Underneath the Christmas tree
Wrapped in swaddling clothes of love,
Is the Gift the natural eye can't see
Which is sent from the Father above.

As we reach for the tinsel and glitter
And open our presents with pride,
Our Father above says a prayer:
"Please don't push my Gift to the side."

Is there room in our hearts on this Christmas?
Will we hear the Great Knock on the door?
Will we kiss and embrace Him this winter
Or just leave Him again on the floor?

As we look under the Christmas tree
And heed the great clarion call;
May the eyes of our enlightened spirits now see
That Christ is the best Gift of all!
Elsie Cuevas
Selden , NY


Though I may speak with different tongues of men and angels, too,
He tells us it will all be clatter, just so much ado
Except, of course, we walk in love – the love that our Christ knew.
Gifts of prophesying, all mysteries understood,
Removing mountains with our faith –
Empty – if we do not love the way that our Christ would.
According goods to feed the poor, or giving to be burned, your body.
These sacrifices, void of love, will simply be too shoddy.
Excellent is the love of God, for it will never fail –
Surpassing height and depth and breadth our ways cannot unveil.
The beauty of its face revealed in patience and in kindness.
It will not let itself be easily provoked;
Selfishness and jealousy will never be invoked.
Love will never keep a record of the wrongs that have been done,
Or the evil that it suffers – vengeance, pride – it overcomes.
Victorious in maturity and performing to perfection, love
Exposes facial features of our Lord in its reflection.
Elsie Cuevas
Selden , NY

"Molecules of Gold"

He is living now inside me
In my heart, He chose to be.
Such pure peace, I'm now enjoying
For He offers real release.

All the daily pressure's lifting
Causing comfort to my soul.
Every problem simply melting
Into molecules of gold.

Now all things will work together
Changing daily for my good.
He's embracing my endeavors-
Righting wrongs as such He should.

Into strength He turns my weakness.
Scarlet sins He's painting white.
Thanks I joyfully will give Him;
Meekness now within my sight.

Yielding to His Holy Spirit,
Loving as He tells me to,
Oils my heart and truly fills it
Raising me to His plateau.

Daily living dying daily--soon His image, I will know!
Elsie Cuevas
Selden , NY


Earth's forgetfulness — God found to be astounding
When He considered all that I had done.
Oh, that Christmas would once more be remembered
As the day our Father sent His Holy Son.

From the very first, God said He'd send a Savior
To bruise the head of him who led astray.
And throughout all succeeding generations,
God spoke of Him who'd come to be The Way.

Now a hopeful new millennium is upon us;
I look around and see the faithful core.
Yet my heart still longs for those that I've not sanctioned,
For I know that there is room for them and more.

So, it shouldn't be a wonder that for Christmas,
A day meant to commemorate my birth,
I pray that my elect will be most faithful
To remind the world of why Christ came to earth.
Elsie Cuevas
Selden , NY

"This Fruit is Grown in God"

Father of our Savior,
Remove from us our fears.
Undo the damage that was done
Inside us through the years.

Transform us by your Spirit,
Observe our inward parts,
Forget not to complete
The works you've started in our hearts.

Hearken, Christian Soldiers,
and all who have an ear.
Eat from the "Tree of Righteousness"
Such precious fruit you'll bear.

Possess your soul with Godly love
In paths of patience trod.
Rejoice with joy unspeakable
In peace -- your feet be shod.

The Keeper of this "garden" knows -- this fruit is grown in God.
Elsie Cuevas
Selden , NY

"Words Are Not Enough"

There were ten lepers who were healed,
But only one came back
To offer words of gratitude,
So Jesus gave no slack:

"Were there not ten who came to Me;
Where are the other nine?"
When they were sick, they had their sight,
But now it seems they're blind.

When I was lost in leprous sin
I heard about the Lord--
How He could heal my ravaged soul
And grant me His reward.

I quickly gave my heart to Him,
And He gave me my freedom.
My heart now beats with gratitude
And dwells within His Kingdom.

For me, Lord, words are not enough,
So thank you with my life.
This prayer I now say often:
Make me your living sacrifice.
Elsie Cuevas
Selden , NY

"Resurrection Power"

Oh Death, where is your sting?
Oh Grave, where is your victory?
You tried to hold the King of kings,
You did not know the mystery.

Christ had the keys of Death and Hell,
To set the captives free.
He did not fear to tackle you,
So He could live in me.

Elsie Cuevas
Selden, New York

"A Day We Won't Forget"

Resurrection Sunday
Is a day we won't forget.
It's the day our Savior rose from death
And cancelled our sin-debt.

It's a call for celebration,
It's a call for jubilee.
It's a call for exultation—
Jesus Christ has set us free!

So let's praise Him with the timbrel,
Let the trumpet's joyful sound
Be accompanied with singing.
Let the joy of God abound.

Magnify the One who saved us
For our sins He did atone.
Dance before the glorious Savior;
Worship Him and Him alone.

Oh, He's worthy to be worshipped;
He is worthy to be praised.
Lift up your voice in gratitude;
From death, He has been raised!

Elsie Cuevas
Selden, New York

"Let There Be Light"

Just as light reveals its glory when it passes through the droplets
And reflects its lovely colors in a bow,
Even so, God's Word's unfolded when it pierces through the darkness
Of the soul that sin and heartache's brought down low.

Natural light, which wears this coat of many colors,
From the moment Father God said, "Let there be..."
Has opposing kin that we all know as darkness,
Which to this day plots this light's captivity.

In his blinded rage this darkness made a promise,
That it would block out dazzling daylight's glorious glare.
In his dark despair this shady sibling argued,
That for him was made no splendid coat to wear.

The Father, who had favored light from day one,
Took this flow of awesome radiating force,
Three days later out of light, He formed the vast sun
And legislated to the stars their faithful course.

This large light was made to render deep division --
Separating radiant day from murky night.
The lesser lights He made to rule in darkness,
But these would grant the blackness little sight.

To light God gave His blessed affirmation,
From the very first, of him He said, "It's good!"
The darkness ne'er received this acclamation;
Disapproval toward the dark was understood.

Through the years the godly came to realize,
Submission is like walking in the light.
Since that's true, it simply stands to reason,
Evil deeds are like the darkness of the night.

Being ignorant of God's Word pays awful wages;
This darkness of the soul invites to sin.
Then hardening of the heart will come by stages,
And leave your starving soul in deep chagrin.


But the life that dwells within Christ shines a spotlight
Upon the darkened hearts of those He came to save,
And God's love for fallen man became apparent
When the Son who formed these men, He gladly gave.

This Light who dwelt among us guides our pathway,
Leaving no excuse for those who go astray
For the love of God will draw us like a magnet
Toward the Son of God who calls Himself "The Way".

As our lives orbit around this Divine Wonder,
We see His glory that's arrayed in truth and grace.
And just as rainbows bare to us their colored splendor,
In the pages of God's Word, we see His face.

In almost every page, we're called to walk on Wisdom Street,
In every story that we read to understand,
That we're to seek the solid road of righteousness
And plant our feet on concrete ground not sinking sand.

If we by grace do all He asks in Jesus' name,
He promises that we will never be ashamed.
As we approach the final chapters of this life,
After we've walked in love and pushed aside all strife,

We'll go to read His Book,
And as we take a closer look,
In the mirror of His eyes, we'll finally see --
Ourselves transformed -- as He created us to be.

For God, who said, "Let light shine out of darkness," made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ. (II Corinthians 4:6) NKJV

Elsie Cuevas
Selden, New York