankind goes astray,
rejecting the love of God,
to follow his own precarious way.

The Angels cry "Holy,"
knowing the terror of the Lord,
when all who dwell in sin
will suddenly be destroyed.

The Angels cry "Holy,"
waiting for all things new,
born of the Holy Spirit,
when God's Judgment is through.

The Angels cry "Holy,"
"Holy is the Lamb,"
waiting for the children of God
to join "The Great I AM"

John Marinelli
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

With Earthen Vessels

Earthen vessels have never shown
such glory that once was known.
Through time and all of eternity,
came the glory of His majesty.

Full of love and full of grace,
He dwelt among the human race
to heal the sick, the blind and the lame,
to free mankind from sin and shame.

With earthen vessel He conquered all
by perfect obedience to His destined call.
For this we praise His holy Name,
full of grace and full of fame.

The glory of His majesty
still shines through from eternity.
Again and again to meet life's call,
in earthen vessels to conquer all.

John Marinelli
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

The Pastor and The Master

If the pastor doesn't follow the Master,
then I cannot follow the Pastor.
But, if the Pastor walks with the Master,
them I can walk with the Pastor.

When Pastors stray from the Master,
the sheep stray from the Pastor.
But when the Pastor loves the Master,
God blesses the sheep and the Master.

Jesus is the Pastor's Master,
and why the sheep follow the Master.
For He is Lord over the Pastor;
That's why they call Him Master.

The Pastor and the Master…
The Master and the Pastor…
The sheep follow the Pastor
when the Pastor follows the Master.

John Marinelli
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

With Eagle Wings

I mounted up with Eagle Wings
to soar above the clouds.
I viewed life above its trials,
separate from the crowds.

Just me and God, together in the day,
His love to behold.
With Eagle Wings, He led the way,
my future to unfold.

Forgiveness and peace in a distance,
suddenly I could see.
Joy and happiness trailed behind,
then overshadowed me.

With Eagle Wings,
I soar above life's every trial.
Now I walk by word of faith,
rejoicing with every mile

John Marinelli
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida