I Serve An Awesome God

I love to boast, I love to brag, about MY GOD above
Omnipotent, Almighty King, but most of all He's LOVE

Compassionate, considerate, and understanding too
Full of grace, and full of mercy, ALL these He'll give to you

He's Al Shadai, Almighty God, my friend, more than enough
He'll be right there, through thick and thin
When things for you seem rough

Jehovah Jireh, He will provide, when you just can't see your way
Just go into His presence, no matter what time of day

He is MY HOPE, He is MY PEACE, the center of MY JOY
I recommend Him to everyone, whether man, woman, girl, or boy

The God I serve is an AWESOME GOD, He'll NEVER let you down
When so called friends, walk off and leave, Shammah is ALWAYS around

He'll keep you and He'll comfort you, when you feel so burdened down
He'll dry your tears and hold your hand, He'll take away that frown

The God I serve is an AWESOME GOD, He amazes me every day
Just when Satan thinks he has me, MY GOD, He makes a way

He's NEVER too late, but ALWAYS on time, to meet my every need
Don't worry child, He says to me, just follow, I will lead

I'll lead you down this path of life, I'll tell you where to go
No need to worry, please don't fret, the Holy Spirit knows

He knows my thoughts, He knows my mind, He knows my will for you
He's molding, shaping, and transforming you
My child to something new

You see my God is an AWESOME GOD, He knows what's best for me
In His presence, underneath His wing, my friend, that's where I'll be!!

In His Eternal Love & Service,
Margie Epps
Baltimore, Maryland
How Wondrous Are Your Ways!!!

When I think about your majesty, as you sit upon the throne
When I reflect upon your holiness, all the splendor that is shown

With all the angels gathered round, to worship at your feet
Exalting you and praising you, this joy, it can't be beat
Who in this world, is like unto you, my Father and my Lord
Nothing else compares to you, there're simply no matching chords

You are my music, my melody, you're the song that I will sing
>From now until eternity, hallelujahs will always ring

I see the trees, they bow to you, they acknowledge who you are
The birds they sing so loud and clear, even though they may be far

HOW WONDROUS ARE YOUR WAYS, dear Lord, that's what I hear them say
They shout it over, and over again, continuously, throughout the day

If they can do it, so must I, with every breath I take
A habitation, a dwelling place, for you I've got to make

In the midst of praise, that's where you'll be
That's what your word declares
Come on down, my Lord, my God, come fellowship with me

All I have to offer you, is praise from down within
You're all I have to hold on to, my heart, I know you'll mend

I know your ways are not like mine, your thoughts are far above
Your outstretched arms, keep pulling me, to hearken to your love

I've tried and tried, so many times, to figure out your plan
But if you told me everything, you know, I would have ran

HOW WONDROUS ARE YOUR WAYS, dear Lord, you know what's best for me
Come higher child, I hear you call
My love will set you free

In His Eternal Love & Service,
Margie Epps
Baltimore, Maryland
Prepare The Way

Time my friend is winding up, take a look around
Killing, stabbing, everywhere, and it's going on RIGHT NOW
Flooding, earthquakes, catastrophes, happening as we speak
Ungodly men have lost control, and don't know who to seek

PREPARE THE WAY for my coming King, the time is drawing near
Hell rapture His bride to be with Him
So there's nothing, you see, to fear

PREPARE THE WAY for my coming King, I know it won't be long
I sense the anticipation of seeing Him, I feel it - oh so strong

He'll come with GLORY, He'll come with MIGHT
He'll make His presence known
This ungodly world will know THE TRUTH, and His POWER shall be shown
PREPARE THE WAY, He's coming back, this is what I cry
From now until He comes for me, and kiss THIS WORLD

In His Eternal Love & Service,
Margie Epps
Baltimore, Maryland

A Mother's Love

A MOTHERS LOVE will stand alone, when everyone else is gone
Through sleepless night, and many tears, yet she sees a new day dawn

Her children are the world to her, for them she gives her ALL
She'll chastise them, spare not the rod, catch them BEFORE they FALL

Some things she knows intuitively, without a spoken word
One look at you will tell the story, and not from what she's heard

She's tuned her soul to that boy or girl
She knows when things are wrong
Don't try to lie, she sees clear through, her love is just that STRONG

She'll wipe your tears and hold you tight, when no one understands
What can't be fixed, she'll give to God, and put it in HIS hands

A MOTHERS LOVE surpasses all, except for God above
Just look at her and look at God, you'll see the self same love

She'll never leave, nor forsake her child, no matter what they've done
None can ever take her place, she is the ONLY ONE

A MOTHERS LOVE will pray for you, when the path you choose is wrong
She'll share her wisdom, and give advise, to help you move along

The road you walk, it's nothing new, your mom's been there before
Get mad at her all you want, she'll love you EVEN MORE!!!!!

