My Easter Is Coming

When my heart cries out,
"I'm alone!"
On my cross of despair
I look at the cross to my left
And Jesus is there.

Since Friday, He's been
Quietly sharing my pain
And, when I listen
I hear Him say,
"Lo, I am with you always."

When pain comes again,
And does not go,
It's easier now
Because I know

That my Easter too
Will soon be come
And my Saviour and I
Will truly be one.

R. Jaudon Berry
Jacksonville, FL

Crosses on Pine Trees

Friend, have you seen
the Crosses
on Pine Trees ?

They stand
thousands of silent sentinels
reflecting, reminding,
pointing back and
into the future

A remembrance
a cross on a hill
toward heaven
two thousand years ago

The tree
of shame
death and agony
reborn as the symbol
of life

The Cross
hate and pain
transformed by shed blood,
by love eternal
into the Tree of life

The crosses
on Pine Trees
silently stand
now gold
now green
reaching upwards
towards the sky
now transformed
into cones of brown
that drop to ground

As they die
into the earth they go
as our Savior did
only to spring forth
in newness of life

Raising their
soft sighing voices
their tall
lofty heads
to Heaven

ever reminding us
of God's
eternal love-cycle
life, death,

Seed falls
is buried in earth
and springs up again
in newness
of life

Pine Trees, Pine Trees
pointing upwards
to God's Glory
drawing in the miasma of death
giving back to us
life's eternal breath

In Springtime
look up,
my friend
and you too will see
a Cross
on a Pine Tree

R. Jaudon Berry
Jacksonville, FL

When All Is Lost

When all we love
has been taken away
when all we prized is lost

When all those
we've loved
have left us

Then, perhaps we'll find God
--nay, God will find us
if, we let Him

Because, all those things
and those whom
we've lost

Have most often
been lost
not from chance
or circumstance

But, by choice
Poor choices
or someone else's

Because God gives us
Free Will
to choose

Even when
all is lost
we may still choose

To let God
and save us
or, not

R. Jaudon Berry
Jacksonville, FL

Joyful Mourning

Joyful Mourning ?
No, this can not be
A contradiction
Don't you see

The Bible says
There is a Time to keep
A Time to live
A Time to weep

A Time to die
A Time to mourn
A Time to laugh
A Time to be born

When God's Angel does come
To escort away
Our love, our child, our friend
Son, daughter, spouse, precious kin

Pray God
Praise Jesus Lord
As we stand
On Your faithful Word

That Your morning stars
Still sing together
And we sons of God
Yet may shout for joy

Blessed assured are we
By God's Word-light
Our weeping endures the night
But , joy comes in the morning

As we come to fully know
The stone of mortal life
Our Savior has rolled away
From tomb of earth's pain and strife

And now, our loved one
Is no longer here
Not really gone
No need to fear

But for yet a little while
Out of mortal sight
Traveling on ahead
By God's might and grace
To our true eternal home
That prepared-by-Jesus place

And if we will
But stand still
And know that
He is God

We will know that we
Can say, as David said
You can not come to me
But in God's Time
I will come to thee

R. Jaudon Berry
Jacksonville, FL

Recovering is,
I now discover
a process , not a goal
a journey, often painful.

But exciting still
if but God,
we will

And let Him
and love

We will grow
and daily
more and more

of His plan
for us;
trusting Him

As travel
we through
dark tunnels
of night
without a light;

We reach up and out
and feel His hand
clasping warmly, gently
lovingly ours,

and--now dawn's light
does softly glow
and suddenly
we know,--

and plainly
no longer

Earthly pairs of hands
a chain have made
and forged strong bands
'tween Your hurting lambs.

And Your love and healing
Your Son's light is
now revealing,
flows not only from

God to me
and God to thee,
but thru me to thee
and thee to me--
Your perfect circle of ministry!

Thank you, Jesus.

