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If you are a hurting, abused woman,
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that we pray will minister to you.

Welcome to the Fellowship of Christian Poets' On-line Counseling center. The purpose of this free service is to help you through difficult times, to provide sound Biblical counsel, and to teach the principals of Faith in Action, so that you can be more than a conqueror.

To establish a continuing dialogue with an FOCP Counselor, use this e-mail:

You do not have to give your real name or any other identifying information.

All counseling is FREE of charge. However, donations to our counseling ministry will be appreciated. Send your love gift to: The Fellowship of Christian Poets PO Box 49031 Jacksonville Beach Fl 32240. All donations are tax deductible under Marinelli Ministries 501 c-3 tax exemption.

Why Counseling?

First of all, it is scriptural and our Lord, who is the "Wonderful Counselor" spoken of in the Old Testament, practiced it. He came to "heal, Bind Up the Wounds---AND set the captives free". AND, that is our mission as well.

Why Christian Counseling?

Christian Counseling is lead by The Holy Spirit and therefore is in line with God's Holy Word---Biblical Principles. Christian Counseling is not counseling by a Christian who uses exclusively "secular" principles.

Christian Counselors may; however, use psychology and other "modern scientific" tools and techniques, but always applying them in accordance with Godly principles.

Cyberspace Counseling?

Can counseling be effective via The Internet?

Well, as we know, people have been counseled for thousands of years by the written word via letters, poems, books, and Praise God. The Bible!

So, now comes the "electronic" word, which with, lighting speed connects us in Christian Cyberspace Communion.

So, now we follow our vision and offer this counseling ministry to you. We are trusting that The Holy Spirit will bless many and that you will recommend this service to your hurting friends.

We're excited about what God will do with the worldwide Fellowship of Christian Poets and its C.C.C.C.

Notice: Terms of Service

By accessing this Site and/or requesting and receiving communications from any one connected with this ministry, you agree that neither this ministry nor anyone connected with it, bears any possible liability nor responsibility for any actions you may subsequently take after visiting and/or requesting and receiving information or correspondence from this site and/or persons connected with this site.

This information is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical, psychological, mental, emotional, diagnosis or treatment or advice. You should always consult your professional practitioner about potentially serious matters.

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