About the Author: Chris Eskelund

I was born in Millington, Tennessee, on January 30, 1968 . After my parents were divorced, I moved, with my mother to the Republic of South Africa, where I was raised. I received my high school education at St. Andrew's College in the small colonial city of Grahamstown. An avid bookworm, I was certain that I wanted to become a novelist, and, at the age of nine or ten I made my first serious attempt at writing a short story, entitled : Streak the Tiger.

At the age of eleven, I put my faith in Jesus Christ, after which I lost a great deal of my affection for reading - I began to dislike the morally unsound novels that my peers were reading. My appreciation for the art of poetry was inculcated during high school English classes, where I read widely and from the best : Chaucer, Coleridge, Cummings, Donne, Eliot, Frost, Lawrence, Milton, Owen, Shakespeare,Tennyson ... Inspired, I tried my hand at rhyme, soon gravitating more naturally to free verse. In due course, my efforts were rewarded with my high school's annual prize , oddly enough - for a poem I had written in Afrikaans - my second language.

After graduating from high school, in 1985, I struggled with dreams of becoming a journalist, or a lawyer. There were too many options ... The next decade was, regarding inspiration, a dry one for me. During my two years of National Service in the South African Army, I wrote perhaps merely two or three poems. I attended the Edgewood College of Education, in Pinetown where I studied English for two years, and experienced serious doubts about the deity of Christ. After much prayer and searching of the scriptures, I reaffirmed my faith in Jesus. In 1992, somewhere between being led in faith and on a whim, I discontinued my college studies to return to the U.S.A., where I met my wife, Annie.

Currently I am fulfilling sea duty in the U.S. Navy as a photographer, on board the aircraft carrier, U.S.S. John F. Kennedy. Since 1996, Naval training and sea duty has involved much time away from Annie - periods that have had a profound inspirational influence, causing me to muse intensely over the gamut of emotions we experience, and yielding to me more than twenty poems.

These are some of my long term goals : 1. completion of a degree in photojournalism and further study of creative writing, because I see a need for high quality Christian novels and media productions ; 2. to be involved , along with my wife, in a ministry that helps orphans in particular.