R. Jaudon Berry
Jacksonville, FL

Lesson From a Sparrow
(Sparrow On The Feeder)

O little bird
Have you come
To observe me

Has God sent you
To remind

Of discipline
I need
Of vows made

Or has He
Sent you
To comfort me

A sign of
His love
And presence

I think
I sense

You too
Little sparrow
Sit alone


As today
Too many days
Also I

So unlike

Ever active
Ever singing
Ever flocking

God sends
His creatures
Wonderfully made

Full of life
And song


I see


He feeds
Through me

Also I see
God's promise
For me


In vivid
Cardinals come

Blue jays
Strident, cocky

A white heron
Stately by

God's rising sun
Now starts to tinge
The morning sky

My lone

Now moves
Then feeds
And flies away

A prophet?
Come to stir
And comfort me

I too
Must be


Even 'tho
Today I
Do not fully know

Nor plainly see
God's Plan
For me

It is enough
His lesson
Of the sparrow

Now relearned
God's Word

God's World
Is alive
And well

And full
Of His glory

His creatures
Move and breathe
Feed and sing

Also I
Must stir

Feed myself
On His Word
And earthly bread

I'll feast

On His beauty
His world's

His promises
Love for me


His Grace
For me

R. Jaudon Berry
Jacksonville, FL

You Are No Accident

Random chance
Light, gas, carbon
Interact for ages
And then life sprang forth?

No, no, child
Swamp gas did not
Produce such beauty
Such a wondrous work

God made you
Fashioned in His Image
The eternal Spirit of Life
He breathed into your lungs

With passion and purpose
The Divine Creator of the Universe
Writing His love letter
In living human flesh

Human, yet a Spirit
From your original transfusion
Of God's Spirit-Life Breath
Your Eternal Life Spark

The First Immaculate Conception
Your original ancestor Adam
From Adam was Eve
Down through the ages

Unbroken flows
Through you
The Crystal Cord
Of God's Life Force
Twained with that other bond
The Scarlet Thread of Redemption

Rejoice, ye earthly child
You are made a
Little lower than the Angels
But through Christ's blood

Transfusion-shed for thee
Your are Heaven bound
Loved with an everlasting Love

Recognize, rejoice,-- claim
Your awesome inheritance
Your eternal heavenly home
Your God designed destiny

And while on this earthly strand
This temporal grain of sand
On God's Beach of Eternity
Stand tall as you reach

For the sky
Not in pride or arrogance
But with blest assurance
Of Godly genetics

The Bible be-gats serve
As human memory tools
Of your Creator's promise
To His chosen people

Their recitation reminds
You of your genealogy
Some are direct line
Some by adoption
Some by grafting in
All--- His children, loved

Yet, also remember
You have a family obligation
A great commission to
Bring to every nation

To your brother-man
The good news
The Gospel story
Of your Father's love

You see, child
Some of your family
Are lost and do not know
Of their home and inheritance

So, to them
You must go
And show the love
That now you know

No, Child of God
You are no accident!

R. Jaudon Berry
Jacksonville, FL

God's Prism Bells

May God's Love -Light
shine through the Prisms
of His Precious Grace
bringing His living, dancing
warming sunshine into your face

May His Truth-Light
be refracted into brilliant hue
separating His Jewels of Life-Lessons
into revealing radiant royal purple
blood red crimson flowing true

His separate rays of Life-Light,
reflecting from a Golden Crown
shimmering, iridescent bright,
streaming surely down
once again come together
blending in Holy Wholeness
so that now you too and we
all forever may truly be
united in oneness of agreement
Three Spirits in One, Holy Trinity

And may you God's
Breath of Spirit find
Blowing sweetly, gently
upon The Prisms of Your Mind
As The Prisms together
surely, gently touch & grind
may they tinkle merrily
with Christ's Cherubs' laughter
playing upon the wind chimes
of your heart and mind

R. Jaudon Berry
Jacksonville, FL

The Unscene

As we gaze upon
beautiful landscape,
real or painted
colorful, inspiring scene

may we remember
to look beyond
sight of ephemeral eye
of seeing out,
And seeing in, and
see the Unseen

Not by navel contemplation
fleshly inward sight
nor noble self-abnegation
but by God's Grace

Mortal seeing eye
does not see,
cannot see,
will not see,
'less reborn

Paul did see
not by once blind
Damascus sight
but by God's Grace
and did plainly write
of temporal seen's
and eternal Unscenes
dim mirror,darkling glass
promise of revealing light
now reflects The Lord's
radiant glory bright
upon our face

And now we
do plainly see
God's Word
in us is done
His Image and
ours is one!

R. Jaudon Berry
Jacksonville, FL