I tasted the dregs of sin,
Until a bitter cup it became,
Drowning in sorrows, strife and grief,
Filled with lowly shame.

Darkness ever deepened,
As black as black could be,
A hopeless destination,
Upon a despairing sea.

A world without a method,
To aright the soul of man,
In futile desperation,
Trying every means it can.

As walls enclosed around me,
And fenced me in with sin,
Gods' Spirit came to my rescue,
There He drew me in.

He waited on the sidelines,
Willing to be my stay,
I had but to seek Him,
But didn't know the way.

In a church that preached the gospel,
Caring for souls of men,
I was awakened to my peril,
“Ye must be born again!”

I never read the Bible,
So hadn't heard before,
That Jesus was the answer,
That Jesus was the Door.

So in unbelief and doubting,
I began to read Gods' Word,
I prayed to Him, "if this was real",
I had to be assured.

Sure enough I read it,
It began to change my life,
I became a different person,
No longer chained by strife.

It slowly turned my thinking,
To think the thoughts of God,
In thinking on His written Word,
I began a new path to trod.

O Glory Hallelujah!
The Lamb of God For me,
Written in Heavens' Book of Life,
Jesus made me free!

I sing O Hallelujah!
What wonder to behold?
Salvation that's so full and free,
The greatest story told!

I stand amazed and sing it,
Sing it, o’er again,
Turn ye, turn ye why will ye die?
Jesus says, “Come in!”

With tears of joy I tell it,
With tears of sadness as well,
If men do not repent and believe,
They’re surely doomed to hell.

Time is of the essence,
Man appointed once to die,
His eternal destination,
Should be his heart felt cry.

Don't let the world allure you,
Through pleasure or through lust,
Be born again is a commandment,
Jesus says, “Ye must!”

Gary J. Smith © Copyright Feb. 27, 2000 @ 8:30 p.m.


Who satisfies the longing heart?
Who sets the guilty free?
Why, Jesus Christ, our Lords’ dear Son,
Who died on Calvary!

God had it planned e'er before,
He ever made the worlds.
And on the Saviour, of the sinner,
His Almighty wrath was hurled!

He guides us in each passing moment,
If we then, should go astray.
He brings us back through our confessing,
To walk, that pilgrim way.

He watches o'er the weak and wayward,
Awakens, through His Holy Word.
Pleading now for poor lost sinner's,
To trust in Jesus Christ as Lord!

He wants to give the sinner pardon,
Bid him, to the Saviour flee.
To the cross on which Christ died,
That cross, upon dark Calvary!

He quickens with the Holy Spirit,
All who wanteth, findeth rest!
He seals the witness in our hearts,
That God's ways are always best

The day is quickly growing darker,
And the night is close at hand,
While Jesus pleads for poor lost sinners,
To dwell with Him in Emmanuel's Land!

The love of God is Great and Wondrous,
And in His Gracious love for me,
He had a perfect Substitute,
That I might forever ransomed be,

That I might ransomed be,
That I might ransomed be,
He had a perfect substitute,
That I might ransomed be.

Gary J. Smith © Copyright 1994


I read, in God’s Word, that Jesus wept,
As He looked, upon His own.
He, the great Deliverer come,
The Lamb upon the Throne!

As He foresaw what folly it was,
To reject Him as they did.
The tears kept coming down His face,
God Himself from them was hid.

The Messiah very God of God,
On earth, Emmanuel!
The tears kept coming down His face,
The lost ones going to Hell!

He made the worlds and all therein,
Yet they with blinded eyes,
Could not see their Redeemer there.
The King who rules the skies.

The tears kept coming down His face,
He saw to Calvary!
The soldiers mocking, plucked His beard,
What shame and agony!

The tears kept coming down His face,
For those who would deny,
That Jesus was the Son of God,
Our Saviour thus did cry!

Father forgive them this day,
For they know not what they do,
The tears are coming down my face,
For He is my Saviour too!

Gary J. Smith © Copyright Mar.20, 1999


Arise, Oh Christian soldiers,
Another battle to win.
March we joyfully onward,
In triumph over sin.

Praising Christ our Saviour,
Who forever, reigns on high!
Dutifully obeying,
Hear our Masters cry?

Go ye, into all the world,
Preach the gospel news!
Stand steadfast in the Word!
Proclaim it from the pews!

Walk the straight and narrow,
Stay away from broad
Willingly enlisting,
Do the work of God!

Lift the name of Jesus,
Higher than before.
Seeking for the lost ones,
Yea, even to implore.

Compel them to consider,
The claims of Jesus Lord!
Wooing them to trust Him,
To believe upon the Word!

No surrender flags,
Do we carry, in our ranks.
But giving God, the glory;
Giving Him our thanks!

Press towards the mark,
The high calling that we bear.
Let us enjoy our victories,
Testimonies then we'll share.

Gary J. Smith © Copyright 1998


The Book looked worn and shaded through,
Amidst the rest and right in view.
As I gazed at them, at least every hour;
Little did I know, its’ saving power!

Other books I’d read, but didn't retain,
The authors style or the authors name
But the Book of Life, what treasure there;
Alive with faith that prophets share!

Ashamed by some to see it placed,
Out in the open, they’d cry disgrace!
Get that out of here, put it away!
We'll have no bible thumping today.

So the life within it, they don't receive;
When within its' covers they don't believe.
O Living Word! Alive with power!
That resurrected Man of the hour!

The Written Word, that came from God
Was Christ Himself the Lamb of God!
When some soul reads it and obeys;
The words bring life, right from its' page!

Preserved! Inerrant! Truth of Truths!
Preach that Word, our God behooves;
Us to accept by faith, this day;
That Jesus is The Truth, The Way!

