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Fellowship of Christian Poets
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Special Notice
Unfortunately this site is no more operational. The library files were corrupted with some other files and cannot be saved. 
We have tried for 8 or 9 months to retrieve files with out success. The Fellowship of Christian Poets is no longer functional.
We thank all who participated in the past and wish everyone well. Keep using your gifting to bless others and glorify the Lord.

Please check back with this site as the domain is now owned by my long time friend and web designer Terry Whitsitt. This domain
name will be back soon with information of interest to Christian poets. They will be offering places to share
and promote your Christian poetry with EBook Poetry publishing, Production of Christian poetry videos and much more.

Poetry in Motion Thru Love and Devotion  

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Poet of the Lord
by John Marinelli

Hear, Oh Poet of the Lord.
I offer you a great reward,
A gifting that shall never cease,
An outpouring of Joy and Peace.

I send you from my throne above,
As a messenger of my eternal Love,
To a lost and dying land,
To every creature, every man.

Speak, Oh Poet of the living God.
Dare to walk where Angels trod.
Tell your world in Rhymes of Praise,
Of Jesus, whom from the dead I raised.

I give you words full of life.
Use them as an end to strife.
Send them by land and sea,
For this is your destiny.

I have chosen you especially by name,
So set aside your sorrow and shame,
And speak now on my behalf,
Of love and peace and even wrath.

Listen closely for my inner voice,
And pen your rhymes of choice.
Then cry aloud, as I speak to you,
So others may know me, as you do.

May God bless you
as you view our site!

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