Peace Mid Conflict

Under twinkling, starry skies
The shepherds watched their sheep.
Though their eyes were very heavy,
They did not dare to sleep.

Wild animals were near, ready to
Snatch their sheep and devour
Beautiful, tender, young lambs.
So they watched hour after hour.

As they watched, their sheep to protect,
Suddenly there were strange sounds;
There was movement in the Heavens!
There were voices and hearts did pound!

The shepherds said one another in fright
"What is this thing which we see?
What are these sounds that we hear?"
And they leapt up as if to flee.

But suddenly they were stopped!
Angels to them were saying,
"Peace to you, men of good will.
The Christ child in a manger is laying."

"You will find your Lord in a stable,
A place of birth for poor and lowly.
Go now quickly and worship Him,
That wonderful Lord, High and Holy."

And so the Angels still speak to us,
"Do not fear; peace, be still.
Receive it in your hearts,
People of faith, people of good will."

Thank You, My Gracious Lord

Sitting on the back porch today,
I look at a sky of azure blue.
There is little breeze blowing now.
Such beauty! Birds and animals I view.

I thank you, Lord, for your care for me.
I know You are aware of my life.
I know You care for me every day,
As well as my children and my wife.

Lord, I praise you for all your attributes,
Your power, your love and your care.
I praise you because you love me.
You are there in the great somewhere.

Look down on me, my gracious Lord.
Care for me, as I am growing old.
Let me serve you all my life,
If I can be so very bold.

The Highest Standard

There is a commercial on television,
"The Highest Standards", I heard.
This commercial is advertising
A service that we get by their word.

Timothy and Titus showed a high standard
For those who would be Christian leaders.
We are to be above reproach all the time,
Not just talkers and readers.

These two books of sacred literature
Are vary valuable for us to read
And to use for guidance in our lives,
If we would seek to teach and lead.

We are to be above reproach
And to be in control of our daily lives.
We are to be above any blame or accusation.
We are to be a leader of children and wives.

The same standard is held for wives.
They are held to the same high pattern
When they seek a leadership role,
When they hold a leader's position.

But what if a leader fails in this effort?
Is he or she to be cast aside in disgrace?
No! 1John 1:9 says to these folks.
Confess and He will our sin erase.

Praise the Lord!

Many, many years ago,
My family were pioneers.
They had to contend with wilderness
And a few stray Indians to fear.

They came from old Virginia
To a new land in Tennessee,
To make a new life for family
And set up towns, a sight to see.

They were people with great honor.
They set up Churches and schools.
They built roads, made good things
For their family, in hot and in cool.

But wait, there were others who came
From that land so many miles away.
They had no choice in the matter,
If they came or went, had nothing to say.

These poor souls were African slaves
To all these God fearing pioneer men.
They had only back breaking, hard work,
Had no freedom to make family or friend.

Thank God that wrong was righted
But not for many long, difficult years.
The people who had enslaved them
Still treated them badly, causing many tears.

Oh God, forgive my own family,
Who were part of this heinous act.
God, help me to make the situation better.
I know I cannot turn the calendar back,

But I can try and make it better
For the descendents of those folk
Who served my kin way back then.
And served under a heavy yoke.

He Gave Me Happiness

I came to Jesus one great day,
In sin I was enslaved.
He took my burden all away,
Sweet forgiveness He freely gave.

In my life where sin had held full sway,
He imparted such happiness.
He saved my life and gave to me
A wonderful new day.

And now I feel such wondrous love,
The love He gave to me.
He gave me new life from above
And a sweet fellowship so free.

My Lord in His great wondrous love,
Which He gave me within my heart,
He gave me His pardon freely.
From Him I'll never part.

Oh what happiness he gave me,
Such blest tranquility.
In His love He gave salvation,
His blessed pardon was so free.

He delivered me from all my stress,
His gift came there to me.
Yes He gave me full salvation,
Such a wondrous liberty!

Growing Old

I heard it said when but a lad,
"Son, it hurts to grow old".
But I was young and didn't believe.
"It will happen to you", I was told.

Now, with a body filled with pain,
I say with those from my past,
"I am absorbed with this worrisome ache
But, comforting thought, it won't last".

My pain tells me that I am old
But my inner man feels young.
I feel as if I've only started;
Many more songs to be sung.

So as back and joints deal misery,
And take away my normal rest,
I know that in many ways
I am most wondrously blessed.

With a mind still bright and keen,
Thoughts and feelings I can share
With those around me whom I love,
With whom I share life, those who care.

Lord, let me live many more years;
Let me love, let me work and play
Until that blessed time when I go Home
To be with you. What a wonderful day!

That Cold, Winter Night

In a sleepy town on a cold, Winter night
Came our blessed Savior to that tiny stall.
But on that night it wasn't sleepy at all.
So many folk were there. What an awesome sight!

They came to that town because of Caesar's might,
Who made them journey there to count them all.
'Twas no room at the inn nor in the great hall
For those blessed parents and child. What a sight!

There came a great Savior to the world that night.
He came to the sinful earth to save us all,
Since all had, by sin, experienced a great fall.
He came to give us Himself, that great Light.

He is Risen

In the early hours of the morning
Came Mary to the tomb.
She was weeping for her Master;
She was overcome with deep gloom.

She had lost her Lord and had come
To visit the place where He lay,
But when she came to the tomb,
The stone had been rolled away!

So when you are in the depths of despair
And you can't find your way,
You can go to that empty tomb
And find that great truth today.

Just look to the risen Lord, my friend.
His tomb is empty where He lay.
Just say with the woman at the grave,
"You're my Lord and I praise you today."

He was not there but had risen;
Over death He had won the victory!
He had conquered that dreaded gloom
And had gained glorious immortality.

He sits now on the throne of Heaven;
He has banished all grief and pain.
He has won for us that wondrous victory
And some day, with Him we'll reign!

The Joys of Fatherhood

I started this poem to talk about
The joys of Fatherhood which are many.
But the first thing I think of are difficulties
Of being a Father like the Lord would want.

Most of the time as I raised my children
I wanted to say yes to their wants and needs.
But there were times when the answer was no
Because I knew what they wanted was not good.

If a child wants chocolate candy before dinner
He doesn't understand when Dad says no,
In the wisdom that our all wise God gave him.
But Dad knew best and he knew he was right.

Multiply that wisdom by the largest number available
And we may approach that wisdom of our Father,
Who reigns in our hearts and helps us as fathers,
To guide our precious children as He directs us.

Mother's Love

In the silence of a threatening sky,
The little bird rested in the nest.
He waited for his Mother who would come
To hover over him before the storm would test

The Mother as she protected her child.
As the storm screamed out its fury,
As the Mother o'er her little one hovered,
As the rain pelted her with its sting,

She stretched out her wings as her child she covered.
The Mother protected her child.
When the storm had played out its strength
She looked at her baby through reddening eye,

Which smarted from pelts of water and ice
Which had beaten her from stormy sky,
As the Mother protected her child.
And so do Mothers of every known species

Provide for the safety of her offspring,
Even at the peril of her own life.
She, in her own heart a melody sings
As the Mother protects her child.