In His Eternal Love & Service,
Margie Epps
Baltimore, Maryland
Sound The Alarm

Blow the trumpet in Zion, sound the great alarm
Souls are out there dying, protect them from all harm

Warn them of the coming danger, if they don't in fact know Christ
Tell them in a loving way, be gentle, be kind, be nice

They already know they're in a mess, that something, somewhere is wrong
What they need is for you to tell them, how in Christ they can be STRONG
Tell them Christ is soon to come, to snatch away His Bride
Let them know TIME'S RUNNING OUT, there'll be no place to hide

If they climb up to the highest mountain, to run away from God
He'll simply command and dispatch His angel
He'll be waiting, right there, on guard

SOUND THE ALARM, loud and clear, let your voice be heard
Don't worry about their faces, just give them the spoken word

Point them straight to Calvary, to what happened at the cross
Tell them if they don't repent, they truly will be lost

Let them know that HELL is real, that life is not a game
If they don't make some quick decisions
They'll be responsible for the blame

SOUND THE ALARM, loud and clear, where ever you may be
Let your life be a living testimony, so this dying world may see

Let them see the Christ IN YOU, shining, Oh so bright
Draw them straight into your presence
So they can meet the one TRUE light

SOUND THE ALARM, before it's too late, and there is no more time
SOUND THE ALARM, loud and clear, for those who are so dear

In His Eternal Love & Service,
Margie Epps
Baltimore, Maryland
No!!! God Is Not Your Toy

I sit and wonder about some folks, who think life is just a game
No real clue of where they're going, no clue from where they came

Everything seems to be one BIG JOKE, they think time belongs to them
I'm not talking about some little child
Can you believe, these are GROWN MEN

What a waste, God what a shame, so many gifts inside
They're covered up with so much junk
Consumed by so much pride

They laugh and smile, like what's the deal
There is nothing wrong with me
They don't even know who woke them up, gave them sight so they can see

If it wasn't for the strength He gives
Your arms you couldn't raise

HE woke you up and gave you life, a chance to make it right
Instead of saying YES to Him, all you do is buck and fight
NO GOD IS NOT YOUR PLAY TOY, someone to push aside
Slip and slide, all you want, there's still NO PLACE to hide

Every knee one day WILL BOW, and declare that He IS Lord
They'll shout it all in unison, they'll be on one accord

NO GOD IS NOT YOUR PLAY TOY, rise up and take a stand
You say you're not a little boy, then WAKE UP and be A MAN

In His Eternal Love & Service,
Margie Epps
Baltimore, Maryland
Steal Away

I love to STEAL AWAY sometimes, into His Holy Place
To bow down humbly on my knees, or just fall upon my face

When the cares of life try to weigh me down
And all hope it seems is gone
I go into His Throne Room, it's there I become unwound

I take my pains and burdens, I lay them at His feet
When I leave from out His presence, each challenge I'm ready to meet

Why do we worry, why do we fret, when we have a friend so dear
No matter what we go through, just know that He is near
Just close your eyes and STEAL AWAY, for just a little while
There's a telephone hidden in your bosom, all you have to do is dial

Dial J for the JOY He'll give to you, when in His presence you will come
Dial E for His ETERNAL PEACE, it's YOURS if you want some

Dial S for His SALVATION, for that is what He gives
Dial U for UNDERSTANDING, for He knows just where you live

Dial S my friend for His SOVEREIGNTY, for He truly is in charge
No matter how small the problem, no matter, my friend, how large

Just STEAL AWAY and talk to Him, just tell Him how you feel
Just lay before Him prostrate, if you desire just humbly kneel

He ALWAYS is available, to fellowship with you
Cast all your cares upon Him, I promise, He'll see you through

He CAN relate to ALL your problems, He can relate to ALL your pain
He knows how to make the sun come out, and put a stop to ALL the rain

When the storms of life overtake you, and you feel like giving up
He'll make EVERYTHING all right

In His Eternal Love & Service,
Margie Epps
Baltimore, Maryland
He's An On-Time God, Yes He Is!!!

