By Fay K. Miller

Phrasing His wisdom artfully by pen,
Recounting His truths over and again,
Praise and worship are blessed to write.
We accept our task to hinder the plight
“That the stones would cry out.”

Savoring the Gospel, we then reflect
On the Word we glean, love and respect.
We claim it ministry to praise this way,
Realizing our words could even waylay
The need “for the stones to cry out.”

With praise and rejoicing, we live our days
Proclaiming His Word in written rhymed ways.
Loving and praising God’s Word as truth,
We heed the need to write the refute,
That the “stones will cry out.”

Write on oh Poets; Maintain your sure call.
Pour out your heart; Give it your all.
His praises abound as our hearts sing out
Propelling our pens to leap and shout
That the stones can’t ever cry out.

Stones, be silent!

“But He answered and said to them, “I tell you that if these should keep silent, “The stones would immediately cry out.” Luke 19:40 NKJ

By Fay K. Miller

Tailor of my life,
look at this tired wardrobe
waning in purpose.

I beg for new fashions
with becoming fresh styling.

Are there new paradigms for
these shredded worn patterns
that have served so well?

Create the fit
with your sacred anointing
over the fabric of love
as it is stitched
into my garment of praise.

I await your divine appointment
swathed in fresh anointing.

Oh my life Tailor,
reveal the life ministries
you are sewing into my wardrobe of life.

By Fay K. Miller

I’ve a special place to meet my date
For priceless intimacy. I shan’t be late.
It’s lit by the sun or soft lamplight
Calling my presence from morning till night.

I find serenity when I’m in my place
And there is my Savior face to face.
I don’t need music or any other.
He cares and embraces close like a lover.

I may come late but He’s always there
With His covering of love surrounding my chair.
My rocking chair in my bedroom suite
Is my life transforming mercy seat.

By Fay K. Miller

I prayed…
Lord, hear my prayer
Not in eloquent word,
Rather heart filled with need,
My pleading voice be heard.

Then. . .
Sweeping the floor
Of my soul you came,
Removing the fears
And remnants of shame.
You swept, then dusted
And polished to shine.
Fresh rest came forth
To this stressed mind of mine.
Your love and affirmation
Became my healing shrine.

Praise you, precious Lord. . .
Renewed, strengthened
And joyous am I
As you heard my need
Then cleansed to purify.

ABC’s of Encouragement
By Fay K. Miller

Letters of caring can illuminate the way
For a lifestyle of loving to permeate each day.
Caring is loving as exemplified by Christ,
His gift – the ultimate. His life – a sacrifice
He paid a huge price; our salvation is free.
Now loving my neighbor shares His love through me.

BEFRIENDING comes next.
Are strengtheners at best.

Being GRACIOUS in all.
As part of your call.

Swathed in KINDNESS and LOVE
To show without doubt
Motivation from above.

With OFFERINGS of help.
PRAY without ceasing
For resistance to melt.

QUIETNESS before God
Brings RESTORATION with peace.
SUPPORTING those beside us
Can facilitate release.

TRUST in the Lord
To share caring with friends.
VALIDATION will come
As USURPING hurts mend.

WORSHIP together as you
Witness Love’s bond.
Growing and securing
For now and beyond.

X Y Z is finale of a spectrum of ways
To love as He loves us throughout all our days.
Letters of caring from A clear to Z
Are ways to show loving through you and through me.

And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much more as you see the day approaching.

By Fay K. Miller

My Father designed me to serve Him each day.
Using my gifts in many a way

TO SPEAK words of kindness
To those whom I meet.
TO GO taking helps
With the speed of my feet.
TO SHARE my possessions
With family or friends.
TO ASK for forgiveness
If need of amends.
TO PRAY at the moment
An image arises.
ALLOWING His freedom
For Godly surprises.

Not my way – but His – each hour of the day,
As I ask, then listen and wait for the way!

By Fay K. Richardson

Father, it is ready;
Shall I pour?

Oh forgive.
I’m so sorry
Here you are
Seated patiently and
Quietly waiting.

I am caught rushing needlessly.
Shades of Martha!

When will I quit getting ready
And just come?


By Fay K. Richardson

Young Mary of Nazareth,
Innocent and pure
Was engaged to wed Joseph,
A carpenter near her.
An angel of the Lord
shared Astounding plan –
They would parent our Savior
Until grown, God in man.

Immaculate conception
In an ordinary girl
Was extraordinary event
For all the world.
All countries now share
A holiday season.
If only all believed
In the one true reason,
The birth of our Savior!

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men!” Luke 2:14


By Fay K. Miller

Just to be faithful daily
In low profile humility
Was my innermost desire.

Then such a seemingly incredible
Encounter came, perhaps
Even challenging my humility.

Yet my faith was my mainstay
As I delivered the Lord of Lords
In such a humble place.

Total faithfulness evolved.
Total peace ensued.
I am the mother of Jesus.


By Fay K. Miller

Mocked by the Leaders
Scorned by decree
Accepting the sentence
Suffering for me.
Inhuman treatment
Brave humility
Suffering unimaginable
The cost paid for me.
.Bearing such trauma
Blood running free
Incredible cost
For eternity for me.
Outstretched arms
Tight to the tree.
Anguished in pain
Remembering me
In unabashed passion
He died there for me!
Then rose from that tomb