I sometimes escape to an unexplainable place in mind and spirit and soul
to blend with Him.  Perhaps in beautiful symphony or song.  Perhaps while
gazing at magnificence of towering mountains or stretching and motionless
plains.  Perhaps midst the deafening silence penetrated by a single bird's trill,
which echos, echos, echos.  Perhaps as clapping lightening beckons deep
and rolling thunder.  Perhaps as I nestle so softly in sweet peace fallen o'er
me as the sun in all its glory arises in the east, knowing it shall crescendo in
the evening as it spreads and reclines o'er the vast horizon, bidding this day
in history, "goodbye".  VAYA CON DIOS, EL DIA!
As in the midst of my hectic hustle, one most prolific instant of pure and
total completeness; as on the thread of passing over into all knowing, all
understanding, and possessing the entirety of mind and heart and soul and
being.  The ability to familiarize with all eternity from Alpha to Omega.  Such
excitement floods my soul!  Then fades into once more; flesh, mind, and me.
An endless gaze into the heavens.  Not to be hindered by beginning and end.
Cannot reach a point to return again; but continues on and on and on and on;
absorbing all with heavenly delight.  This, my soul yearns to return to.
My God becoming all.  Truth without limits.  Omnipotent!  Omnipotent! 
If only I could continue to grasp.  It only I could continue to hold, to feel, to absorb
this breathtaking deific instant!  Such Love!  Such compassion! 
Then, shall I eternally conform and blend into this unspeakable and unexplainable
place, with my Great and Mighty Complexity.
Hallelujah, my soul cries.
Hallelujah, my Spirit sings.
Hallelujah, my heart sighs.
Hallelujah, my mind speaks.
I Corinthians 2:9
But as it is written, Eye hath not seen,
nor ear heard, neither hath entered into
the heart of man, the things which God
hath prepared for them that love Him
Life is such a fleeing thing,
Much like the toll of bells that ring;
Crescendoing into vibrant sound,
Then softly lulls and then rebounds.
But each song that the bells chime clear,
Is oh so precious, oh so dear;
Remaining on in time and space,
Until with God, is face to Face.
So let us chime in perfect tone,
To fall on ears much like our own;
With sweetness like the coo of Dove,
To strengthen and encourage Love.
Silent Wind that listeth,
Without notice from the eye;
True hearts sense the Power
Sent down from throne so high.
Great Wind, flow 'round and thru me,
I  your comings, goings, sense;
And if I grieve you any way,
Accept my recompense.
Sweet and silent Wind Supreme,
Your Love now kneads my heart;
To keep it soft so it can feel
As precious guidance starts.
Reveal Truth to me, Spirit,
Comfort me on earth;
For when I sense Your presence,
Ah!  ' Tis more than glorious mirth.
Father, God, if I perhaps
Don't voice my feelings true,
You know that I am limited
In flesh, to blend with You.
In Spirit, I must worship You,
Let spirit praise and groan;
And as I speak my simple words,
Deep praises flood Your throne.
You are my true loved Father,
You're familiar with my ways;
And when I speak my simple words,
You hear unspoken praise.
What's this I hear you saying?
I scarce believe my ears.
You say if God did truly love,
You'd never shed a tear?
The scriptures read like this, now;
The suffering that you feel,
Is not worthy to compare
When glory is revealed.
He promised not a carefree life,
For the spirit could not grow;
But He'll shelter you with perfect Peace
And be with you where you go.
He spared not His own dear Son
So I could find the way;
And I'll never, ever, dare forget,
He's the Potter.  I'm the clay.
Clay questions not the Maker,
As His hands do form and mold;
But gently takes on perfect shape,
And beauty to behold.
Life, birth,
First breath, first cry;
We love, we hate,
Last breath; we die.
But soul continues on and on,
And on and on, so free;
Soul only found confinement       
When it came to dwell in me.
Oh, haunting mystery, where came I,
Where long I for to be;
Oh, silent Wind that wraps me 'round,
Speak freely unto me.
I do not know from where Wind comes,
Nor where this Wind shall list;
I only know when I'm a'thirst,
On me blows soft cool mist.
Peace, oh Peace, pour o'er me,
For my Spirit yearns for home;
Whisk me to Your presence,
Where with joy, my soul can roam.
Deep inside the answers lie,
But just beyond my reach;
Creator knows His plans for me,
And through my life, He'll teach.
Tho I can only think to here,
My efforts spread thru' time;
And one day when my Lord I face,
He'll open up my mind.
Then I shall know and I shall see,
Corruption, thing of past.
I strive to reach my perfect goal,
Return to home, at last.
Sometimes when my soul is still,
I can just almost see;
My own great guardian angels,
Sent down to watch o'er me.
For life brings love and laughter,
Sweet fragrance in the breeze;
Then suddenly life can strike blows,
That bring me to my knees.
That's when my guardian angels
Reach for my outstretched hands,
And as my Lord commanded,
They lift me up again.
They clear my path before me,
As God sent them to do;
And tho eyes don't always behold,
They do the same for you.
The Word says when with strangers,
To listen and to care;
For we could, without knowing,
See angels, unaware.
So never feel you're all alone,
Tho' angels go unseen,
Just be still and listen
For the brush of angel's wings.
I looked unto the hills,
And my spirit sailed the seas;
Then walked the steaming desert,
And so softly rustled trees.
More than mind was searching
O'er the universe so vast;
To find the Truth you promised, Lord
To set me free at last.
There's a guilded Dove inside
That yearns to spread its wings;
To soar above the world so high,
And teach lost souls to sing.
The commandments God called, "Greatest",
Was to love God with our all;
To love our neighbor as ourselves,
Hold them up that they don't fall.
And when my soul had learned this,
And I had died to me;
Love calmed my brand new spirit,
For the Son had set me free.
I now soar high above the world,
Guided by a Dove;
This Dove revealed God's precious Truth,
"All that matters, child, is our Love."
Once upon a blessed thought
That came from deep within,
A voice said, "Tell of willow,
Who vowed he'd never bend."
Tell how willow stood so proud,
His branches lifted high;
He would not bend for anyone,
Said, "I would rather die."
Stiff like stone, his elegance,
As stately he did grow;
But one day dark clouds hovered,
And the wind began to blow.
The raging wind cried, "Bow down low!
Reach down and touch the ground!
There's safety there, don't be too proud;
In pride your life is bound!"
Willow did not want to bow,
It pierced his proud old heart;
But deadly was this mighty storm,
That tore him all apart.
So, willow humbly lowered limbs,
And when branches bowed their length;
The storm lost all its power,
The old tree found hidden strength.
Now willow has found safety,
And great beauty from above;
He bows to show his humbleness,
In the presence of Pure Love.
One day as I sat pondering,
Without a joy or smile,
God spoke to me so gently,
Said, "Look there, my precious child."
My eyes then saw a tiny ant,
He'd fall, then rise again;
The load he carried, much too big,
It overpowered him.
He'd lift, he'd struggle, then fall back;
Then run and lift again;
His strength just wasn't great enough,
This load could do him in.
Then saw I another ant,
Come running, I behooved;
The two of them together pulled,
And that great load did move!
Isn't it amazing,
When two creatures act as brothers;
Can move a mighty obstacle,
They just need one another.