When Christ mumbled, "It is finished"
Many thought the book was closed
But the gift God gave through Mary
Broke the bonds of death and rose

For the tomb was temporary
Gloom and doom was not the end
Just as night precedes new dawning
Sunrise comes and day begins

That's the joy of Easter morning
Midnight mourning lingers brief
Hope returns and lives are lifted
From the hopeless grave of grief

Resurrection demonstrated
God's affection for mankind
Son Rise shines to drive out shadows
Of the sin that dims our minds

Oh how precious, how redeeming
Is God's perfect sacrifice
Debts forgiven: "It is finished"
Easter Son Rise paid the price

Rummage To Righteousness

God rummaged through the rubble of past hurts and debris,
Way underneath abuse and strife is where He first found me.

He sorted through confusion from adolescent pain,
Compassion cleaned up tarnish and wiped away the stains.

Love healed those childhood memories that tore my mind apart,
From junkyards of rejection, the Lord retrieved my heart.

His grace was glue that mended the rip from years of sin.
His presence was the polish that made me glow within.

Those empty lonely feelings He replenished and refined,
He finished off emotions with hope that brightly shines.

I asked Him why He chose me, this mashed and mangled mess.
I had to know the reason God shared His righteousness.

He said, "I choose the foolish, those battered and despised
To show mankind My nature is merciful and wise.

I demonstrate My power through fragile, frail, and weak,
And through your transformation A message I will speak.

They'll look at your redemption and see My grace goes deep
And high enough to lift a life up from sin's garbage heap"

His answer filled my spirit! I understood His plan,
He changed me to His image to show His Love to man.

Saint I Ain't

Don't get me wrong, I have been known to faint
When disappointment pointed to despair.
A poised and proper, perfect saint I ain't,
But faith in God compels me to declare

That supernatural security
Assures that mercy is available.
His shield which stops my unseen enemy
Is absolutely unassailable.

Fear can't accuse me with one flaw or fault,
Shame can't control my spirit with unrest.
The name of Jesus conquers hell's assault,
His blood-bought pardon guarantees I'm blessed.

Faith fortifies my soul to help me win;
God's grace is greater than my greatest sin.

The Dream-Maker

My dreams and expectations seemed oh so far away,
Fogged by disappointment, my dreams got dim and gray.
My vision was all blurry, for time had stained its gleam;
Tarnished by past failures, so dingy was my dream.

All my hope had fizzled out for doubt burst my balloon,
I said that I would give up if it didn't happen soon.
Then somewhere from the darkness, a tiny flicker came,
It started as a little spark and grew into a flame.

Then in a gentle tone God called my name.

He said, child be a dreamer for I gave this dream to you.
I am the Dream-Maker and I'll make your dream come true.
I'll polish up your vision, with luster it will shine.
I'll make your dream happen, just like I made you Mine.

His words began to fill me; anointing flowed within,
Fresh air blew on my spirit; my sails were filled with wind.
No longer was I struggling, He taught me to receive,
I'm really not a failure I was just deceived.

He whispered, "Child be humble and believe."

I'm focused on the future, the road ahead is clear,
With ease I'm moving forward, I've turned my back on fear.
I'm confidant and hopeful in paths that I pursue,
I trust the great Dream-Maker, to make my dreams come true.

Yes, He'll do the same for you.


Overpowered by God's presence
I began to contemplate
On the joy that's set before me
When I set myself to wait.

Resting quit with His Spirit
Holy treasures fill my mind
With a gladness that is greater
Than I find with mere mankind.

Meditating on the measure
Of sweet pleasure He provides,
Let's me view the habitation,
Where true Life and Love abides.

Saturated with salvation
Outward circumstance grows dim.
In the Light of Revelation
All my heart can see is Him.

Overpowered, resting quiet,
Meditating on His ways,
Saturates my mortal being
And my soul ascends in praise;

To an inward realm of glory
Where awareness of God's grace
Gives a joyful, glad assurance
That I'm Heaven's dwelling place.

Yielded Pebble

Lord fling me like a stone upon life's pond,
And let my ripples touch a thousand souls.
With ever-widening circles reach beyond
This self-contained circumference that controls.

Clear down into the depths Lord let me sink,
Beneath the pain where hidden treasures lurk.
If hurled on hardened hearts my faith won't shrink,
From efforts to impart Your finished work.

On settled seas or swamps that shift like sand;
I'll gladly give wherever I am sown.
For I'm a yielded pebble in Your hand,
Who craves Your choice for where I should be thrown.

On narrow rivers or on oceans wide,
No matter where I'm tossed I'm satisfied.
My flowing glow will show the glory of
A fathomless surrender to Your love.

Face Down

If you should slip in sin and take a fall
Stay down there lying prostrate on your face
You're in a perfect place to humbly call
On God in prayer for His redeeming grace

Stop striving to get back up on your feet
Forgiveness is God's free and gracious gift
Amazing mercy helps you stand complete
Allow His loving hand to give a lift

Remember when you stumbled once before
God didn't leave; He picked you up with care
So never think your Father will ignore
The meek and low position of your prayer

God listens when you cry; His Love abounds
Especially when you're face down on the ground

Grateful Guardian

Surroundings can't manipulate my mood;
Newspaper ads don't move me, good or bad.
Appreciation prompts an attitude
Of joy when my environment is sad.

Through eyes of faith my obstacles are viewed
As opportunities to practice praise.
The refuge for my heart is gratitude,
I hide in gratefulness on stormy days.

Thanksgiving guards me morning, noon, and night,
When fear attempts to make me feel unsure.
Uncertainty can't stand in Heaven's light,
Without a doubt, I'm destined to endure.

I've been assured that nothing here on Earth,
Can harm or hinder that which God has blessed;
As long as I find everlasting worth,
In His unending acts of faithfulness.

So let life's circumstances rage and flood;
My thankful soul will rest without one care.
Because I'm covered by my Savior's Blood,
In ALL things, "Thank You Lord!" will be my prayer.


I had a confrontation
With my wild Imagination,
I told it, " Cut the fright cause fear must go!"

I made a firm decision
To pick a brand new vision
For broadcast on my mental picture show.

I see The Lord's construction,
Not famine and destruction;
Prosperity and health upstage my view.

No bleak anticipation
Of a fatal situation,
For films of faith in God roll in on cue.

I said, "Imagination
Bring no more aggravation.
Your spotlight must supply majestic dreams.

Of a life that's graced with peace,
Inner joy that will not cease,
Life! Where Jesus is the star in every scene."

"Casting down imaginations and every high thing
that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God,
and bringing into captivity every thought to the
obedience of Christ;" II Cor. 10: 5

Contagious Camaraderie

I've noticed how December
Seems to change both you and me,
Our feelings start to foster
Far more family unity.

The atmosphere gets merry,
Joy jumps up and takes control.
Folk pass out food and presents,
Friends encourage, foes console.

Compassion gets contagious
At the close of every year;
Gift giving gets outrageous,
We explode with Yuletide cheer.

Our thoughts turn soft toward others
Even distant enemies,
There seems to be a sense of
Unreserved camaraderie.

Now stop and think about it,
Ever wonder why this starts?
Well Heaven holds the answer,
One small birth transforms our hearts.

For Jesus is the reason
That this season radiates,
We Love because His Father
Is the one we imitate.

At Christmas time our acts reflect
The best thing ever done;
We give deep from our Spirits
Just as God gave Christ His Son.

"For God so loved the world, that He gave
His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth
in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life."
JOHN 3:16