Annual Contests

Contest winners will receive a $50 cash prize
and given our “Poem of the Month” award.
Send one poem per contest please.

THEME Occasion Submission


The Cross
Easter 2/25--3/24 March
Tribute to mother(s) Mother's Day 3/16--4/15 May
Tribute to father(s) Father's Day 4/16--5/15 June
Liberty in Christ Independence Day 5/16--6/15 July
Off-Contest Days    6/16--9/15
Giving of thanks Thanksgiving 9/16--10/15 November
Christ's birth/
Meaning of Christmas
Christmas 10/15--11/16 December
Off-Contest Days    11/16 - 3/15/2003

All poetry should be Biblically sound and Christian in nature. In addition, in order to qualify for special contests, poems should be no longer than 36 lines. Winning poems will be selected by the following criteria:

  1. Originality of expression

  2. Thought content and message

  3. Ability to minister to others

since 2/28/06!

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