We Wait

We wait the consolation
Of Jesus Christ the King,
The coming consummation
When God restores all things.

We wait the restoration
From mount to briny deep,
Where lion, asp and leopard
Will graze among the sheep.

We wait the coronation
When Christ shall claim His bride.
In robes of spotless linen
His church stands sanctified.

In rapt anticipation
Expectantly we pray.
With eyes fixed on the heavens,
For this may be the day!


The Light

Dark, dismal laid the sacred land.
All hope it seemed, was cast away -
Strong fetters of a tyrant's hand,
Cold cords which held life's warmth at bay.

In slithering whispers deep they say,
You ate of the forbidden tree.
You called me forth - I'm here to stay;
I am your king eternally.

A steady beam though
eemed to stand,
A light so clear it spoke of day,
A crimson flowing, healing band,

A sign of hope to point the way
To something out there far away.
The darkness from it seemed to flee,
Yet still we hear the serpent say,

“I am your king eternally.”
Time's glass then dropped its chosen sand.
The light grew bright - the darkness stayed.
Life woke, then died a triune span,

Then woke again ETERNAL DAY!
We are no more the serpent's prey;
Sin's darkened bands are gone. WE'RE FREE!
That liar dare no longer say

I am your king eternally.
As darkness flees the morning ray,
The Son cries, "Children come to me!"
Your bonds now loosed you need not stray.

I am your King eternally.

In Silence

In silence the star
Proclaimed Jesus' birth.
In silence He walked
Thirty years on this earth.

In silence He ministered,
Marks in the sand,
In silence dispersing
The unruly band.

In silence He entered
Jerusalem's gate.
In silence He stood
Accepting love's fate.

In silence abused,
Disrobed as a slave,
In silence He rose,
Over sin and the grave.

In silence we often
Must stand as He stood,
Receiving the evil,
Returning the good.

In silence His children
Now kneel at His throne,
The cry of their hearts,
Heard by His ears alone.

Silent faith holds us fast,
Shining truth in the night,
But that silence will end,
When our faith becomes sight!

The Other Way

One day some men of science
Who thought that they were bright,
Set out to prove the Bible wrong
And their ideas right.

They started with cre
And said, "This just can't be
Why the man who wrote this theory

Didn't have a PHD."
So they put their heads together
As we humans sometimes do,
And thought up this amazing tale

Which I'll relate to you.
It seems a tiny speck of dust
Was floating out in space,
When ZAP! A bolt of lightning struck

Hitting it in the face.
Well lightning's pretty powerful
As you and I know well,
But can it change a speck of dust

Into a living cell?
"We are sure that that's what happened!"
Said those BRILLIANT men.
Now we have a living cell

Lets see what happened then.
A couple hours passed away
Before the next event-
A raindrop formed around the cell-

And in the sea it went.
The feel of ice-cold water
Must have shocked him to his toe.
For suddenly that tiny cell

Began to change and grow.
Vast knowledge at those men's command
Caused them all to believe,
That first it grew a set of gills

(It needed them to breathe).
Gill cell got kind of lonely
Floating out there all alone.
Till one glad day, BY CHANCE,

He heard a tiny gill cell's moan.
He looked around about to find
The tiny moaning's source.
And saw a female gill cell

Had formed like him, of course!
Those two gill cells got together-
And before too long you know-
A hundred other gill cells

Were floating to and fro.
A few more eons passed along-
Those brilliant scholars said-
Before the gill cells grew

Some fins behind their head.
No longer at tides mercy
They went swimming to and fro.
You know there's just no telling

How far those guys will go.
The years continued swiftly by
Then like a rubber band.
A huge wave came along and tossed

Some gill cells onto land.
Another world to conquer
Was probably what they thought.
And with evolution on their side

That's exactly what they got.
From lizards crawling on the ground
Evolution worked just right-
As they changed to higher forms of life-

Some learned the art of flight.
Then finally man came on the scene-
And I'll bet it was a strain-
For evolution to evolve

The complex human brain.
Well a lot of faith is needed
To believe this was the way.
Without intelligent design

Impossible I'd say.
So I'll just believe the Bible-
For someday all men will see-
God made it all in six short days

Without a PHD.


Crippled minds in healthy bodies,
Healthy minds with crippled souls,
Driven past the point of reason-
By the need that now controls.

Nameless drunks in littered alleys,
Prostitutes on dim lit streets,
Homeless children searching garbage-
For the rich man's off-cast treats.

Knives and needles hold in bondage-
Till all hope is finally gone-
Love is lost to brutal instinct,
Daily need, survival's song.

Rich folks in their pristine mansions,
Middle class in bright lit malls-
Seldom venture to the jungle
Of graffiti covered walls.

Yet the greed and the desire,
That they manifest each day-
Form the quicksand's gripping mire-
Into which these outcasts stray.