What do you do when bills are due, and you're backed up against the wall
The ceiling closes in, the bottom drops out
And it seems like you're going to fall

Do you throw up your hands, and give up the fight
Or do you hold on to God, with all of your might

Do you trust IN HIM to meet all your needs
While He listens to Jesus, as YOUR case HE PLEADS

Do you worry and fret over words that men say
Or do you go in your closet, bow down and just pray

Are you confident in God, who is our Father Above
Are you assured of His wisdom, are you convinced of His love

He sees and He knows, EVERYTHING about you
He knows all your pain, all those things you go through

He'll never give you more, than He knows that you can bear
He'll provide a way of escape, BEFORE you pull out your hair

HE'S AN ON TIME GOD, I know that He is
He'll stop what He's doing, COME SEE those that are His

He's never too late, but He's ALWAYS on time
That's why I love Him, this wonderful friend of mine

I love Him in the morning, I love Him late at night
When things seem dark around me, I've found HIM to be my light

He leads me and He guides me, He instructs me what to do
He takes those bad situations, and He makes them all brand new

Some times He answers quickly, some times I have to wait
But one thing is for certain, He's NEVER, NEVER, LATE!!!!

He's An On Time God - Yes He Is!!!!

In His Eternal Love & Service,
Margie Epps
Baltimore, Maryland

I don't worry about tomorrow, I don't know what it will bring
I just stay in my God's presence, underneath the shadow of His wing
His grace it is sufficient, to help me through the day
No matter what I'm faced with, no matter what people say
I keep my eyes on Him, He's the source of my supply
There's nothing He'll withhold from me, no good thing He will deny
Each day He gives me what I need, to carry on my tasks
My problems and my burdens, on Him I always cast

His yoke is oh so easy, His burdens they are light
He said that He'd take care of me, my battles He'd ALWAYS fight
Yes Lord I need my DAILY BREAD, to help me make it through
Those things I want to accomplish, whatever I try to do

Give me Lord what I need today, to press onward just for you
Those things you've spoken in my spirit
Those things you've told me to do
I need your BREAD to strengthen me, each hour of the day

For you're the TRUTH, you are the LIFE, yes Lord you are the WAY
You're the answer to all my questions, the solution to all my pain
From Eternity to Eternity, King Jesus is His Name

In His Eternal Love & Service,
Margie Epps
Baltimore MD

Dry your eyes and lift your head, remember who you are
A KINGS KID, you're ROYALTY, linked to the MORNING STAR
Why so sad, where is your JOY, that I've deposited deep in you
With promises to forever keep you, and strength that is renewed

Lift up your head and dry your eyes, don't you be alarmed
DON'T BE TROUBLED by what you see, My child you won't be harmed
DON'T BE TROUBLED nor dismayed, I'm closer than you think
Just hold my hand, I'll lift you up, BEFORE you start to sink

Let not your heart be weighted down, so much that you can't see
Me standing here with outstretched arms
Just waiting to set you free!!!!!

In His Eternal Love & Service,
Margie Epps


As we go along life's journey, with challenges every day
It's always good, just to know HE'S JUST A PRAYER AWAY
I need Him everywhere I go, in all I try to do
I need Him when I'm happy, and more when I'm feeling blue
He comforts me, He consoles me, when in His presence I will go
Before I even get it out, He always seems to know
He knows my hurts, He knows my pain, He knows the things I need
Don't worry child, He says to me, just follow, I will lead

I'll lead you down this path of life, just keep your eyes on Me
When things seem dark around you, My light will help you see
You'll find your way to the other side, which consists of VICTORY
Forget about what it looks like, just FOCUS child on Me

I'm only just A PRAYER AWAY, come see Me any time
I'll give you JOY, I'll give you PEACE, CONTENTMENT you will find
I'm only just A PRAYER AWAY, come enter all alone
You have access to My presence, just bow before My throne

Cast your care, My child on Me, I'll never let you down
Don't wait until tomorrow, come talk to Me

In His Eternal Love & Service,
Margie Epps
Baltimore MD