Gary J. Smith © Copyright Dec. 3, 1998


When Grandpa prays, his prayers of ease,
They’re not so often on his knees;
But, at his pillow on the bed
His prayers for others there are said.
It may be the late or early hour,
But God still moves in wondrous power;
To bring to fruition prayers of faith
Grandpa believes the Lord’s “Thus saith”.

That moment of awakening within the soul,
Burdens of prayer begin to unroll;
And hastens such to include them in
All those living in bondage of sin.
Little ones who haven’t heard of such
Grandpa's prayers surround them much.
I call it, dear ones “prayers of ease”,
They happen before I get on my knees.

'Tis joyous labor, this work I do,
Such has God called Grandpa to.
I pray as tears come down my face
That to me is never a disgrace.
For Savior, Jesus, He wept too
Over such as me and you.
Our prayers a Just Fragrance to His name,
Glory be the Lamb that's slain.

No light matter or humor there,
These moments spent with God in prayer;
But in brokenness and deep contrition
Grandpa brings to his God, petitions.
His Spirit works within to move…
Us to pray so God can prove.
Surely fitting, in every prayer we bring
We pay homage to the King of Kings.

Our God is swift to recompense,
Those whose mind and heart are bent;
To do the task He bids us do
Unceasing prayer, He's called us to.
That dying world that’s lost in sin,
We still may have a chance to win;
A brother or a sister there…
May come to know Him by our prayers.

Take your mind off ease and pleasure,
Put your heart in position of treasure;
You'll see how swiftly time doth fly
When interceding for a passer by.
Wrench out prayer, as much as you can,
It will make you into a Spirit filled man.
Jesus is soon coming, it may be today,
Have you yet taken, the time to pray?

I must close now as I'm off to bed
Upon my pillow I'll rest my head;
But trust me dear ones when I say
It's there again I'll begin to pray.
I love to pray myself to sleep,
I know my Lord, my Shepherd keeps.
He delighteth when I retire so
Yes, Jesus loves me, this I know!

© Copyright Gary James Smith Dec. 22/2001 @ 2:40 a.m.


The Word of God and God the Word,
Living flesh became.
Left the glories of His heaven,
To come and live among men.

No sin in Him. Not one was found!
Blessed Lamb of God!
He thus became sin for us,
And endured our Father’s rod.

His love, beyond comprehension sure,
Behoves us to admire,
That Jesus Christ the Son of God,
He came to lift us higher.

From the dregs of sin and sorrow,
Jesus lifted me,
Turn my friend and trust in Him,
The Man of Calvary.

Sow today, some seeds of prayer,
Send them to the Father.
Plant your feet upon His Word,
Stand fast in awesome wonder.

Alert, alive, alarmed at sin,
And its true power revealing.
Repent and trust in Christ today!
Know the Saviours” healing!

Give praise my tongue, rejoice my heart,
Our God He doth deliver.
Prepare my soul to live for Him,
Now and for forever!

Gary J. Smith © Copyright Oct. 4, 1998 @ 5:30 a.m.


The tear that’s hidden from mans' view,
Is it lurking inside of you?
You’re smiling face the world can see,
But God, He knows the heart of thee!

An aching heart to change ones' way;
Is that where your heart is today?
Take faith my friend, lay hold of Him;
Who doth deliver from all sin!

Believe on Christ and then enjoy,
A smiling radiance, no worlds alloy!
But trust in God, who gave His Son;
What excellence compares? No not one!

Lord please; give me some work to do;
That I may prove my trust in you!
Something that, to man seems naught;
But by a precious faith is brought!

To full fruition in their sight;
Seeing surely thou art right!
In all thy name, to glorify;
And me a sinner shouting high!

Some task at hand in which to do;
The things that thou hast called me to.
A heart that breaks when Thine is grieved;
A heart that feels the sinners’ need!

A spirit that soars and sings with praise;
A life of prayer that guides my ways!
Each morning to raise the flag of faith;
All hail to Christ who saves by grace!

Afresh again, as I journey on;
New battles waged, new victories won!
You go before me, standing sure;
Making all my paths secure!

Living soldiers battling sin;
The world our field of service in!
No decorations on us here!
You will give them, over there!

Gary J. Smith © Copyright 1999


Grounded in the Word!
What foundation place!
Bearing precious seed,
Proclaiming Wondrous Grace
Words of men, how hopeless,
Word of God, how sure!
Holy of the Holies,
Purest of the Pure!

Eternal in its stature,
In the beginning was,
Gentle discipliner,
Of His Holy cause.
Quickening the hearts,
Of all those who believe,
Encouraging the saints,
Unto their Master cleave!

Pastors, preach with power;
Of His precious blood!
Saints in glory cheering,
Watching from above!
Holy Spirit entering,
In the hearts of men.
All who will receive Him,
Are truly born again!

Hell no more has hold,
On the sons of God!
Satan is defeated,
Heavens streets we'll trod!
Serving in the manner,
As He bids us too,
Doing unto others as,
You‘d have them, do to you.

Gary J. Smith © Copyright 1999


I believe my unbelief is sin,
For I've no peace or joy within.
I trust in self and daily go,
Upon my way, O 'tis such woe!

I've only self to be my all.
Filled with self, oh how small
A greater filling thus I need,
Filled with self, is only greed.

A higher calling can there be?
Another One to shadow me?
I think I will believe by faith!
That God above will save by grace!

I need deliverance! I die to me!
I claim that Christ of Calvary!
I feel it now! I know its power!
Since I've believed this very hour.

Freed from self, I now can live!
My life henceforth to others give.
That is the secret! My God is right!
I'll trust and obey and walk in light!

Gary J. Smith © Copyright Feb. 24, 1999 @ 9:15 am