Poems of Debra Isenbletter


Two men who walked a lonely road,
 discussed what they had heard.
He is alive they had been told,
 they wondered at those words!

Another man along the way,
 came upon these two.
He heard the words they had to say,
 they knew not what to do!

He showed to them one by one,
 the promises of God.
That Jesus was indeed the Son,
 and the path He had to trod!

As He spoke their hearts were stirred,
 and burned with holy fire.
Their ears were opened and they heard,
 and felt a great desire!

"Abide with us", they asked of Him,
 as the day was done.
But when He broke bread with them,
 they saw He was God's Son!

With joy their voices lifted high,
 though He did depart.
He opened up the Word they cried,
 a fire now burns our heart!

Debbie Isenbletter


A woman sick for twelve long years,
 heard that Jesus came.
If she could only touch His robe,
 she'd never be the same.

"I shall be whole," she cried with faith,
 as Jesus closer came.
I am unclean but just one touch,
 I'll never be the same.

The crowd pressed close around the man,
 they'd heard about His fame.
With desperate courage she moved in close,
 yet hung her head in shame.

I cannot speak, I am unclean,
 but just one touch I'll steal.
The hem of His dear garment,
 is all that I will feel.

I shall be whole, I know I will,
 her heart cried out with faith.
And as she touched that dusty robe,
 a miracle took place.

Jesus turned and looked around,
 for virtue He felt leave.
A hand of faith had touched His robe,
 a heart that did believe.

"Who touched me?" He asked aloud,
 but knowing it was she.
He looked at her who touched His robe,
 and knew she was set free.

The woman fell down at His feet,
 pouring out her soul.
And Jesus spoke with tenderness,
 "Thy faith hath made thee whole."

Debbie Isenbletter

AT HIS FEET (Salvation)
(Luke 7:38)

She came and stood at His feet,
 and wept with bitter tears.
Her heart was filled with such need,
 and overwhelmed with fears.

She came and stood at His feet,
 and wiped them with her hair.
Washed them with those bitter tears,
 so unafraid to care.

She came and stood at His feet,
 for all the world to see.
Knowing who and what she was,
 yet wanting to be free.

Oh what love was in her heart,
 what need, what great desire!
For only Jesus had the power
 to lift her from sins mire.

Fragrance filled that little room,
 as ointment was poured out.
Others sat and watched with shock,
 but her soul gave a shout!

Jesus knew her love was great,
 and spoke the words to heal.
Showing He alone could save,
 and that her faith was real.

By Debra Isenbletter
June 2, 1992

AT HIS FEET (Growth)
(Luke 10:39)

A woman sat at Jesus feet,
 and Mary was her name.
She listened to the Word He spoke
 and never was the same.

A woman sat at Jesus feet,
 so quiet and so still.
She had a hunger for Godís Word,
 that only He could fill.

Martha rushed around to serve,
 and didnít hear a word.
She criticized her sister there,
 but did what she preferred.

Jesus saw both their hearts,
 and knew which one was best.
For she who sat at His feet,
 was the one who was more blessed.

Mary sat and heard His Word,
 and listened to His voice.
She did that which her heart desired,
 for she had made her choice.

When her brotherís life was gone,
 she faced a crucial test.
And her response to that trial,
 proved she had chosen best.

She sat until He called for her,
 and came when she was bidden.
She spoke her faith to her Lord,
 His power was not hidden.

By Debra Isenbletter
June 2, 1992

AT HIS FEET (Revelation)
(Mark 14:3; John 12:3)

A woman came before the Lord,
 with ointment rare and sweet.
And broke that alabaster box,
 to anoint His head and feet.

As that ointment touched His head,
 a shock went through each man.
Many thought what waste! What cost!
 but Mary saw Godís plan.

She took her hair and wiped His feet,
 and fragrance filled the room.
For she had knowledge of His death,
 that it was coming soon.

Many times sheíd heard His voice,
 while sitting at His feet.
And now she alone understood
 His work was now complete.

Jesus saw her faith and love,
 and said that it was good.
Her testimony stands today,
 she did that which she could.

By Debra Isenbletter
June 5. 1992


To each of us there comes a time,
 when valleys we must face.
The walls seem steep, no end in sight,
 yet always there is grace.

Each valley is a different trial,
 and some are battles fierce.
We seem to face awesome giants,
 whose armor we can't pierce.

Yet when we fight instead of run,
 and use what God deems best,
Then giants fall in sound defeat,
 and we just stand there blessed.

Sometimes the battle waxes strong,
 our foes just laugh with glee.
Yet when our voices lift in praise,
 they turn in fear and flee.

The valleys seem to sap our strength,
 and weary with the fight,
We cry out for relief and rest,
 and God gives us His Might.

Debbie Isenbletter


Faith is believing,
 when you cannot see -
the end of the problem,
 yet your heart is free.

Faith is rejoicing,
 in an answer to prayer -
before it is solved,
 seeing God's Hand there.

Faith is hope,
 that stands the test -
trust in God's Word,
 knowing His Way is best.

Faith is joy,
 when all looks bleak,
lips that praise Him,
 whenever they speak.

Faith is subjection,
 sitting at His feet -
all else is forgotten,
 His voice is so sweet.

Faith is strength,
 when we have none -
shown forth in weakness,
 it is victory won.

Debbie Isenbletter


Every day there is a battle,
 a struggle in my soul.
Spirit and flesh in conflict,
 fighting for control.

Sometimes I am so weary,
 I long to see Your face.
To gaze upon Your glory,
 to rest upon Your grace.

The days seem long and endless,
 the battles never cease.
But when Your arm is my defense,
 then I have Your peace.

My flesh would like to rest in ease,
 but conflict makes me fight.
To win the battle I must stand,
 depending on Your might.

Some days I've felt the fiery darts,
 and fallen, wounded sore.
But Grace has picked me up again,
 and Love my strength restored.

Debbie Isenbletter


Give Your strength unto Thy servant,
 show me a "token for good".
An evidence I'm not alone,
 that others too have stood.

Give Your strength unto Thy servant,
 for weakness is all I see.
The flesh will fail me every time,
 and Satan laughs with glee.

Give Your strength unto Thy servant,
 for when I face a test,
I need Your strength day by day,
 to leave me feeling blessed.

Give Your strength unto Thy servant,
 for valleys loom ahead.
If grace will be my only guide,
 there is no cause to dread.

Give Your strength unto Thy servant,
 as promised in Your Word.
"Strength to strength" I'll go each day,
 I'll rest and be assured.

Debbie Isenbletter
(Psalm 84&86)


A trial came and gripped my soul,
 with fingers clutching tight.
I cried Your Name and suddenly,
 You came and filled my sight.

The glory of your presence then,
 appeared before my face.
And obstacles just disappeared,
 when faced with your sweet grace.

You came and stood between my soul,
 and all the fears I felt.
And every doubt and every hurt,
 just seemed to fade and melt.

For now I see You standing there,
 between that trial and me.
The circumstance looks smaller now,
 it is Your Face I see.

Debbie Isenbletter