Oh the Love

Oh the love that knew and drew me,
When my life was black with sin,
Love that knew me as a child,
Though an outcast alien.

Perfect love that knows no equal,
Love that cannot turn away,
Though I often slip or stumble,
Though sin's darkness hides the way.

Did I e'er deserve this favor?
Was my heart inclined to go
To the One who so adores me?
I must always answer, no.

Christ alone brought forth the sunlight
That will guide me to His thrown.
He alone endured the suffering
That was meant for me alone.

So, in this vast world of sorrow,
When my enemies descend,
When my heart is broken, shattered
By the wickedness they send,

Christ alone will love them through me,
Showing them salvation's end.


The Talents

Matt 25:14-30

A man once called all his servants,
Ere he left on a far distant quest,
And gave each the share of his kingdom
Which he knew they could manage the best.

To one he provided five talents,
To another he forwarded two.
Giving another just one, he then left,
To see what each servant would do.

5 talents, 2 talents, 1 talent,
I've committed them all to your care.
Each one has potential to increase,
Investing they surely will bear.

The first one invested his talents,
And gained five others beside.
The second one also did likewise.
The third one, his talent, did hide.

Then came the return of the master
Each one gave account to his Lord.
Two servants with gain, he called blessed,
The one showing lose he abhorred.

5 talents, 2 talents, 1 talent,
I committed them all to your care.
Some work for the Lord of the kingdom,
While others hide talents in fear.

The Lord gives to those in His kingdom,
Great talents and gifts from above;
By sharing with others they'll prosper,
Till all of the world sees God's love.

Some Christians, committed to Jesus
Will invest all they have for His work.
While others, indifferent or fearing,
Will hide from the evils that lurk.

5 talents, 2 talents, 1 talent,
He's committed them all to our care.
We will all give account to our Savior,
For the gifts that we will or won't share.



Laboring long in the vineyard,
Life's burdens bear down on my life.
Languishing under my trials,
Longing for rest from the strife,

Opinions arising around me,
Offering advice for relief,
Outcries to stand in resistance
Only bring more pain and grief.

Nothing I do seems to help me,
Nightly my prayers heaven sent,
Never receiving an answer,
Nurturing the hate I resent.

Goodness it seems is devoured...
Greed is the norm for the day.
Gentle thoughts crushed by the tempter,
Giants stand, blocking truth's way.

Surely there must be an answer.
Satan seems out of control.
Sin and its sorrow surrounds me,
Siphoning life from my soul.

Undying love, has it perished?
Unfailing grace, is it gone?
Uncertain thoughts daily plague me
Until my hope's but a song.

Fearful thoughts gnaw at my conscience;
Falsehoods drive close to despair.
Forsaken! Oh am I forsaken?
Frantic I cry out in prayer.

Faintly the voice of my Savior
Filters through lies that surround,
“Faithful am I who has called you.
Firmly, you must stand your ground.

Enter right now to My presence.
Envision My pain at the cross.
Eternal death that flowed o'er Me.
Everything holy seemed lost.

Raving lips cried, 'Crucify Him!
Raging whip tore through My skin.
Repulsive...they spit and abused me.
Reviling the One without sin."

Instead of the worship they owed Me
I felt all the hate they possessed.
In anger they drove the nails through Me.
In silence I stood every test."

Night like a curtain enfolds Me,
Naught of sin left to endure.
No answer found while yet living...
Nothing but death is now sure.

Giving My life in this fashion,
Going unrelieved to the grave,
Guiltless, I died for your sorrow,
Graciously, I then forgave.

Go ye therefore and do likewise."

The Light Still Shines

A star shown bright
That Christmas night
At Christ our Savior's birth.
Angelic throngs
Sang joyous songs
Proclaiming peace on earth.

Now days His name
We can't proclaim
As hearts grow dark with sin.
Death's evil spore
Has barred the door
And won't let Jesus in ~

But still His love
Sends from above
A message strong and clear.
The peace you seek
Is at My feet
Draw near my child, draw near.

Love's War

With cloven tongues of glorious light
God's Spirit shows, once veiled from sight,
The mysteries His children know,
And in their hearts a love bestows...

A love which owns such matchless worth,
That only mercy's grace could birth.
This love is ours, and yet it's not,
Worth more than life, yet can't be bought.

Her beams destroy sin's darkest night,
And drive death's vengeance from our sight;
Yet love's full fullness can't be shown,
Until the way of death we've known.

This parody of endless life
Brings peace of heart, yet daily strife.
Each battle front, each gauntlet run,
Is in a war already won;

Yet love's full life we will not know,
Until we've felt death's fatal blow.
So cling fast to the love Christ gave.
Be fully free...become His slave.

Crucify self and live anew.
Give all you have to gain what's true,
For then, in death, when love has won,
We'll hear those precious words, "Well done!"