At His Feet

When those we love have troubles
racked by pain and misery,
the anguish that we know they feel
torments us constantly.

If only but we could,
we'd gladly remove it all,
but in our helplessness do yield
and on God's name do call.

At His feet we've laid these cares
assured by blessed hope,
that He will send you sweet relief
and strength that you may cope.

Daily will we offer prayers
especially asked for you,
that by His mercy, great and sure
He will see you through.

Joyce T. Griffin
Jacksonville, Florida


The Master's Choice

There once was a wise master craftsman,
A violin maker was he,
Who needed to find a perfect wood
Requiring a very special tree.

So he took along a student
Into the forest with him
And stood amongst tall straight trees
But then of spreading limbs.

The old man never lilted his head
Nor cast a roving eye,
Plodding right along instead,
Climbing upwards towards the sky.

Finally reaching the very top
Where few were left to grow,
The old man stopped and smiled
For experience had taught him so.

The young man asked the Master
Why he chose some bent and gnarled old tree
When they had passed up beauties,
Was to him a mystery.

No my son, they would not do,
For protected they grow weak,
Where the snow and winds have beaten
Strong grows the wood we seek.

Only the strong and sturdy
Will not break as I shape and bend,
And gives forth the sweetest sound,
Grown from adversities wind.

So too we grow in life's forest
And are chosen for God's need,
Tried and proven by tribulation,
And found worthy to sow His seed.

Some will not endure the trails
That come along their ways,
And miss a mountain top experience
If chosen by him one day.

Joyce T. Griffin
Jacksonville, Florida


With Him

My friend has a private chapel
on a lofty balcony,
just outside her bedroom
nestled amongst a huge oak tree.

She told me there she often sits
and quietly speaks to God,
beholds the beauty of His work
in the flowers and green sod.

We talked about the Lord,
of His mercy, Grace and Love,
and our future with Him
in that great beyond above.

With words so softly spoken
she talked of faith and hope,
so moved I was by her courage
and ability to cope.

I parted with tears of happiness,
my heart filled to the brim,
and any doubt or fear I had
I left behind with Him

Joyce T. Griffin
Jacksonville, Florida

Love Is

Love is aware and alert with watchful eyes
ever careful nothing is amiss.
Love is the first to notice an effort by one
that needs rewarding by a kiss.

Love is never the creator of worry or
confusion but speaks softly to calm.
Love finds the right words to still a heart
bringing peace like a soothing balm.

Love is patient and long-suffering in her prayers
for someone to change their ways.
Love is the first to respond to a plea for help
giving light to otherwise dark days.

Love is someone's hope and strength
to bolster and encourage as she meets the need.
Love is the giving of herself so freely by choice
never counting the cost in action or deed.

Love is never haughty. proud or boastful
rather she is meek and humble always.
Love never looks for only those that have much
but accepts the poor with a special grace.

Love is not cast down with an unhappy look
for her countenance wears a smile.
Love doesn't stop because a job is done
but goes even further with an extra mile.

Love never stops or looks for a resting place
for others could languish without her care.
Love has no boundaries nor knows no limits
to give it or receive it. nothing can compare.

Joyce T. Griffin
Jacksonville FL.

Who Comes First

The heart of man is a fickle thing
lifting high and falling low,
like tides of the mighty oceans
with its' ebb and flow.

When my heart is full of love
and feels that it may burst,
I long to share it with someone
but who should be the first?

A neighbor, friend, or family?
the one has not a name,
but suddenly I do realize
then hang my head in shame.

Forgive me Lord for I know
true joy comes from Thee,
Oh thank you Lord for I forgot
whom comes first with me.

Joyce T. Griffin
Jacksonville, Florida

A Person Without The Lord

A person without the Lord ...
is like a tree without a leaf,
giving no beauty to the eye
nor from the sun relief.

A person without the Lord ...
is like a man without a home,
he has no one or place to go
only endlessly to roam.

A person without the Lord ...
is like a kite without a tail,
rising little before it falls
awaiting trees to impale.

A person without the Lord ...
is like a lamp without a light,
no beam to guide one's stumbling feet,
lost in darkness black as night.

A person without the Lord ...
is like a ship without a sail,
left to flounder on the sea
capsizing by a blowing gale.

Joyce T. Griffin
Jacksonville, Fl.
Love Defined

Love is the greatest gift
that one could ever give,
how quickly it brings a smile
or hope to a life to live.

Love is the single greatest gift
one could ever receive,
holding it forever in the heart
or an awful pain relieve.

Love never subtracts but adds to
and multiplies in size,
how it only seems to grow and grow
is a wonder and mystifies.

Love cannot be measured
by depth or width nor be restrained,
but it can be felt and expressed
and in the heart contained.

Love can win against all odds
battles otherwise lost,
never seeking any revenge,
forgetting and forgiving of its cost.

Love, given or received
is God's heavenly gift to mankind,
it cannot be bought or sold,
but by giving it away, it is then defined.

Joyce T. Griffin
Jacksonville, Fl.
Today, Not Tomorrow

When sunlight announces morning
then lift the window shade,
and look with eyes of wonder
of this new day God has made.

We all take life for granted
thinking tomorrow we'll do that or this,
but tomorrow was never a promise
and today we should not miss.

Did we miss a chance to hold a hand,
give a little hug or smile?
Did we weigh our words with kindness?
Today is such a little while.

Life is short and very precious
no matter how long one lives
so whatever we wish to say or do,
today is the time in which to give.

Man is here but for a season
then mowed like winter hay,
so live today as if your last
for death could be but a breath away.

Joyce T. Griffin
Jacksonville, Fl.
My Mother's Bible

A Bible rest upon a table
next to an easy chair,
within her easy reach now
when my mother is sitting there.

Its words have been her source of strength
for all her many years;
with the hope and love she finds
it gives peace to calm her fears.

With closed eyes and silent lips
speaks to God in her own way,
not a word escapes her mouth
when she feels the need to pray.

Instructions in this Holy Book
are inscribed upon her heart,
directing her every act and deed
with wisdom to impart.

Although with tired and aching fingers
she always finds relief,
there on the pages of her Bible
as she turns each fragile lead.

Joyce T. Griffin
Jacksonville, Fl.
Our Measure of Hope

Life is full of cares and woes
often looking dark and grim,
so we can fret, worry, and doubt
or leave it all to Him.

We measure not our allotted time
by some leaping bound,
but by the light of each dawning day
wherein new hope is found.
Let not our hearts grow weary
for therein lies faith and hope,
and draw upon God's promises
then we may surely cope.

We can count our blessings many
that are sent so abundantly,
even in our greatest joys
God still allows our misery.

At His throne of mercy
we can lay our troubles there,
and by His Holy wisdom
will attend with loving care.

To those who wait and trust
miracles will He supply,
who else could turn a lowly worm
into a lovely butterfly.

Joyce T. Griffin
Jacksonville, Fl.
There Is A Demon

There is a demon of this world
that follows us about,
just waiting for one to falter
leaving him an easy route.

He is never far away,
this deceitful one from below,
to tempt us in our weakness
for man's nature does he know.

All have fallen prey at times
to his dazzling, beguiling bait,
so appealing to the senses
that we often hesitate.

He is never tiring with his tricks
and anything will he use,
to coax one down the path of destruction
as he captures with this ruse.
So watchful we must be
to avoid this demon's snare,
for he is ever present
waiting to catch us unaware.

Joyce T. Griffin
Jacksonville, Fl.