Heart of Prayer

Lord, I pray to you this day.
I know you are the way.
You show me how much you care.
You love me every minute.
Once again you welcome me into your open arms.
You bear hug me so very warm.
You hold my hand and won't let go.
You throw away my fears.
You wipe away my tears.

I find hope inside your love.
I know you are in control.
I have faith you can heal me.
You make me laugh.
You make me smile.
Jesus, thank you for loving me.
I love you too, Jesus.


My Rain

I give you My rain
To diminish your pain.
I give you My rain to grow,
I give you My love to bestow.

Give to me your sin
Hiding so deep within.
From My heaven sky
This pain you attempt to pry.

My rain you taste
Let it not go to waste.
My rain washes sin tears up to heaven,
Discarding them at least seventy times seven.

I cried into My rain dying in your place,
Your sins I bore left a red trace.
Falling rain drops to remember My blood,
Dropped to the ground like a dying rosebud.

My gift of love more priceless than the morning dew.
There is no cost to you for becoming brand-new.
Much love falls from My heaven sky,
I AM with you each sorrow you sigh.

I see you through My rain so clear in color,
Like your sins once visible now a faded blur.
I rose from the dead you knew,
Now I live for you.

I found your heart, oh, can't you see?
You found My love now live for Me.

God's Love Rose

God knew our weaknesses and
wrapped His loving arms around us.
The unique scented, red rose has
petals that tightly hold each other together.

God witnessed our sins and knew
we could not save ourselves.
The red rose gives hope and smiles
to the hopeless.
God sent us His one and only Son to
keep us from spiritually dying.

The red rose looks toward the Light.
God loves us so much He allowed
Jesus to take our punishment.
The red rose is gentle and beautiful.

God saw His Son crucified and forced
to wear a painful crown of thorns.
The red rose has sharp thorns on its green stem.
God allowed His Son to bleed and die for our sins.

The red rose is a reminder of the
Blood Christ shed for us.
You are forever quenched in God's
love as a healthy, red rose quenched
in water with petals that will not wither.

Taste the Living Water and know the Lord is good.
God's love for you endures forever.
God's love rose from the dead on the third day.
The red rose opened its petals and revealed its Life.


Lord, I pray You soften the hearts of callousness--
Turn the cold stone into warm clay.
We need the sincere desire to help the homeless.
How can we turn our backs on so many lost souls?

Lord, I pray You give us the courage to share our blessings.
After all, it is You, Glorious Father, who gives us our daily bread.
Show us what we should give them.
Should it be food, clothing, money, or a loving smile?
Can we show them your love for them?

Lord, I pray You remind us of Your teaching to love one another.
Help us to look into their eyes and see You there.
Remove the doubts and fears standing in our way.
No matter where they have been or what they have done,
Let us show Your love to them.

Lord, I pray this fast paced world slows down to help the poor and homeless.
If we are able to give up something for You, we can give up something for them, too.
If we help them, we are helping and serving You.

Father, I pray just as Jesus is not ashamed to carry us over the bridge to You,
Grant us to be unashamed to help the homeless and the poor.
Thank you, Lord, for changing our once selfish hearts into loving hearts.
Only You could do this.

Jesus Is My Life

My life is Jesus.
God loves me so.
My life is in His hands.
God loves me so.

He gathered all my tears.
He washed away my sins.
He gathered all my fears.
He washed away my sins.

My life is Jesus
Because without Him I am nothing.
My life is Jesus
Because without Him I do not exist.

This I know,
God loves me so.
This I know,
God loves you so.
Let the whole world know!

Larger Than A Mustard Seed

Love is patient but sometimes difficult to find.
It makes time go by extremely slow and that
may cause you to act unkind.

Little by little and one tiny step at a time,
stop agonizing over being broke
and without a dime.

Begin to climb up the stairs unlike before.
There is a much better view
from the roof than from the first floor.

Look up at the sky because you cannot hide
from it no matter how hard you try.
Instead of tears filling your eyes,
be patient and no longer start to cry.

Look forward to the day you are able to enjoy
just watching passing clouds from above.
If you keep looking up, you will see
a cloud shaped like a dove.

It's just a simple thing to do,
but it keeps your eyes
focused on God indeed.
Have faith the size of a watermelon,
much larger than a mustard seed.

Continue thanking God and keep going
each and every long day.
When you look back,
do not regret learning patience God's way.

Shine On Me

God, let your love shine on me.
Creator, please keep me from falling.
God, let your peace shine on me.
My Father, please prevent me from trembling.

Jesus, let your grace shine on me.
My Rock, please keep me from worrying.
Jesus, let your mercy shine on me.
My Cornerstone, please prevent me from crumbling.

Holy Spirit, let your light shine on me.
My Comforter, please keep me from crying.
Holy Spirit, let your guidance shine on me.
My Anchor, please prevent me from drifting.

The Invisible Shadow

If you have had enough trouble in your life,
try being stronger more and more each day.

It seems as if the darkness never leaves,
be assured the Light will be revealed.

If your pain feels as though your mind is
in a dark narrow tunnel,
try seeking God's face and
pray to Him without ceasing.

For the Light revealed is the Holy Spirit
shining peace and joy on you.
God's children walk toward the Light
and remain there.

They must continually walk toward God's will.
Then darkness will not be seen
in their own shadows.

A Grateful Heart

Lord, I pray you see my grateful heart.
You made me and have known me from the start.
May you see my offer of thanksgiving,
not only today but every day I am living.
Lord, I honor, praise, worship and adore you.
I thank you for guiding my footsteps as I have no clue.
Thank you for every small and grand blessing.
All the wounds you healed by your "love bandage" dressing.
Lord, forgive me for the numerous times I've neglected
To thank you for answered prayers.
Please know I love you forever as I climb these upward stairs.