'Thank You'
There is no way I can pay You
 for what You've done for me. 
 You saved me from a life
 of sin and shame. 
 You filled my empty heart with joy
 and washed my sins away,
 But most of all,
 You gave me hope again.
 I've always known You loved me,
 but I didn't know how much,
 until I read the words You left for me.
 You said that 'it is finished'
 my debt had all been paid,
 and that has been a great relief for me.
 For You! Did all the work.
 You suffered all the pain.
 Your friends received You not,
 they didn't believe in Your name.
 They accused you of sedition and they said
 You made a threat,
 to tear down the temple of the Lord.
 They didn't recognize you
 but I know who You are.
 You are the 'Temple!'
 You are the Lord! You are the Christ.
'God Incarnate'
My mother was fully human,
and her mother was too.
I was conceived by the Holy Ghost,
and that's what made Me, different from you.
My birth was truly a miracle.
I was made flesh and blood.
I took on the body of a human being,
to show My Fathers love. 
He gave His only begotten Son
to set the captives free;
I had to die upon the cross
to bring you back to Me.
Three personalities sometimes,
referred to as split.
The Father-Son-and-Holy Ghost,
'united' and perfect.
My God is all I need,
to make my life complete.
He's Spirit, the Word and
the Comforter and that makes
Him unique.
Some try to say we have three God's
But we know that's not true,
though we don't argue trivialities,
cause that's not what we do.
We worship our Dear Heavenly Father,
in Spirit and in Truth. 
'Begin Again'
And now mankind 'begins again'
with Noah and his sons.
God told them, to extend but 'they'
decided to stay, and build a tower
to heaven in that famous and vile day. 
Then God confused their speech
and sent them away.
Shem and his descendants
settled in the cradle of the earth,
and they became the Semites of that day.
Ham and his kinfolk headed
for those eastern lands,
and Japheth's kin are the
Europeans of today. 
We are all offspring on Noah and his sons.
'Shame on You'
Cain! You knew better,
there's no excuse for what you did.
You tried to offer our Lord some fruit,
probably a fig.
There's only one way to God,
His way and His alone, your mistake
is a lesson for us all.
God accepts a blood sacrifice.
God requires the very best,
and that is why He sent His Son
to place us in His rest.
'From Mesopotamia to Canaan'
When Terah took his family out of Ur,
they settled in a place called Haran
and there they lived in peace until he died.
Then God told Terah's son Abram
to leave that pagan land,
so Abram moved his family
to the 'other side' of the
Euphrates span.
Now! Abram had a son named Isaac,
he was born in Canaan land
and God said this would be
their eternal home. 
 Isaac begat a set of twins,
these boys were different
as they could be,
'two nations' even in,
their mother's womb. 
The younger Jacob looked
toward the future while the
older Esau craved what he could see. 
 Esau sold his right of first born;
for a bowl of lentil stew,
for the future was too far for him to heed.
Why! Jacob stooped to tric'key
is something I can't construe,
for the Lord already said;
that the younger would rule.
Jacob and his mom Rebekah
they were partners in their deceit,
and his father Isaac was just to
'blind' to see. 
So the 'blessing' went to Jacob
on his father's bed of death,
now isn't this just what the Lord had said? 
 Esau was a high-strung guy,
so he left his father's home
and he headed out to Edom,
to live a pagan life.
Like a dog going back to vomit,
that's just what the brother did,
and he has no one to blame but himself.
Jacob wrestled with the Lord all night,
and God gave 'his sons' the right to possess
all of Canaan land. 
Esau worshiped idol gods,
and he never would have ruled,
but Jacob and his mom did a bad thing too.
Jacob showed that he had flaws like 'me' and you.
God changed Jacob's name to 'Israel'
and his sons became the 'twelve'
and the Holy land is where they'll forever dwell.
With our blessed Messiah
the Savior Jesus Christ.
God is grieved over the 'apple of His eye,'
and 'we' his bride cannot take their place;
although we've tried.
When 'they' call Him, He will come,
to rescue them from the evil one,
and there'll be singing
and rejoicing in the land.
And a 'nation' shall be born
on that day.
'Temporary Dwelling Places'
When I brought you out of Egypt
I sheltered you in booths
You lived under My protection forty years.
Then I asked you to remember the time
you lived this way and celebrate
the occasion once a year.
The seventh month of every year
after harvest was complete you
were told to feast and dwell in tents;
for seven days.
Through out all generations
 this is what you were to do.
'The Feast of Tabernacles' to the Lord,
your whole life through.
'Last Chance'
When the time of trouble comes,
after the Church has left this earth,
the remnant of Israel will present themselves.
They'll be Holy and Blameless
and a 'seal' will set them apart
from everyone else.
For they will take 'our' place
and they will preach to those
who didn't escape. 
Only God knows who they'll be,
for their lineage was destroyed
when the Roman's
sacked the temple in 70 Ad.
Twelve thousand from each tribe
of Jacob's son's, will have a seal
on their foreheads and they'll learn
a brand new song.
And I hope you listen to them
when the 'tribulation' comes,
better yet! Accept Christ now
and you'll be gone.
'Little Lost Sheep'
The shepherd keeps watch
of his sheep all day.
He lets them run,
and graze and play.
At evening he brings them
back to the 'door'
But! Sometimes the sheep will stray.
When it's time for the shepherd
to count his flock, he knows them
each by name.  
They hear his voice they run to him
by the shepherd they've been trained.
A sheep left alone,
will eat too much and fill up its two-bellies,
it falls to the ground and wallows around
till the shepherd comes to save it.
The good shepherd goes out
and finds the lost sheep
and carries it back to the fold.
He has to carry the lamb
on his shoulders cause its legs
are to short, it can't even rollover.